The 2021-22 Lasting Impact! LD Guidebook is HERE!

We are excited to be part of your Lincoln Douglas Debate journey. If you know you want the 2021-22 NCFCA LD Guidebook fresh off the presses- click HERE!

Wondering why you might need the LD Guidebook this season? You may be reading our Guidebook for a multitude of purposes: 

1. To learn how to do LD
2. To teach a club
3. To explore the LD resources
4. To get a head start on the season 

No matter who you are or your level of experience, we hope this guide will be of tremendous benefit to you. This guide is different than most typical Sourcebooks. In addition to giving you LD cases, we wanted to help you understand the most important parts of Lincoln Douglas Debate and go through cases section by section. 

There is no other Guidebook like it, specifically geared toward the NCFCA 2021-22 Season.

For new debaters or those teaching at a club: 

We hope this will be your how-to guide for LD! Each section includes an explanation of that part of LD, why it is important and how to use it in a debate round. For instance, in the first section, definitions, there is an explanation of why definitions are important and how to argue them in a debate round. Following this summary is a brief of the most credible definitions we could find on the most important terms for this resolution. The same structure is used for the other sections, a summary of the topic and then a brief. 

For experienced debaters: 

In this resource, we have compiled a multitude of credible research and arguments for this resolution. The definitions brief has the most credible definitions for this resolution that we could find, the contentions briefs have scholarly evidence justifying and condemning each principle, the applications section has seventeen examples, more than you’ll use all year. In short, we want this resource to be beneficial and worthwhile. In addition to the summaries and descriptions, LD theory is also included. 

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