Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club and Classes Filling Up!

Wow! We are blown away by the response to the Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club, as well as Online Apologetics and Impromptu! Our Online Tuesday Speech Club is FULL! Therefore we created another day and time – Thursday mornings 8:00 am CT. We want to make sure students and families who want to participate in a club setting CAN. You better act quick and sign up now, we don’t anticipate opening another class.

Sign up for Online Speech Club HERE.

We still have a few spots left for both Online Apol and Impromptu Groups. Our Lasting Impact! Team can’t wait to get started. If you have been thinking about it… I encourage you to sign up now!

Sign up for Online Apologetics HERE.

Sign up for Online Impromptu HERE.

Here are some of the questions that maybe you have about joining…

How much work will Online Speech Club be?

My goal is to get your student ready… tournament ready, by the end of the semester. How’s much work the students put into it, is up to you! Are there assignments- yes! Will they be participating in the various types of speech offered in competition- yes! My hope is that this is where they will find their inspiration for what God will be putting on their heart for the next season.

Are your classes/club only for beginners?

Absolutely not! All of our classes are for any one.. parents, coaches, and families included. We often have a variety of students. We hope to challenge the advanced and encourage the beginner.

What if I can’t make a session?

We record our sessions, so you can still get access to it.

Do I need anything technically, in order to participate?

We use an online forum called, Zoom. It works on any device. You need decent Wifi… worst case scenario you can call in, or just use the audio.

My student is very shy, will they have to present?

We try to make this as gentle as possible. We have never had someone not participate. Our groups become like family. The students are encouraging to one another. We also have Lasting Impact! ambassadors, who are also leaders, full of experience to cheer your students on.

My family won’t be participating at tournaments or with a league, is that ok?

Yes! We have had many students who didn’t participate in Apologetics at a tournament, but were part of our group. Our goal is kingdom building, not necessarily winning tournaments. We like for students to find opportunities to grow… wherever that might be.

What if my student needs extra coaching?

Our first priority is our students. We are always happy to set up a coaching call/session at our membership price.

We can’t join your online groups because of other commitments, what is the best way to to find out about Lasting Impact! Workshops?

The best way to keep up with everything from Lasting Impact! is to be sure you have “subscribed” to our site. You can subscribe by going to the right hand side of the home page, and giving us your email. Then, all of our posts will be sent directly to your email. Technically, you don’t even have to be a member to subscribe to our blog!

Another way to keep up with us, is to “like” our Facebook page. You will see what articles we post, as well as be able to join in on giveaways and the random question, etc.

Do you record your Workshops?

If you can’t make a Workshop, we do try to record them, and will put them on our site for your ability to view, or share with your club. Recorded Workshops/Videos are available in the SHOP. Clubs have permission to use these video recordings too! Video recordings are $5.

What Video Recordings of your Workshops do you have?

We are so excited to start this journey with you and your family! Thank you for considering Lasting Impact!

Why Online Apologetics?

Now is the time to join Online Apol. Don’t take our word… here is what members have said…

“I recently completed the Online Apologetics class with Lasting Impact. The coaches were inspiring and welcoming. In this class, there is opportunity for in-depth conversation as well as personalized feedback on speeches. If you are considering this class you should go for it! You will learn more than you could ever expect. Creating cards can seem like an overwhelming task, but each class gives you enough material to write at least one card, and often much more. This was helpful in preparing for tournaments, and in general, all of life’s big questions.” ~ student, KS

“Online Apololegics opens the door to not only to great apologetics resources, but also to great apologetics discussions and feedback. Online Apol. will challenge you personally in your walk with Christ, equip you to effectively communicate in competition or out of competition , and give you the tools to powerfully persuade in your day to day conversations. For me, Online Apol. has encouraged me significantly in my study of Scriptures… and they are more valuable than “fine gold” (Psalm 19:10).!! Talking about God’s life answers with others who also passionately follow Him is so incredible! Discussing and learning together in online forum has helped me answer some of the biggest questions.” ~ Rachel Bechtel, alumni/instructor

“This was the best online class ever. It not only helped my daughter get started competing in apologetics, but more importantly it strengthened her relationship with the Lord & caused her to delve into Scripture & pursue her relationship with Christ in a new & powerful way.” ~ mom, FL

“Apologetics challenged me to know how to deal with the tough questions. I still don’t always have the right answer, but it taught me how to express what I do know in an honest, genuine manner. Being okay with not knowing every little detail of the Christian faith, and instead focusing on the big truths and trusting the Holy Spirit to move within the hearts of those who you come into contact with.” ~ Myles McLean, alumni/instructor

“I chose to compete in Apologetics because I love to learn about God. Participating in Apologetics made me ask the questions I never thought I could answer. I wanted to prepare to defend my faith – but now I know that doing Apologetics changed me as a person and that is the greatest defense I can give. Spending that much time learning about who God is makes you understand Him so much more. I still use quotes and concepts I learned in Apologetics. Even more, I now know how to go deeper into God’s Word. I would not be in this place today if I didn’t participate in the discipline of Apologetics.” ~ Elizabeth, alumni

“Apologetics is the only speech event that you can use in the following year. You can master material over several years. Every other speech event requires starting from scratch! I so believe in the spiritual effectiveness, I have written a curriculum to equip students. It’s used by families all over the country, entitled, Fearless Apologetics. You can find it at As you make your plans for the new school year, consider making time for Apologetics. It may be the most important course your teen takes.” ~ Chap Bettis, parent/pastor

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Warning: Competing in Apologetics Can be Dangerous

So many students decide not to compete in Apologetics. The number one reason I hear… fear. Fear in saying the wrong thing, fear of not knowing enough. Setting off on a quest can feal intimidating… especially alone. This is why we created Online Apologetics. This group is a friendly, encouraging place for students and families to build each other up, as well as equipping them for life. Below is an article by one of our 2018-2019 leaders, Joel Erickson. If you are wanting a community in your Apologetics journey… join us!

Remember- Isaiah 41:10 – Do not fear, for I am with you…

Continue reading “Warning: Competing in Apologetics Can be Dangerous”

Questions Answered in Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

As most of you know, we are thrilled to offer another product to add to your resource collection- Lasting Impact! Vol. 2! Of course, if you are a member, you already have access to all of our articles online. But having a book at your fingertips can really be nice. We do not think of these books as a curriculum, however some of our members use our articles as a supplement or a resource for their clubs. You are welcome to copy off our articles whether it be online or through the book. We encourage you to share what you have learned here, through us. If you are new to Lasting Impact!, you might be wondering what we have all covered in the last two years…

Continue reading “Questions Answered in Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2”

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IT’S HERE… well sort of – Lasting Impact! Vol. 2!!

Lasting Impact! Volume Two is all new! Every article we posted in our second year is chock full of advice, tips, encouragement, information, coach and student perspectives, and more- over 200 pages! We WANT you to have this at your fingertips when you are wondering what to cover in club, or how to help your own student go the extra mile. Read it cover to cover, or browse for what you need. This is a useable resource ready for YOU to put these ideas into action.

Through out the year, members asked if they could have all our articles available, in one easy place- like on their book shelf! We compiled all our articles and put them in easy to find categories, so you can have them at your finger tips! Categories include…

Speech and Debate



Limited Prep






There are over 75 articles for students, parents, coaches, and clubs to use and implement. There are awesome pictures to be inspired by! This book would not possible with out the love and support of so many people!

Kristi says, “We don’t propose to lay out a curriculum or a “how to” book. We propose to share the stepping stones Heather and I, along with the help of so many, found along the way. We hope these articles inform and inspire you as you learn and grow on your speech journey.”

This product is available for pre-sales only. Purchases made prior to 6/15/2018 will be delivered to purchaser at the NCFCA National Championship. For purchasers who are not attending the championship, the product will be shipped June 30, 2018.

Purchase here.

National Impromptu Prep Meeting – May 31

According to National Impromptu Champion, Abbey Lovett, “The most overlooked event heading into Nationals is Impromptu and yet, it usually has the most amount of competitors. If you want to climb the ranks in Impromptu at the National Competition, you need to go in prepared.”

This Nationals workshop will take you through everything you need to know to succeed at nationals from the moment you walk into the competition room to the moment you leave (and much more) through the excellent instruction of Abbey Lovett.

Impromptu Nationals Prep:
– Reflecting on the year: what has worked, what hasn’t worked, how do you improve on that? Nationals is all about taking your biggest successes and enhancing them so they stand against the most competition you’ll ever see.

– At home prep for Nationals: How to research, practice, and collect stories as you’re preparing to leave for Nationals.

– At tournament prep: How to best use your time before each round to make sure your mind is prepared.

– Creating content: Judges at nationals are looking for the perfect combination of content, stories, and humor. Learn how to best organize your prep to give you the time you need to bring all of that to the table.

– Standing apart from the competition: How to catch the judges’ attention and keep it.

– Organizing your speeches in a memorable way.

– Presenting under pressure: Nationals can be scary! Especially once you start competing in elimination rounds. We’ll discuss some of the top strategies for not cracking under the pressure.

– Storytelling: How to tell compelling and inspiring stories that grab your audience’s attention and makes them remember your speech long after you’ve left the room.

WHEN: Thur. May 30

TIME: 7:00-8:30pm CT (PLUS a half hour one on one session with Abbey)

WHERE: An online Zoom meeting.

FOR: Nationals prep, but all are welcome.

COST: $25 members/$40 non members

Note:  If you purchase the session but are unable to attend,  we can still send you the link!

Register here!


Online Impromptu Class – Fall 2018 – Register NOW

Are you looking to start the next speech season off in the right direction? Have you wanted to learn how to better prepare for Iimited prep type speeches… specifically impromptu?

Lasting Impact! is where it is at! Every Thursday evening 7:00-8:00 CT, Abbey Lovett (soon to be Kish), 2016 NCFCA Impromptu Champion, will guide beginning and advanced competitor’s through the basics of impromptu. Learn techniques, gather information, and analyze ideas in an online community setting. There will be guest speakers, activities, and practical application to have you ready and more prepared to compete in the up coming Speech and Debate Season.

Sign Up NOW! Space is limited.

$50 for Lasting Impact! members
$75 for non members
Fall 2018 Semester- Sept. 13 – Dec. 13

Lasting Impact! Interns Wanted

Once again, Lasting Impact! is offering opportunities for students wanting internships. Last year, we had kids from all over the country contributing to our programs. High school and college students can gain experience, knowledge, and growth through our internship opportunities. Depending on your availability, sometimes we can fit your desires into our needs. Contact us and read the descriptions below to see if you are excited about leaving a lasting impact on the next generation.

Writers– Lasting Impact! publishes two articles a week. This is sometimes a huge feat for us. However, with the help of our Lasting Impact! Writers, we are able to cover more information, hear from a variety of perspectives, and are able to keep up with our demands.

Editors– In order to keep up with all our needs, editors are definitely a must! In addition to articles, we also have numerous publications. If you love editing, this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

Apologetics Ambassadors– Online Apologetics will meet weekly during the fall semester- likely Tue. evening 8:00-9:00 CT. Ambassadors will be a part of the weekly meetings and assist the leader. They will have a heart for Apologetics and be an encouragement to new students.

Impromptu Club Leaders– Online Impromptu will meet weekly during the fall semester- likely Thur. evening 7:00-8:00 CT. Club Leaders will be a part of the weekly meetings and assist leader, Abbey Lovett. They will have a heart for Impromptu and be an encouragement to new students.

Speech Club Captains– Our Online Speech Club will meet Tue. mornings during the fall semester. Club Captains will be a part of the weekly meetings and assist the leader. They will have a heart for Speech and be an encouragement to new students.

Marketing– There is always something to promote within Lasting Impact!- books, workshops, memberships, etc. If you have a passion to market things- Lasting Impact! could use you!

How to get involved? Contact –

Sign Up for Online Speech Club – Fall 2018

We are so excited to meet the needs of families who are not in an area that offers a speech club! Through the power of technology our online club will meet weekly in the comfort of your own home… or wherever you happen to be!

Speech Coach, Heather Neumann, will lead students/families through a fun-filled 14 week journey on the basics of Speech- about different speech events, how to choose a topic, as well as delivery. Students will be held accountable, stretched, and encouraged. They will be prepared to compete for the 2018-2019 speech season. There will be assignments using Lasting Impact! articles. Hard copies of Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and 2 will be available at a discount for club members, if you choose.  We are excited to have guest speakers, and there will be expectations, presentations, and feedback.  Parents will be able to give your student credit for the course.

Be sure to sign up now to start the speech season off with a bang! Space will be limited.

  • Fall Semester- Sept. 11 – Dec. 11
  • Tuesday mornings 9:30 am CT
  • $75 for members (sibling discount)
  • Non-members would need to become members before enrolling in Lasting Impact Online Club.  You may become members by going here
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Two Siblings
Three Siblings