Preparing Your Younger Student For Debate? By: Amy Eichholz

We are so blessed to have Amy Eichholz as part of the Lasting Impact! Team! She has been teaching Beginner Debate for years, and has seen the benefits through her own children, as well as the numerous students who have had her as a coach. We are excited to offer Debate Readiness to our online community. For more information on the class click HERE or go to the SHOP on our site, OR keep reading to hear Amy’s heart on preparing young debaters…

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Storytelling: The Beginning Speaker’s Greatest Weapon by: Anna Fox

I was the first of my siblings to enter the daunting world of public speaking. For me, it happened as it has happened to many others: my mother informed me that I would be doing Speech and Debate, and no amount of terror and pleading on my part could convince her otherwise. Of course, like so many before me, I soon fell in love with the activity and the deep friendships that were ripe to be formed in this environment.
I joined in mid-December, and in January headed off to the first tournament armed with a Lincoln-Douglas case and an After-Dinner Speech. As a beginner speaker thrown into the deep end, I was forced to learn quickly how to stop my knees from shaking, and how to think on the fly. Nowhere was this more evident than in the category of impromptu. Over a year, I learned how to go from fifth-and-below in impromptu to winning a tournament.

The secret? Stories.

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How to Engage Younger Students in Speech and Debate

I often get asked the questions… what age is best to start Speech and Debate, how do get my younger students engaged, what things can I do to help my child explore these areas? I love these questions!! I love working with students who think they will have no interest in Speech and Debate. Honestly, this is part of our jobs as Speech Coaches, Club Leaders, Teachers, and Mentors (and even parents). Over the next few weeks, we will be digging deeper on the subject of how to encourage growth for our children and students during these unique times…

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