Exploring Fonts for a Digital Presentation


Speech and Debate Leagues have decided to adapt with the world of technology. Speech categories such as Expository, Power Point, or Digital Presentation are among the few events that allow for visual enhancement of the speech, specifically through the use of slides. And although this is the direction the world is turning, it comes with a world of confusion, decisions, and a learning curve. The images, and more importantly, the fonts you choose is another aspect of communication. These decisions are crucial to conveying your message! Today, we will specifically addressing one of the most important aspects of your slides- the font...

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Try a New Speech Category

I love new Speech categories! The opportunity to try something new or experience something some people might not!? You don't need to be the adventurous type… just be willing to try! Don't let someone tell you, you are a debater or limited prep-type. You define who you are. Give these new speech categories a whirl. This is your time to set the bar. Be the example! Don't sit back and just watch someone else experience something you can… you be the pioneer… ready, set, GO! Let's take a look at a few of the new possibilities this season...

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Going Digital AND Persuasive Speaking – for Speech and Beyond

This week starts our series of Workshop Wednesdays!! An opportunity for you to grow and dig deeper into some of speech and debate categories. One of our fabulous coaches, Isabelle Clausen, will kick our week off with Digital Design – a great overview of how to make your speeches digital for Digital Presentation or Expository. Next, she will explore Persuasive Speaking. Not quite sure you want to sign up? Isabelle will give you the reasons to try these Platform Speech Categories…

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