Summer Prep Series- Apologetics, By: Joel Erickson

Preparing in the summer for Speech and Debate? For limited prep events? Seems unnecessary, to say the least… maybe even incongruous. Despite the category’s connotations, starting prep in the summer will enable you to actualize your maximum competitive potential and derive the greatest educational benefit. This week, I’ll be sharing some strategies for conquering the task, starting with apologetics.

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Apol Ambassador Summer Prep Picks…

Swimming? Family vacation? A summer job? Camp? What are you looking forward to most this summer? In the midst of all the fun and busy-ness, stop to consider your walk with the Lord and stay faithful in your study of His Word! Below we have compiled a list of fantastic apologetics resources for you to enjoy over the next few months. Our Apologetics Ambassadors Joel, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Kaitlyn gave their top picks for summer prep.

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The Value of Summer Speech and/or Debate Camp

Tis the season… to go to camp? Fa-lala-la-la…. Wait a minute- it’s summer!  Aren’t we all on break? No one is thinking of Speech and Debate now, right? WRONG! As I was sitting in my living room last week, with some Speech and Debate friends,  I heard multiple reasons for NOT going to a Speech and/or Debate Camp…

If you must know, it was a friendly debate… And I think I won. But I didn’t just want to convince them, I wanted them to believe it!

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