Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive… sign up NOW!

Lasting Impact! is excited to announce our first annual Speech and Debate Online Summer Prep Intensive especially geared for students, parents, and coaches!! Do you feel like you and your family could use some coaching when it comes to-

  • How to become more prepared for Speech and Debate?
  • How do we make Speech and Debate part of our curriculum?
  • Where do we get started if we want to learn more about Debate, or Speech events?
  • How do I pick an event?

Look no further! Lasting Impact! has put together a two-day ONLINE Workshop filled with information from our amazing, top notch coaches!

Come for one session or all! This is two full days packed for you to get the most out of your summer and upcoming season!

Sessions may include… final schedule will be announced soon!

Summer Apologetics Prep
Thinking about Extemp
Mars Hill with Isabelle Clausen
Speech and Debate from a Biblical Worldview
Is Interpretive or Platform Speaking For Me?
Starting a Club
Novice and Advanced Speaking
Debate Breakdown/Resolution Analysis
Parental Support
Where to Begin with Speech and Debate?
Making the most of the year
How to use your summer

We look forward to being a part of your Summer Speech and Debate prep!!!

Sign Up Now! ONLY $25 per family!!

Lasting Impact! Pre-NITOC LD Prep Workshop with Isabelle Clausen

NITOC is such an exciting tournament for STOA competitors. Even before you start competition in the early fall, you are already dreaming about NITOC, aspiring to be the next champion in your favorite speech or debate event! As the tournament season rolls on, you strive to gain points, win titles, and perfect your speeches and cases. Why do you put so much work into this season? Because you want to do well at NITOC. For most competitors, doing well at NITOC is the ultimate goal of their season…

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Online Workshops Added for Regionals and Nationals Prep!!

Are you wanting to take your speech to the next level? Have you exhausted your club and family for ideas? Do you need a fresh new perspective before bringing the same case or speech to the next level of competition?

Lasting Impact! realizes what a critical time this is in a competitor’s season. That’s why we are adding another round of Online Workshops… be sure to check back to see what we add!

Introducing… Chris Baldacci, Lasting Impact! Moot Court Coach

Lasting Impact! is excited to announce another coaching expert for your coaching needs… Schedule a one on one coaching session with Chris Baldacci, watch his Moot Court Recorded Video Workshop or join his 4 Week Moot Court Seminar … STARTS MoNDAY! If you can’t make all of them- they will be recorded!

Chris Baldacci was a two-time national champion in collegiate Moot Court and the top individual speaker at the national championship in 2018. He is the only orator in American Moot Court Association history to win three titles. He was also the runner-up in last year’s national brief-writing competition. Chris has competed on the varsity Moot Court team for four years at Patrick Henry College and has been active in coaching underclassmen and serving as a volunteer judge. He will attend law school in the fall.

To check out the Recorded Moot Court Workshop CLICK HERE.https://lastingimpact.info/product/moot-court-online-workshop-with-chris-baldacci/

To sign up for the Moot Court Seminar CLICK HERE.https://lastingimpact.info/register/4-week-moot-court-seminar/

Lasting Impact! LD Opportunities


LD (NCFCA) Mid-Season Workshop

Instructors: Joel Erickson and Hillary Kollsak
When: Tuesday Jan. 29, 8:00-9:00pm CT
Cost: $5 members/$20 non-members

We’ll overview the current debate landscape and discuss the different kinds of LD cases circulating in the league and explain various tactics for engaging the framework debate and practical applications. Additionally, we’ll look at ways to differentiate your argumentation from many of the pitfalls that plague current cases.

Joel has competed for five years in speech events, LD, parliamentary debate, and mock trial. He currently studies philosophy at Wheaton College with the intent to pursue graduate studies in philosophy or attend law school (or both, if his parents will let him). As a coach, Joel can’t wait to immerse you in the big ideas of politics, philosophy, and economics. He’s passionate about communication psychology and elegant organization, and wants everyone to understand that forensic competition is not about the accolades one achieves, but the person one becomes. Joel has coached hundreds of students in speech and debate through summer camps, private coaching, and local clubs, many of whom qualified to Nationals, won tournaments, or advanced to elimination rounds for the very first time. He is the founder of and head coach for Aspire Debate Camps and also coaches for Ethos Debate.

Hillary Kollsak has been a speech and debate mom for many years. She coaches LD for EverReady Debate Club outside of Chicago. She is excited about this years resolution and wants to bring clarity to your cases.

LD (NCFCA) Club for Intermediate/Advanced Club

Instructor: Joel Erickson
When: Feb. 12 8:00-9:00pm CT (meets weekly for 8 weeks)
Cost: $50 per member/$75 non member

We’ll be studying advanced strategy and drilling techniques, deconstructing cases, and collaborating on briefs. The club will be recorded weekly.

Click HERE for more information. https://lastingimpact.info/online-workshops/

Moot Court Workshop SATURDAY with Chris Baldacci

When – Saturday Jan. 26, 2019
Time – 10:00am – 11:00am CT (approximately 1 hour)
Cost: $5 members/$20 non-members

Are you looking to enhance your Moot Court skills?

Come join Chris Baldacci as he will cover both how to prepare and execute college-level moot court arguments. We will discuss how to understand and memorize caselaw efficiently, how to use precedent more effectively in arguments, and how to think about your arguments before a round. Then we will talk about formulas for responding to certain types of questions, the unique way to make moot court arguments impactful, and how to set yourself apart on respondent and in rebuttal.

Sign Up HERE

Chris Baldacci was a two-time national champion in collegiate Moot Court and the top individual speaker at the national championship in 2018. He is the only orator in American Moot Court Association history to win three titles. He was also the runner-up in last year’s national brief-writing competition. Chris has competed on the varsity Moot Court team for four years at Patrick Henry College and has been active in coaching underclassmen and serving as a volunteer judge. He will attend law school in the fall.

Extemporaneous – NOW is the time to try it! by: Steve Kish

Lasting Impact! has TWO opportunities to jump in to Extemp this fall! If this is something your club hasn’t been able to offer or you want more help and direction on how to get started… we have the answer!

1. Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles – Sun. Oct. 21 6:00pm CT

Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles

2. Extemp Excel with Steve Kish – Online 6 Week Club – Nov. 12 – Dec. 17

Extemp Excel Class (6 weeks)

If you still aren’t ready or sure you want to commit, read Steve Kish’s explanation on why Extemp is an important speech event to grow your speech and debate skills…

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JOIN US!! Workshops this Week- IO/Expos, Biblical Thematic, and Extemp – Oh my!

Whew! It’s a big week at Lasting Impact! We love what we do! If you haven’t had the opportunity to partake in one of our Lasting Impact! Online Workshops this is going to be a great week to join us. Here is what people from all over the country are saying about our online sessions…

”I didn’t think I needed a club to do Apol- I can do things on my own, right? But there is no replacement for the group knowledge and community support that you get with the online Apol club. I’ve been so challenged but also blessed to be a part of something bigger than just competition— learning things from brilliant teachers like Joel or Matthew that are helpful even outside of the competition room. When I say I recommend it, I don’t say it flippantly. Joining a Lasting Impact! online club or workshop is something I promise you won’t regret.” – Ethan, student, TX

“Mrs. Neumann’s workshop on cutting your piece (for interp) was so helpful. I’ve been competing for three years and she showed me things I never knew were possible! I think some rules are hard to understand so it was awesome to be able to talk through them and really delve into the “do’s” and “dont’s” of script writing. I definitely recommend it to anyone planning to perform an interpretation speech!” – Ellen, student, NE

“The Online Workshop experience is great for students and parents who are interested in learning about brand new categories. Mrs. Eskelund’s analysis of Oratorical was educational while allowing you to brainstorm while you listen.” – Gloria, student, WI

“The IO/Expos Online Workshop was such a big help to us in generating ideas and more importantly the nuts and bolts of the supplies needed. There is hardly any information out there on Illustrated Oratory/Expository but Lasting Impact’s workshop filled the void.” – Debbie, parent, FL

“Lasting Impact! has been one of the most influential tools for my speech and debate journey. It has equipped me with the tools to speak in a manner that glorifies God! I am extremely thankful for their resources. I would encourage anyone, who wants to become a better speaker, in any capacity, to join Lasting Impact!” – Mark, student, MI

Join us this week for one of these awesome Online Workshops…

Exploring Biblical Thematic – Fri. Oct. 19, 6:00pm CT

Exploring Biblical Thematic with Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund

All About IO/Expos – Fri. Oct. 19, 7:30pm CT

All About Illustrated Oratory/Expository with Heather, Kristi, and Guests

Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles – Sun. Oct. 21, 6:00pm CT

Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles

Here are some reasons why you should want to tune in…

  • Opportunities for growth
  • Exploring new ideas
  • New perspectives
  • “Golden Nuggets”
  • Fantastic and Experienced Coaching
  • Tips for success

If you can’t make live workshop, we do try to get the workshops recorded. See here for a complete list of RECORDED Workshops…



We hope to see you soon! You Got This!

The Power of Persuasion – Workshop Sunday!!

pərˈswāsiv, pərˈswāziv

Definition- good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation.

“an informative and persuasive speech”

synonyms: convincing, cogent, compelling, potent, forceful, powerful, impactful, eloquent, impressive, influential, sound, valid, strong, effective, winning, telling;

Being a good communicator, MUST include understanding the Art of Persuasion. Did you read all those synonyms for the word “Persuasion”? Now, who doesn’t want to do that?? I have heard it said that EVERY speech has elements of persuasion. And I believe that! In our life, we use persuasion daily. You see, persuasion is not just a tool for speech and debate students. It is a skill for life. The way you present yourself or your ideas can affect whether you get an A on a verbal exam, get out of a speeding ticket, or what to have for dinner. And that was just yesterday!!

You see, our role as good communicators is to persuade others to understand our viewpoint (and hopefully they will agree with you). This is a life skill, not only for those selling a product, but for anyone relaying information. Knowing how to convince people of your perspective is an asset for life. Can you imagine the positive outcomes?

Here is what Isabelle Clausen had to say about her Persuasive Workshop this Sunday 10/14 at 7:00pm CT…

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your mom and wanted to learn how to convince her that she was wrong and you were right? Or have you ever gotten into a debate with your sister about who is the favorite child, and you wanted to convince her that you are, and always will be, the favorite?

Well, I can’t promise you that I’ll be able to help you win arguments with your family members, but I can guarantee that I’ll be able to help you learn the art of persuasion for speech and debate. Not only will you learn how to be persuasive and use the primary tools of rhetoric within speech and debate, but you will also learn how to use these skills in your everyday life (of course excluding debates with your mother!😉).

Persuasion isn’t just about how you write out certain arguments; rather, a primary part of it is how you introduce the arguments, what tone of voice you have, and what kind of conversational hand gestures you use.

At my workshop, I will teach you the basics of how to write a persuasive thesis statement, how to carry that statement through your points, and how to challenge your judges to take part in your call to action. Likewise, I will also teach you how to apply persuasive rhetoric in your daily life, such as at school/co-op, with your friends, in your future career, and as you witness about Jesus Christ!

I can’t wait to see you at my workshop this next Sunday, October 14th, at 7:00 PM CT time!

To sign up CLICK HERE.

“Big Picture Argumentation” (WORKSHOP SAT) by: Luke McConnel

Often times debate students, whether it be LD, TP, or Parli, often have trouble seeing past the debate round when it comes to their impacts. While there is nothing wrong per say with wanting to win, if we are not able to show the judge(s) the implications of our logic and arguments in the real world, we will have missed what debate is all about. Luke McConnel will present their case for Big Picture Argumentation in his  Online Workshop this weekend (Sat. Oct. 6, 11:00am CT). Read on… or sign up HERE.

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