Speech and Debate Fall Classes and Clubs Are Posted!

We are thrilled to be adding MORE opportunities for students to engage in Speech and Debate! Classes/Clubs are posted in the link below. Space will be limited – so be sure to sign up early!

Are you located where there is no local Speech Club? Join Online Speech. Do you want to get started for the first time in Lincoln Douglas Debate? We have Online LD. Are you short of time and looking for support in Team Policy? Our TP group will be for you!

And this is just the start- we will have Online Apologetics and Extemporaneous again this year (links up soon)!

Lasting Impact! strives to give you the most opportunities in your journey with Speech and Debate. You want to take advantage of our Online Classes/Clubs! Our coaches are amazing! They have proven track records, making delving into Speech and Debate fun and engaging. Our Online Community allows students to get to know other kids from around the country. These classes/clubs are not a lecture type class, all students learn, grow, and participate… making connections for a lifetime!

Our classes are run on an online meeting forum called Zoom. It’s a quick download on to your computer. Classes are recorded, therefore, even if you can’t be there- you won’t miss a thing.

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Why is the MESSAGE important in your Speech?

Making sure your speech has significance is going to allow your judges the ability to connect with you, which in turn will hopefully cause your rank to improve. Sure, delivery is important, but it is what you are saying that is going to leave a lasting impact...

Young speakers struggle with figuring out what their topic is going to be on, nevertheless making it have the "So What Factor". Guiding them through the importance of having a message is something you should spend time in club doing. Here are my reasons WHY speakers should have a message...

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JOIN US… Second Semester Online Clubs (Moot, Debate, and Apol.)

How cool is it, we live in an age where we can meet people all over the country from the comfort of our homes? How awesome is it, that your students can receive solid coaching and instruction from experienced instructors? Lasting Impact! is dedicated to helping you and your students, in your Speech and Debate journey, with the guidance you are looking for by offering online classes, clubs, and workshops. Sign up for our Second Semester Clubs NOW…

4 Week Moot Court Seminar

Start Date: Feb. 18, 2019 8:00-9:00pm CT (meets weekly)
Instructor: Chris Baldacci
Cost: $45 member/$65 nonmember

This four-week course will give beginners a strong foundation in moot court and help experienced students separate themselves from the competition with advanced techniques. The four classes will cover the fundamentals of constitutional law, how to prepare arguments like a lawyer, argument building for both the 2nd and 5th Amendment issues, and improving your answers to judge questions. Students will also receive individual feedback on their arguments and presentation styles to make them more confident and professional. All sessions will be recorded.

Second Semester Online Apologetics (Stoa and NCFCA)

Start Date: Feb. 19, 8:00-9:00pm CT (every other week)
Cost: $40 members/$50 nonmembers
Instructors: Matthew Harper and Kirsten Erickson

Are you competing in apologetics in NCFCA or Stoa? Interested in trying the category but unsure where to start? Or simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity and how to defend it? If so, Lasting Impact’s online apologetics club is for you! Aimed at helping students prepare throughout the semester and stay engaged between tournaments, meetings occur twice a month, alternating between apologetics teaching and speech coaching. All meetings are recorded, so you can review previous sessions if you miss a week or would like to review a lesson. All experience levels are welcome; whether you’ve competed in apologetics for years or are trying it for the first time, you will be encouraged and equipped!

Second Semester Team Policy Debate Club (NCFCA)

When: Starting Wed. Feb. 13
Time: Approx. 1 hour/ 8:00-9:00pm CT
Instructor: Eric Meinerding
Cost: $50 per member/ $75 per non-member

Looking for additional Team Policy support for the competition season? Well you’re in luck! Eric Meinerding is hosting a second semester TP debate club exclusively through Lasting Impact. He’ll be meeting with students weekly for 8 weeks, all across the NCFCA nation to work through strategies against the popular cases, find the best arguments in the current climate, go over ballots, discuss debate theory, advanced impacting, and a host of other topics. Included with your enrollment is a free coaching session with Eric at any point during the season to get direct, personalized feedback tailored directly to your team’s needs. So whether you are without a club for the season, looking to go above and beyond, or are looking for innovative strategies, this seminar will provide what you’re looking for.

LD (NCFCA) Club for Intermediate/Advanced Students

Instructor: Joel Erickson
When: Feb. 12, 8:00-9:00pm CT (meets weekly for 8 weeks)
Cost: $50 per member/$75 non member

We’ll be studying advanced strategy and drilling techniques, deconstructing cases, and collaborating on briefs. The club will be recorded weekly.

To SIGN UP for any one of these awesome opportunities… CLICK HERE

Student, Teacher, Competitor… By: Eric Meinerding

How to develop the triple threat of being a club leader, as a student…

So, you’re a student leader in your club? You now have to balance your own busy tournament preparation schedule with the obligations you have to your club. If you’re attempting to rework your IO/Expos boards the week before a tournament where several novices are panicking before their first tournament, it could seem like you have a little bit too much on your plate. But luckily, these dual responsibilities aren’t as insurmountable as they may first appear. Being a student leader while a competitor can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have while participating in speech and debate. It gives you a unique perspective on forensics and, as a teacher, you will come up with new ideas that you normally wouldn’t have considered as only a competitor. I’ll be discussing some different methods to ensure you can succeed as a club leader or captain while also growing as an orator and logician…

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Lasting Impact! Syllabus 2.0 (Extended Version)

It’s the beginning of a new speech and debate year! Why not have a new syllabus, right? Each year club leaders go above and beyond creating their syllabus for their club. This is our second year creating one. Lasting Impact Syllabus 1.0 using Vol. 1 is still available. In fact, we had a lot of clubs that chose to use it! So why did we create another one? And what makes this one better?

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Running a Club (while also having a life) By: Rikki Eskelund

Rikki Eskelund participated in Speech and Debate for six years as a competitor. Yet after she graduated, while going to college, and working, still found time to run a Speech and Debate Club!! There is a huge need for clubs in all areas. If a working, college student can do it- so can you! Here are Rikki’s tips for running a club, while still having a life…

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Adding Rhetoric to Your Speech and Debate Club with Hillary Kolssak

I got to catch up with one of my favorite people in the last couple weeks... Hillary Kolssak is my honorary sis, a fantastic mom, a speech and debate coach, and now this year, she will be running a speech and debate club in the Chicago area. She is a wealth or information and knowledge! We are so blessed to have her share her insights with Lasting Impact! Last year she created a rhetoric program for her club. She saw the need for her advanced students...

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Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club and Classes Filling Up!

Wow! We are blown away by the response to the Lasting Impact! Online Speech Club, as well as Online Apologetics and Impromptu! Our Online Tuesday Speech Club is FULL! Therefore we created another day and time – Thursday mornings 8:00 am CT. We want to make sure students and families who want to participate in a club setting CAN. You better act quick and sign up now, we don’t anticipate opening another class.

Sign up for Online Speech Club HERE.

We still have a few spots left for both Online Apol and Impromptu Groups. Our Lasting Impact! Team can’t wait to get started. If you have been thinking about it… I encourage you to sign up now!

Sign up for Online Apologetics HERE.

Sign up for Online Impromptu HERE.

Here are some of the questions that maybe you have about joining…

How much work will Online Speech Club be?

My goal is to get your student ready… tournament ready, by the end of the semester. How’s much work the students put into it, is up to you! Are there assignments- yes! Will they be participating in the various types of speech offered in competition- yes! My hope is that this is where they will find their inspiration for what God will be putting on their heart for the next season.

Are your classes/club only for beginners?

Absolutely not! All of our classes are for any one.. parents, coaches, and families included. We often have a variety of students. We hope to challenge the advanced and encourage the beginner.

What if I can’t make a session?

We record our sessions, so you can still get access to it.

Do I need anything technically, in order to participate?

We use an online forum called, Zoom. It works on any device. You need decent Wifi… worst case scenario you can call in, or just use the audio.

My student is very shy, will they have to present?

We try to make this as gentle as possible. We have never had someone not participate. Our groups become like family. The students are encouraging to one another. We also have Lasting Impact! ambassadors, who are also leaders, full of experience to cheer your students on.

My family won’t be participating at tournaments or with a league, is that ok?

Yes! We have had many students who didn’t participate in Apologetics at a tournament, but were part of our group. Our goal is kingdom building, not necessarily winning tournaments. We like for students to find opportunities to grow… wherever that might be.

What if my student needs extra coaching?

Our first priority is our students. We are always happy to set up a coaching call/session at our membership price.

We can’t join your online groups because of other commitments, what is the best way to to find out about Lasting Impact! Workshops?

The best way to keep up with everything from Lasting Impact! is to be sure you have “subscribed” to our site. You can subscribe by going to the right hand side of the home page, and giving us your email. Then, all of our posts will be sent directly to your email. Technically, you don’t even have to be a member to subscribe to our blog!

Another way to keep up with us, is to “like” our Facebook page. You will see what articles we post, as well as be able to join in on giveaways and the random question, etc.

Do you record your Workshops?

If you can’t make a Workshop, we do try to record them, and will put them on our site for your ability to view, or share with your club. Recorded Workshops/Videos are available in the SHOP. Clubs have permission to use these video recordings too! Video recordings are $5.

What Video Recordings of your Workshops do you have?

We are so excited to start this journey with you and your family! Thank you for considering Lasting Impact!

A NEW must-have Resource- Speech Games!!

Every Speech and Debate Club needs ice breakers to get things started. Every coach needs creative ideas for getting kids outside of the inhibitions that box them in and stifle their performances. Our games book is an idea generator to help you accomplish both! Cross-referenced by the skills they enhance, these games are designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of speech events.

These games are broken up, to help you the user, identity with what “target skill” you want to focus on. There are games for each of the types of speech- interpretive, limited prep, and platform. Target skills include…




Limited Prep

Object Work



There are over 40 games… the variations to these games are endless!! Also included are lists and scenarios – ideas to keep your club or group on their toes for years to come! This is a must have resource for every Speech and Debate Club.

Pre-order your copy today! Here.