Exercising Discernment Through Biblical Extemporaneous By : Eric Meinerding

​I have known Eric Meinerding for quite a few years. I knew him as a growing competitor, I was at his house when he received a full ride scholarship into college, I’ve seen him grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. I’ve seen him now, graduate college and choose ministry, even though he very clearly could have gone straight to law school. I have seen him mentor and coach hundreds of students and I am so blessed to have him a part of the Lasting Impact! Team (after all he was one of the original Online Apologetics crew back in 2014). I am thrilled he wants to take lead on this Current Events Class/ Extemp Club!! Read his heart on what this fall class/club will look like…

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Why and How to Study Current Events? Extemporaneous!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” How can we make that happen? For our students, I believe the answer is through Speech and Debate. More specifically, more students need to study current events (through a Biblical Worldview). And the way they can practice and apply what they are learning is through the speech event – Extemporaneous. It is through this event where so much value takes place…

  1. Expanding knowledge.
  2. Analysis of the news.
  3. The ability to make informed decisions.
  4. Purposeful discussions.
  5. Critical thinking skills.
  6. Understanding cultural literacy.
  7. Responsible citizenship.

I think we can all agree that learning and studying current events can be quite beneficial, but where do we start or how do we begin this journey? The answer is simple – We need to start and to have practice! And there is no better place to start – join an online group! Lasting Impact! has TWO Extemp opportunities coming up…

Hope Rawlson, the reigning Extemp Champ and Lasting Impact! team member, says, “The most common thing said about extemp is that it’s boringgg. And it’s true!! Extemp can be insanely, extremely boring to listen to, sometimes I’m even bored. But my goal is to bring life into this event through the gathering of students, ideas, and learning together! We need break down the stigmas that Extemp is only for the ultra smart or boring competitors. I will teach you that Extemp is fascinating and we will make it entertaining and interesting. Our goals will include to go from giving good speeches to great speeches. And just being more interesting automatically boosts your ranking up!! This Wednesday I’m going to go over how being interesting is way easier than you think and more ways to go from good to great in Extemp!!”

Hope is passionate about current events and Extemp! We hope you jump in and explore this with her.

Prep like a Pro – News Outlets for Extemp by: Hope Rawlson

Let’s say you were about to start a years worth of soccer competition. If you were seriously trying to be at least decent you would never skip all the practices and show up to the first game completely unprepared. That’d be ridiculous and you’d definitely lose. No, you’d take the time beforehand and make sure you know how to play and play well.

It’s true with soccer and it’s true with extemp. The key to succeeding is to prepare and prepare well! If you are looking for accountability, fun, and guidance- check out Lasting Impact’s new Online Extemp Club! If you are ready to get started now… below is a list and analysis of the resources for extemp that helped me go into every tournament last year feeling completely prepared and ready to take on any topic that came my way!

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One Week until… Online Extemp

Extemporaneous is one of those Speech categories that after students graduate… they WISH they would have done it. Don’t let this opportunity for THIS season to YOUR season to give Extemp a try! Join our Lasting Impact! Online Extemp Group!

Guest contributor Drew Magness, 2018 NCFCA Extemporaneous Speaking Champion and Ace Peak Coach, shared this with me, “Most people view Extemporaneous speaking as a hopelessly complicated event reserved for the “smarter” people. Luckily, that’s not true. Let’s dispel the most common myth surrounding extemp.

Myth – I need to be a current events nerd.

Most of the best extempers out there didn’t get where they are by knowing everything about Zimbabwe’s electoral process, Japan’s disarmament history, or the legal standing of American Samoa. They climbed the mountain by learning how to process, condense, and communicate complex information. Extemp speeches don’t fall flat because the competitor is missing a robust history of the African Union. The most common failure is a failure to be understood. A background in current events will be helpful; knowledge is always good. But the keys to extemp are: Process, condense, communicate.”

Sam Wooddell, Stoa’s 2018 TP Champion, participated in Extemp for three years, he said this, “Extemporaneous speaking may help students fulfill their role as informed citizens by educating them on current events. Simultaneously, it teaches speakers critical thinking skills in high pressure situations, a skill which applies to nearly every event in speech and debate, as well as beyond high school.”

Joining a group, club, or class can help beginners and advanced students, even coaches. Here are what some of our Lasting Impact! students have said…

“I know I wouldn’t be as prepared if it wasn’t for your teaching and club.”

“Online Apol, allowed me to feel more confident, inside and outside the classroom, and even gave me the opportunity to compete at Nationals.”

“I am so thankful for my Online Community, this is exactly what I needed to push me out of my comfort zone.”

“I feel ready and prepared for this season!”

We have great things planned in Extemp for our six weeks together. Whether you are new to this category or have experience- this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

  • Why Extemp? Goal Setting. Basics to writing an Extemp Speech.
  • What are reliable sources? How to Build a Box?
  • How to Research? Unifying Formats. 
  • Practice Speeches with Feedback. 
  • Analysis Types, Use of Quotes, Stories, and Data.
  • Practice speeches with feedback. 

Do do not let this be an opportunity that slips in the wind!


Limited Prep Breakdown by: Catherine Alles

When I was competing in Speech and Debate, I loved the Limited Preparation speeches. Apologetics, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous gave me the opportunity to use my voice to speak about important issues, make an impact, and inspire people. I used to jokingly tell people that I loved limited prep because for me, “limited preparation meant no preparation.” But that wasn’t really true. I spent a lot of time preparing for limited preparation speeches, just not in the same way as for platform or interpretive speeches. Remember our Online Extemp Group starts in less than two weeks. Join Now!

When you are doing a duo, your prep involves picking a book, memorizing, and practicing blocking with your partner. For persuasive, you need to spend most of your time researching and writing your speech, and then fine tuning your delivery. In Limited Preparation speeches, you don’t need to memorize anything, work with a partner, or plan out your hand motions, body movements, or pauses ahead of time. Instead, the best use of your time is to be an inquisitive and fully present person. What do I mean by this? Let’s break it down for three limited preps- Extemp, Apol, and Impromptu… (Isabelle Clausen will break down the Mars Hill binder next week)…

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Extemporaneous – NOW is the time to try it! by: Steve Kish

Lasting Impact! has TWO opportunities to jump in to Extemp this fall! If this is something your club hasn’t been able to offer or you want more help and direction on how to get started… we have the answer!

1. Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles – Sun. Oct. 21 6:00pm CT

Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles

2. Extemp Excel with Steve Kish – Online 6 Week Club – Nov. 12 – Dec. 17

Extemp Excel Class (6 weeks)

If you still aren’t ready or sure you want to commit, read Steve Kish’s explanation on why Extemp is an important speech event to grow your speech and debate skills…

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The Mindset of an Extemporaneous Speaker

There are many tips, tricks, and strategies for improving as an extemporaneous speaker. But how can one address minute changes unless the overall mindset is correct? In this article I will attempt to provide some important tips and strategies for improving as an extemp speaker. But more than anything, I want to challenge you to check your mindset about extemp and allow that to influence all the details of your speeches. I will simply encourage you to be more than a reporter in your extemp speeches. Take it up to the next level; be an analyst. So, what does being an analyst mean in this context?

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Online Apol and Extemp Early Registration

Are you looking for accountability in Apologetics and Extemp?

Are you looking to gain knowledge and confidence in these Limited Prep Speeches?

Do you want to gain experiences that will last, well beyond your competitive years?

We have the solution!

Lasting Impact! will be offering TWO online programs for 2017-2018


*Weekly accountability

*Great teachings and resources

*Recorded sessions

*Reasonable class size

*Experienced guest speakers

*Approx. 25 sessions

Register NOW! Class size will be limited- you don’t want to miss out! (Simply click the link below or check them out under “services” above).

Online Apol.- Tuesday evenings 8:00-9:00 CT

Online Extemp.- Thursday evenings 8:00-9:00 CT

This will be Online Apol.’s fifth year, and we expect it to be better than ever. Although this will be our first year at Online Extemp- we have no doubt it will be a great resource and benefit to those who attend. Here are what others had to say…

“Thank you so much for Online Apol. It has been a great opportunity for my child. I am so thankful for the personal accountability, and emphasis on growth, rather than the competition.” ~ parent

“I am so grateful for my Online Apol. friends. I now feel I am prepared to write my cards with confidence.” ~student

“I appreciate the teaching the most about Online Apol. Thank you so much for organizing this! It has helped me in card writing and in general knowledge.” ~ student

Still not convinced… Here is what our Apologetics Ambassadors have to say about Apologetics…

Myles McLean- “Apologetics challenged me to know how to deal with the tough questions. I still don’t always have the right answer, but it taught me how to express what I do know in an honest, genuine manner. Being okay with not knowing every little detail of the Christian faith, and instead focusing on the big truths and trusting the Holy Spirit to move within the hearts of those who you come into contact with.”

Joel Erickson- “Don’t be daunted by the seemingly insurmountable 105 questions. Approach the category with an “I-can-do-all-things-through-Christ-who-gives-me-strength” mentality. Focus on preparing for Apologetics as a way to enrich your relationship with God and teach some judges about His grandeur.”

Stefanie Klaves- “Growing up in a Christian home, I thought I “knew” God and Christian fundamentals. After engaging in a few conversations with Buddhists and Atheist friends, I realized that I couldn’t adequately articulate why I believed what I believed, why the Bible is more reliable than other holy books, or why the Christian faith is preferable to their religious beliefs.”

We hope YOU decide to join us!

Why do Extemp?

imageRikki Eskelund tried Extemporaneous Speaking her Senior year. Although she tried every single event in her NCFCA career, she wishes that she had done Extemp before her last year, as it has been a huge benefit to her in post-NCFCA life! Currently, Rikki is pursuing a degree in professional communication dealing with managing and marketing.

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