Questions Answered in Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

As most of you know, we are thrilled to offer another product to add to your resource collection- Lasting Impact! Vol. 2! Of course, if you are a member, you already have access to all of our articles online. But having a book at your fingertips can really be nice. We do not think of these books as a curriculum, however some of our members use our articles as a supplement or a resource for their clubs. You are welcome to copy off our articles whether it be online or through the book. We encourage you to share what you have learned here, through us. If you are new to Lasting Impact!, you might be wondering what we have all covered in the last two years…

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The Thesis Statement by: Abbey Lovett

What is the point of a thesis statement? Is it valuable? Here, in this article, Abbey Lovett (soon to be Kish), briefly explores the topic of the thesis statement for Speech and Debate. For more of Abbey’s awesome teaching- join her this Fall as she brings students on a deeper understanding of Impromptu,  through her – Lasting Impact! Online Impromptu Club. Sign up NOW! For more information, click here.

The Thesis Statement. Such an ominous and scary concept. Or at least that’s how I felt as a young communicator. In fact, I hardly ever used a thesis in my presentations because I couldn’t grasp the concept. What makes a good thesis statement? How do I make a thesis statement that fully grasps what I want to talk about? How do I present that statement in the speech?

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Lasting Impact! Speech and Debate Summer Camps and Workshop Schedule

We are so excited about reaching out to so many communities this summer (and fall)! Each speech and debate camp/workshop that Lasting Impact! is a part of, is unique! More information and registration links will be coming in the next week or so. Also, Lasting Impact! Is excited to announce we will be hosting a variety of Online Workshops this Fall!! That schedule will be out by mid- August. Remember, if you are lacking motivation this summer, you can read The Value of Speech and Debate Camps. 

We hope to see you soon! Here is our schedule so far…

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Guest Post: The Importance of Words

As I sit here, the week after a major national competition, I am reminded of a speech I heard ONCE! A speech that made an impact on me about “words”. I wonder how many words were spoken through speech and debate last week at the NCFCA National Championship? I wonder how many students cried after they didn’t advance and they now think that their words have no more purpose? Or how many students were disappointed after making it to finals, yet not presenting their speech in The Showcase Of Excellence? This journey does not have to be over!! I am here to tell you… this is just the beginning! Your words and speeches can continue! You can continue to have a lasting impact… all you have to do is find another opportunity to share your heart, your message, your words…

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One Year Later… My Remembrances in Speech and Debate By: Kaitlyn Butts

One year ago, I was working hours each day to prepare for the 2017 NCFCA National Championship. Each day I gave impromptus, studied my apologetics cards, read the news, brushed up on my platform speeches, honed my LD cases, perfected my arguments, and researched outside cases in the Moot Court packet. It’s been seven years since I attended my first tournament and nearly one year since I became the NCFCA sweepstakes champion. My freshman year of college has stretched, challenged, and grown me in ways the girl who walked across that stage couldn’t have imagined. My tangible awards are on the shelves and stuffed in the drawers of my room… they collected a lot of dust while I was away. I understand that it could be easy to assume that I remember my time in NCFCA through the lens of my successes, but I’ve had a year to reflect. I want to share what I still hold near to my heart as I look back. These lasting memories shape who I am and how I coach current and future competitors. These are my remembrances…

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Why It’s so Hard to Win on Negative at Nationals?? And what to do about it…By: Griffith Vertican

Greetings NCFCA Debaters and Coaches,

Some years ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about the difficulties of being on the negative side in team policy and what to do about it. Reflecting on that conversation and many more since I’ve put some serious thought into why affirmative teams have such a seemingly significant advantage particularly at Nationals…

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The “What Now?” After We Don’t Advance at The National Championship

With NCFCA National Speech and Debate Championship right around the corner, most of us are editing our platforms, hammering down our blocking for interps, and revising our debate cases. The preparation is vital, and I can testify to the importance of putting in the work. However, I think it’s necessary to keep a few things in mind while approaching the end of the season…

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A NEW must-have Resource- Speech Games!!

Every Speech and Debate Club needs ice breakers to get things started. Every coach needs creative ideas for getting kids outside of the inhibitions that box them in and stifle their performances. Our games book is an idea generator to help you accomplish both! Cross-referenced by the skills they enhance, these games are designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of speech events.

These games are broken up, to help you the user, identity with what “target skill” you want to focus on. There are games for each of the types of speech- interpretive, limited prep, and platform. Target skills include…




Limited Prep

Object Work



There are over 40 games… the variations to these games are endless!! Also included are lists and scenarios – ideas to keep your club or group on their toes for years to come! This is a must have resource for every Speech and Debate Club.

Pre-order your copy today! Here.