A Speech and Debate Reflection by: Cate Baldacci

I love when students reach out to me saying the Lord put something on their heart and they want to share it with our community (yes, you could do that too!). The journey through Speech and Debate is unique, we are each are on our own path. Yet, I love where we intersect, learn lessons, and share what we have learned with others. Regardless of the year you had last year, I hope you can reflect back and think about what the Lord was pressing upon you… are you ready for a new season!?

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Tips for (Summer) Success in Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate Season is upon us! Wait!? Isn’t it still summer!? You still have plenty of time to prepare, right!? Yes! But there are ways to make the season a little bit easier for everyone involved (especially the parents), if you would just put a little time into summer prep! What can you be doing NOW to benefit your Speech and Debate Season? Good question… I’m glad you asked!

  1. Go to Camp! This is where the excitement and energy happens! There are in person Speech and Debate Camps happening all over the country! Get there! Trained coaches who have already dug in to get you up to speed, new connections and relationships to be formed, inspiration for the up coming year… the list can go on and on. If you aren’t signed up for camp- do it now! Check out the Lasting Impact! Camps waiting for YOU!
  2. Schedule a Coaching Session. Oh yes, I have already started coaching! Summer sessions are the best! Exploring options, bouncing ideas off of a mentor or coach… sounds like progress to me! And anytime progress is being made, means less pressure later! No body likes coming up with a last minute idea! Scheduling a session with a coach can ensure progress and accountability! Schedule a Coaching Session today with one of our Speech or Debate Coaches today!
  3. Purchase a Guide Book, Sourcebook, or other Speech and Debate Resources. There’s nothing like a little motivation to get you going. These are the perfect start to get you on your way! Lasting Impact! will be rolling out their latest resources in the next couple weeks- including our TP Sourcebook and LD Guide!! Exciting stuff to jump start your research for the new resolutions!!
  4. Set Goals. What do you want to accomplish this year? Have you thought about it? Mapping out your season or timeline will help you achieve your goals. Be realistic. Once those fall and winter activities start coming into play, how much time will you be able to dedicate to Speech and Debate? Make sure you include others in your goals or quest, this will ensure you have a team of support to help you get where you want to go!
  5. Make a List of Ideas. Start a list NOW! Keep the list handy. Put in on your phone, in a notebook, on your bulletin board. Explore the list in your free time, at least once a week, or even better yet, once a day. Do you want to do an Interpretive Speech? What books should you check out of the library? What ideas are you exploring for your Persuasive or After Dinner? What is a list of themes that God is nudging you to dig deeper into? My list is on-going. It never stops! I urge you to start list and start making progress before the summer is over!
  6. Last but not least, have you signed up for a Speech or Debate Club or Class? Your local club may be filling up! I know Lasting Impact! Clubs and Classes are! Joining a club can be the perfect accountability, extra encouragement or motivation! Check out our options – Speech Basics, Platform Writing, Debate Readiness, Lincoln Douglas for Beginners, Intermediate LD, Team Policy with Breda Storz and Marc Davis, Limited Prep Crash Course, and MORE! Lasting Impact! Online Clubs and Classes have experienced coaches guiding you along the way! Check out all our options for Classes and Clubs HERE!

Lasting Impact! has been blessed to come alongside thousands of Speech and Debate students through the years, and we can’t wait to meet the next generation to come!

In Person Speech and Debate Camp ALERT!!

My good friend, Griffith Vertican has been putting together a stellar Speech and Debate Camp for Stoa families for years! I have personally been a part of this event numerous times! This is one of a kind! And it something I would highly recommend…

Be sure to check out all the In Person Camps Lasting Impact! is partnering with… go to the SHOP and check them out! MoRE is coming soon! If you are interested in hosting an In Person Speech and Debate Camp, contact

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Speech and Debate Legacy Devotion by: Hannah Zink

If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?
What if this bullet is my legacy?
Legacy! What is a legacy?
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see 
I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me
America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me.

Now I could go on and finish the next 6 minutes and 21 seconds of the 2 hour and 22-minute musical and many of you would join me however as entertaining as that would be this short passage from Hamilton has one word that we should focus on.

Legacy. What is a legacy?

All the definitions that I found of a legacy pertain to money or what you leave behind after you die. However it most commonly used as your reputation, how people will perceive you.

A legacy is how people will remember you through all three stages of your life. Beginning, Middle, and End.

Much similar to life Speech and Debate has a beginning a middle and an end. More importantly it has people, people who will shape your life in one way or another. I am proud to say some of my best friends have come from speech and debate. Whether they are you in the Omaha Knights, or other clubs around the nation Speech and Debate has connected us to all develop with one another and learn from each other. Iron sharpens Iron.

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And Just Like That – It’s Over By: Logan Hickman

Every year in the Speech and Debate World there are new relationships formed. Who would have thought during a Covid year or this season this could or would still happen? I am oh so happy it did!! You see, we say it’s not just about the competition, I truly hope you get that! Logan does…

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Last Call – Ziggy + Lasting Impact! Online Debate National Championship

Why haven’t you signed up yet? No more excuses- Do It TODAY! Perhaps you still have questions… perhaps you have excuses… let’s look them over…

How do sign up? Here’s the link.

How much does it cost? Only $35!

I don’t have the money. Talk to us about a scholarship!

I don’t have the time. This is your typical Ziggy Tournament. You schedule your rounds, except for the Finals Round on June 18.

Isn’t registration closed? Nope! We extended registration until TODAY – May 16!

I didn’t qualify to Nationals. That’s ok! This is about GROWTH! Not all the best competitors make it through to the National Championship. Iron sharpens iron.

What are the prizes? We have scholarships to colleges, camps, including CASH!

Are the prizes just for winners? Nope! We will have drawings, as well!

Who is judging? We have excellent judges signing up to help you guys! This feedback is going to be the feedback you will want to propel you into next year or into The National Championship.

How do I sign up to judge? Alumni and parents can sign up HERE.

Still have more questions!? We would love to hear from you! We are excited to offer this opportunity and continue to see you dig deeper, grow, explore this 2021 debate season.

Mars Hill Boot Camp with Camille Floyd

Whether your preparing for NITOC or for next year… come learn more about this AWESOME Speech Category with the one and only, Camille Floyd. Sign up for her two night Workshop May 19 and 21. The sessions will be recorded. See the link below… In the mean time read Camille’s perspective on why Mars Hill is one of the most important Speech Categories…

Have you ever sat down with a stranger and talked to them about their anxiety? Have you ever told a random person about the power of forgiveness? 

    Yeah, ok. Probably not. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in those conversations and we can all imagine how uncomfortable the other person would be. But those conversations are important, right? And sharing with people the information we have about our faith and our purpose in life is what we are called to do? 

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Top Tips on How to Prep Debate Before a National Championship

The NCFCA Regional Tournaments are ending, and Stoa Tournaments wrapped up in April. That still leaves a good four to six weeks between people’s last tournament option and A National Championship. How are you going to prepare for the next level of competition? We, at Lasting Impact! and Ziggy Debate have a FANTASTIC idea! But also be sure to check out the tips from our awesome coaches…

Sure, you have your own clubs to practice with, but as we know, the incentive to practice can be a bit lower if you’re not attending Nationals yourself. And given how important Nationals is to so many, it would be a shame for students to miss out on the opportunity to keep honing their debate skills in the 4/6-week gap. 

That’s why the Ziggy + Lasting Impact! National Championship is such a great option: it provides a spaced out period of prelim and outround debates with prizes and national competition for students to keep their skills sharp and earn prizes, and it’s open to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve qualified for Nationals or not.

Ready to sign up? Head over to

What do coaches have to say… here is their insight for prepping for a National Championship…

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More Information for Debaters/Families to Think About for 2021 TP Resolutions from Economic Thinking

Our friends over at wanted to share some of their research on the proposed policy topics for 2021. These would be excellent for students to dig deeper, check out for themselves, and maybe even sneak in a debate. Economic principles and history will help students identify meaningful reforms…

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