Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers:

How many posts will there be per week?
We hope to have at least two posts per week. But some weeks there could be more. Plus there will be videos, interviews, guest blogs, etc.

Do you actually plan on catering your content based on feedback?
Absolutely! We aim to teach and coach based on your ideas, questions, and feedback.

Do you have a plan or schedule on what you plan on covering?
We plan on walking hand in hand during your Speech Season. However, we realize that no two people are alike, nor is everyone doing the same speeches. We plan on covering what is on our heart, unless we hear from you!

Can I submit a picture for you to use on your site?
We love seeing Speech and Debate pictures! Feel free to contact us to submit pictures.

What Competitive Speech and Debate Leagues will you be covering?
We plan on covering what YOUR needs are. We have experience in multiple Speech and Debate Leagues. Essentially, good coaching tips will apply to preparing speeches for almost any league.

Why should we invest in your blog?
Heather and Kristi do NOT have all the answers by any means. In fact, sometimes we don’t even agree with each other – which simply proves that there is no formula for an effective speech. However, we have both coached a LOT. We have both worked hard within the league and we both love the growth that comes when students try and try and then try even harder. We’ve tried a lot of different things, with a lot of different kids, and we are willing to share what has worked and what has not over that accumulated experience. We have a long enough and broad enough history of competitive speech to draw some conclusions about what leads to success and we want to pass that along to you.

Do you coach adults?

Yes, we do! A few of our coaches coach adults, as well as students.

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