TP Sourcebook is HERE! $29.95 (for a limited time)

Today is the day to buy this book. We hope you decide to take a look! Hundreds of hours have been poured into helping you succeed. Thanks for listening, now Godspeed! All kidding aside, Go HERE or to the SHOP to purchase our 2021-2022 TP Sourcebook- for a limited time it’s only $29.95!!

The Lasting Impact 2021-2022 NCFCA TP Sourcebook contains over 400 cards of high quality research, plus analysis and strategies. Within the sourcebook there are 5 cases (complete with 1ACs, Affirmative backups, and Negative briefs), 6 general briefs, and a thorough resolutional analysis document to jump start your understanding and research of this year’s topic. 

Each case was tailor made to cover a broad scope of issues that are likely to be highly debated this coming season. These topics include prison labor, solitary confinement, attorney-client confidentiality, drugs, and prison care. Additionally, the general briefs provide a great way of not only jump-starting further research, but having evidence on hand that will be useful against many cases throughout the season. These general briefs cover topics including human rights: standards, human rights: violations, mental health, staff needs, medical care, and definitions/topicality. In all, the sourcebook provides a great way to dive into this year’s resolution and have research on hand all year long.

More Deliberation on NCFCA Debate Resolutions by: Kristi Eskelund

I’ve watched the webinars and listened to some initial discussion beyond the white papers for each of the proposed NCFCA debate resolutions.  As typically happens with me, the more I think about and talk about these proposed resolutions, the more I like them, the more depth I see for research and learning, the more value I see in having developed ideas about these topics.  This, actually IS the reason to debate in the first place.  After the webinars, here’s what I think, with the caveat that this is really just me thinking out loud here, so please take it with a grain of salt:

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Knocking Out Nervousness by: Julia Brousseau

Most of us dream of being that person whose speaking was so outstanding that it lived in the memories of its audience years after it was presented. For me, one of the most vivid recollections of a speech I listened to was one I saw over six years ago, yet I can still picture it as perfectly as if I was there last week.

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August Online Workshops

If you can’t make it to physical camp or workshop, let Lasting Impact! come to YOU! We are so excited to be offering more online workshops this summer/fall.

Signing up for an Online Workshop is easy!! All workshops are through an online forum called Zoom. It’s a quick and easy download that your instructor will send to you, as part of their introduction email (usually within 24 hours of your workshop).

Please go here to sign up.

Anatomy of Interp/Finding the Right Piece/Literary Merit

Friday, August 10 – 9:20-10:50 ET / 8:20-9:50 CT

Heather Neumann has helped hundreds of students find their perfect piece. In this session we will go over where to look, what type you should be looking for, and what your interp needs for success.

$5 members/$20 nonmembers

Cutting Scenes Without Losing Story/Tips for Cutting

Friday, August 10 – 11:00-12:30 ET / 10:00-11:30 CT

Are you making the most out of your piece? Heather Neumann helps you to understand if your piece is making the cut. Don’t worry if you don’t have a piece for this year picked out. We will have handouts to help apply what we will be covering.

$5 members/$20 nonmembers

Defining Your Characters/Setting the Stage

Friday, August 10 – 1:15-2:45 ET / 12:15-1:45 CT

How well do you really know your characters? When you are performing an Interpretive Speech, it’s your characters that are telling the story. We will analyze “Theater of the Mind” and apply it to speeches. Hands on activities will have us- defining characters (voices, stances, gait, and any other attributes or factors to make them easy for the judges to imagine and distinguish). We will also “Set the Stage” for success by mentally picturing the scene, identifying where things are, and planning movements appropriately, using the space available, imaginary props, etc.

$5 members/$20 nonmembers

Finishing Touches/Delivery

Friday, August 10 – 2:55-4:25 ET / 1:55-3:25 CT

Are you sure you are putting all the finishing touches on your speech? Delivery matters! Delivery involves expressiveness! Are you using all three types?

$5 members/$20 nonmembers

The Ins and Outs of LD for Parents and Coaches/How to Judge LD

Friday August 17 – 7:00-8:00pm CT

Coaches: Joel Erickson and Hillary Kolssak

Have you ever stared blankly at your LD ballot in judge hospitality, stumped by the complete incoherence of the debaters? In this workshop, veteran LD coach Joel Erickson shares some practical pointers for judging LD. You’ll learn an intuitive way for evaluating LD rounds, what to do when debaters don’t refute each other, what to say (and not to say) in your “judging philosophy” to prompt the debaters to debate well, and how to write a ballot that debaters will want to read. Hillary Kolssak has been a debate parent, judge, and LD coach for a number of years. These two will get you on the track to help students succeed.

$5 members/$20 nonmembers

Impromptu – Storytelling (part 2) By: Kaitlyn Butts

“Once Upon a Time:” Storytelling, Impromptu, and Human Interaction

Once you’ve caught the vision and built a system, it’s time to develop a confident and persuasive impromptu style. It’s quite likely that if you’re just getting started with impromptu, you’re also new to the very idea of delivering speeches. The good news is that impromptu is the best way to improve your vocal and physical delivery. Storytelling is the powerful key in speech and debate that will simultaneously unlock your impromptu potential in four ways…

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges- pt. 3

Community Judges, Part 3: Persuade Them

Be Orators, Not Debaters

“All right,” you may be thinking, “Community judges may be a necessity. I recognize they approach debate with a mindset of hesitancy and self-doubt. And I may very well be able to mitigate this mindset by somewhat adapting to this mindset. But how for heaven’s sake do I stop getting bogus ballots? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE COMMUNITY JUDGES?!”

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges- pt. 2

Community Judges, Part 2: Adapt to Their Mind Set

As expected, the transition from competitor to alumnus was a bit jarring. I managed to control the overpowering nostalgia, to overcome the sensation that I was trespassing into unauthorized areas (such as the much-vaunted judges’ hospitality), and to quell the “something-is-amiss” feeling engendered by my casual attire.

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges, pt. 1

Community Judges, Part 1: The Necessity of Community Judges

You didn’t break. Or you were eliminated in a crucial outround. Or you barely lost in finals. You charge to ballot retrieval, seize your manila envelope, and frantically rifle through until you find the ballot you were dreading. The speaker points appear randomly assigned. The RFD looks borderline incoherent, rhapsodizes about your opponent’s speaking style, and displays an appalling amount of bias. In one moment, it all coalesces — you remember their light blue nametag, their garbled attempts at articulating their judging experience, and their glazed expression during your final speech. You glance at their signature. Suspicions confirmed. The circled “C” — signifying “community judge” — leers smugly back at you.

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