Impromptu – Storytelling (part 2) By: Kaitlyn Butts

“Once Upon a Time:” Storytelling, Impromptu, and Human Interaction

Once you’ve caught the vision and built a system, it’s time to develop a confident and persuasive impromptu style. It’s quite likely that if you’re just getting started with impromptu, you’re also new to the very idea of delivering speeches. The good news is that impromptu is the best way to improve your vocal and physical delivery. Storytelling is the powerful key in speech and debate that will simultaneously unlock your impromptu potential in four ways…

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges- pt. 3

Community Judges, Part 3: Persuade Them

Be Orators, Not Debaters

“All right,” you may be thinking, “Community judges may be a necessity. I recognize they approach debate with a mindset of hesitancy and self-doubt. And I may very well be able to mitigate this mindset by somewhat adapting to this mindset. But how for heaven’s sake do I stop getting bogus ballots? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE COMMUNITY JUDGES?!”

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges- pt. 2

Community Judges, Part 2: Adapt to Their Mind Set

As expected, the transition from competitor to alumnus was a bit jarring. I managed to control the overpowering nostalgia, to overcome the sensation that I was trespassing into unauthorized areas (such as the much-vaunted judges’ hospitality), and to quell the “something-is-amiss” feeling engendered by my casual attire.

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Guest Post- Joel Erickson- Community Judges, pt. 1

Community Judges, Part 1: The Necessity of Community Judges

You didn’t break. Or you were eliminated in a crucial outround. Or you barely lost in finals. You charge to ballot retrieval, seize your manila envelope, and frantically rifle through until you find the ballot you were dreading. The speaker points appear randomly assigned. The RFD looks borderline incoherent, rhapsodizes about your opponent’s speaking style, and displays an appalling amount of bias. In one moment, it all coalesces — you remember their light blue nametag, their garbled attempts at articulating their judging experience, and their glazed expression during your final speech. You glance at their signature. Suspicions confirmed. The circled “C” — signifying “community judge” — leers smugly back at you.

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Lasting Impact Video Gallery

I am super excited to announce a new element to our Lasting Impact website. We have a new Video Gallery! In the gallery we will be adding videos of speeches for your viewing pleasure. Learn great tips and techniques as you watch other perform their award winning speeches. We may also add videos demonstrating what not to do. This video gallery will sit along side our photo gallery in the Community section of the website. A membership is required to view the videos.  While you are in the community area, please feel free to visit our forum and start up conversations with other members.  Also, our photo gallery is eagerly waiting for you to upload photos that you want to share with the Lasting Impact community.

You can view what we have in the gallery so far by clicking here.

If you are not a member, but want to join, please click here to sign up. Remember, tell your friends about Lasting Impact!