Partnership Series- Duo Interpretation, part 1

Awe! Summer… Speech season is over! It’s time to relax, take a breather… No wait! You need to secure the ultimate duo or debate partner!! Ask people in your club, your state, even someone out state!? Time is of the essence… You need someone, anyone… Even though you have a sibling you could choose!? You need to find them NOW!  (This paragraph reminds me is Veruca Salt, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, she wanted anything, it didn’t matter at what cost. Ultimately she ended up down the nut shoot. Don’t be a Veruca Salt)!…

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Duo Interpretation- Tips from AJ Neumann

In honor of our new release- The Ultimate Duo Handbook... An Essential Guide to Duo Interpretation. Here is an excerpt of the book...

AJ Neumann participated in Speech and Debate for five years. Each of those years he participated in Duo Interpretation. It was one of favorite Speech categories. Four out of the five years, he had FOUR different duo partners. He qualified to the National Championship in Duo Interpretation four years in a row, with three of those four partners.

AJ describes his Duo partnerships, how they came to be, and what valuable lessons he learned through each one of them...

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Another Product! The Ultimate Duo Handbook!

The Duo Team of Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund have done it again… They have written an amazing resource that you can quickly get your hands on. Introducing–

The Ultimate Duo HandbookAn Essential Guide for Duo Interpretation








“I don’t think I have seen anything like this! An all-in-one guide that covers everything you need to know about Duo Interpretation. I love this resource, especially the value!” ~parent

The Ultimate Duo Handbook has over 40 pages of instruction, examples, and fun! Kristi and Heather provide a very thorough approach to help students, coaches, and parents tackle the art of Duo Interpretation. Contents include…

Why Duo

What’s Your Duo Style

The Duo Chopping Block


The Duo Partner Worksheet

The Distance Duo

Creating Characters

Duo Activities

and so much more!!

Purchase your Ebook today for the introductory price of $9.95! It’s easy! Simply purchase the book, and tap the link to down load this amazing manual.  Once you purchase the book, the download link is on the finished order page.

“Wow! I LOVED it! Practical wisdom at a bargain price!” ~ parent

Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund have coached numerous successful Duo Teams, including their own children. Heather says, “Duos are near and dear to our hearts. It seemed appropriate that our first handbook would be all about Duos! We can’t wait to see what God lays on our hearts next!”


Find Your Interp Style!

It's that time in the "pre-season", where some students are starting to feel panicked. "I haven't found my epic piece!" "My research is going no where!" "I hate my topic already!" Or my favorite, "We were supposed to have a piece picked by now?!" I know Practice Tournaments are starting... But take a deep breath... You still have time- plenty of time!

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Forming a Duo Team

By: Heather Neumann


Every year I can't wait to see what partnerships God will bring together! Duos can bring a lot of joy to one's heart, however sometimes it can bring frustration and disappointment. As a duo- you are a team. And if you are not siblings- your team includes your duo partner’s family.

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