NEW PRODUCT – Grab and Go Lesson Plans

Whether you are a speech and debate club leader, or a parent, this is a resource you must have for your toolbox! We know you don’t have time to create plans or figure out what assignments will make the most out of your limited time. Why not go straight to the ultimate source and use her ideas? Heather Neumann teaches Public Speaking, Speech Clubs and Camps, and Coaches students all year round in the art of communication. This is what she does! Do you want to know how she does it? Heather is sharing the tips and tricks she has learned in this very simple guide to help provide you with the direction you need. The Lasting Impact! Team has created this simple Grab and Go Guide to help you and your students feel equipped for competition, and most importantly the art of communication.

Packet includes over 25 worksheets/handouts…

  • Making a Plan
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Picking an Interp
  • Citations
  • Introductions
  • Hooking Your Audience
  • Making Public Speaking EC (Easy)
  • Memorization
  • Character Analysis
  • And more!

Great for club leaders, parents, co-ops, and more! Purchase the set and then a license for how many students you have in club (families can make personal copies). Go to purchase this amazing product or check out the other awesome resources in the SHOP –

Why Should Debate Be Part of Your Homeschool Curriculum by: Amy Eichholz

Amy Eichholz is part of the Lasting Impact! Teaching Team. She has graduated two sons and is teaching two daughters, still at home. Her journey in Speech and Debate started over a decade ago. She began as a novice parent, and is now preparing for her sixth year teaching Novice/Beginning Debate for the largest Homeschool Speech and Debate Club in Wisconsin. She is eager to see the transformation of another group of young students, both in person and online! Prior to homeschooling Amy taught fifth through twelfth grade. She will be teaching Debate Readiness for Lasting Impact! in the fall for ages 10-14. Sign up NOW or read her thoughts on why debate should be a part of your curriculum…

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A New Speech and Debate Curriculum to Explore

This summer I was invited to be a part of something epic! I love collaborating with like-minded organizations. If you have never heard of DFW Speech and Debate, let me introduce you to James Russell, the director, and the vision for this new, awesome speech and debate curriculum…

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How to Make an Effective Speech by: Victoria Richardson

When I was in high school, there was one activity I craved to do more than any other. Compete in speech and debate. It gave me an indescribable feeling that burst inside of me when 300 speech competitors clapped when my name was called. The feeling was a combination of humility, pride, and relief. The clap of 300 competitors was a signal that meant the gutwrenching, nerve-racking speeches I gave five times a day paid off and would walk across the stage to receive a reward or better, advance my speech to the national championship.

They say a huge fear in the human population is not dying, it’s public speaking. Yet it is one of the most necessary and valuable skills in life today. Public communication is used in practically every facet of life in almost every profession. Whether you need to communicate with customers, bosses, or employees, the skills of public speaking are used. The desire to speak competitively in front of judges is not a normal feeling to crave, but I and hundreds… thousands of other competitors did because we knew it would benefit us long after the feeling of winning a competition fleeted away.

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An Answer to the Need for an Elementary Public Speaking Resource

I wanted the Lasting Impact! Community to know that my very dear friend, Karen Gill has created a fantastic resource for helping your elementary students learn communication skills. Like I said last week in my post about creating a Junior Program at Club, starting early will help give your kids priceless tools for their future….

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Incorporating Humor in Speech and Debate

What is humor?

Humor happens in that luminous moment when two things don’t seem to be related at all, but then they come together in a way so unexpected that we laugh…or at least feel the delight of it.  It’s an insight that bubbles out: we feel joy when we see the connection or “get it.” That joy often comes out as laughter – delight escaping after the mental activity of making the connection.  

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Speech and Debate Fall Classes and Clubs Are Posted!

We are thrilled to be adding MORE opportunities for students to engage in Speech and Debate! Classes/Clubs are posted in the link below. Space will be limited – so be sure to sign up early!

Are you located where there is no local Speech Club? Join Online Speech. Do you want to get started for the first time in Lincoln Douglas Debate? We have Online LD. Are you short of time and looking for support in Team Policy? Our TP group will be for you!

And this is just the start- we will have Online Apologetics and Extemporaneous again this year (links up soon)!

Lasting Impact! strives to give you the most opportunities in your journey with Speech and Debate. You want to take advantage of our Online Classes/Clubs! Our coaches are amazing! They have proven track records, making delving into Speech and Debate fun and engaging. Our Online Community allows students to get to know other kids from around the country. These classes/clubs are not a lecture type class, all students learn, grow, and participate… making connections for a lifetime!

Our classes are run on an online meeting forum called Zoom. It’s a quick download on to your computer. Classes are recorded, therefore, even if you can’t be there- you won’t miss a thing.

Want to be sure you are up to date on everything Lasting Impact! has to offer?! Make sure you are “subscribed” to our articles- so they go directly into your email in box. The subscribe box is on the right hand side of the home page.

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How do I have Impact in my Speech?

This year, the ballot (at least in the NCFCA) has a specific category designated for the “impact” of the speech.  I’ve actually had several parents ask about that section, and many students are also scrambling to figure out the magic formula that makes an impact.  So, here are my thoughts on how you can do that in your speech as well as what you can watch for as a judge.

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Don’t Forget Your Facial Expression in Speech AND Debate!!

ALL Speech events, even Debate need facial expressions!! I will repeat- facial expressions are important! Whether it's a platform, interpretive, or limited prep speech event OR debate your facial expression will set the mood. Are you happy, concerned, urgent, angry, sad, etc.? Your facial expression is pivotal!

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