Mars Hill Boot Camp with Camille Floyd

Whether your preparing for NITOC or for next year… come learn more about this AWESOME Speech Category with the one and only, Camille Floyd. Sign up for her two night Workshop May 19 and 21. The sessions will be recorded. See the link below… In the mean time read Camille’s perspective on why Mars Hill is one of the most important Speech Categories…

Have you ever sat down with a stranger and talked to them about their anxiety? Have you ever told a random person about the power of forgiveness? 

    Yeah, ok. Probably not. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable in those conversations and we can all imagine how uncomfortable the other person would be. But those conversations are important, right? And sharing with people the information we have about our faith and our purpose in life is what we are called to do? 

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Mars Hill Impromptu by: Isabelle Clausen

Is Mars Hill Impromptu confusing to you?

Do you ever wonder how to effectively link books, songs, movies, art… to Jesus? I mean, who does that?! Mars Hill Impromptu is a great event that helps train us to implement Jesus into every aspect of our lives! It’s also a great way to practice witnessing to others about Christ in a creative way!

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How to Organize Your Mars Hill Binder by: Isabelle Clausen

Mars Hill Impromptu is one of those events that can sneak up on you! If you don’t plan accordingly, and unfortunately your speeches can fall flat, even if you put your whole heart into it. Although Mars Hill Impromptu is all about letting the Holy Spirit speak through you and your topic, you must prepare so that you can share the Holy Spirit in the most effective and clear way as possible.

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Mars Hill Impromptu by: Isabelle Clausen

Some of you may or may not have ever heard of the Speech Event called Mars Hill Impromptu. What is it? Mars Hill Impromptu is offered in Stoa. The competitor uses books, movies, and other genre to discuss the appeal and impact of the theme(s) within the topic, holding them up in light of Christian truth found in the Bible. In other words- applying a Biblical Worldview to life around us. Join me on Friday evening for Mars Hill 101, an Online Workshop, as we explore this amazing speech category…

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