Mental Prep with a Mentor

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Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about your season? Do you have ideas that you would love to flush out but you aren’t sure with whom? Make a date with one of our mentors, let them guide you through the path on your journey of Speech and Debate.

– Planning (map out how to tackle your speech season)
– Ideas (let our pros flush through or out ideas)
– Brainstorming (help with making decisions)
– Direction (guidance on your speech journey)
– Goals (establish and make a plan, setting a benchmark)

Sometimes… Well most of the time when you are dealing with speech, half the battle is the planning process! ​Let us help! Our mentors are enthusiastic and anxious to help guide you through the prep. They are ready to ask you those purposeful questions to help you make decisions so you can be on the road to success!

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