Picking the Perfect Humorous Interpretation Piece by: Luke Crory

So you think you’re funny huh? Good. Because confidence is key In HI. If you want a joke or action to make the judges laugh you have to not be embarrassed about doing/saying it. You are the performer, the entertainer. If you just walk up and tell jokes no one will laugh. You must keep your audience engaged in the characters and scenes and then your jokes will start to land.

Now… where does one find a book that has rich characters and is funny?

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Kick Start Your Speech and Debate Season… Go to Camp!

Now is the time to kick start your season – head to a speech and/or debate camp! Get energized. Learn valuable lessons. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, rev up your summer at camp! Don’t believe me? Here’s what people who have been to a Lasting Impact! Camp had to say…

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Club Focus – The Command of Apologetics by: Sophia Chiado

“But in your hearts revere Christ as LORD. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. (1st Peter 3:15)”

The first time I read these words, I knew it was not a suggestion, it was a command. A command, as followers of Christ, to always be prepared to give an answer.

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Introducing Melika McKinnis – Intensive Key Note Speaker

Have you ever been thrust into a decision or situation where you felt like it was paramount for you to do the right thing, but you didn’t know exactly what the right thing was? Making a snap decision is intimating and overwhelming, however, speech and debate alum Melika McKinnis draws from her time in Teen Pact, studies at Hillsdale College, experience in State and Federal government, and much more showing us the help we can find through a grounded faith to make weighty decisions.


She roadmaps (as any former speech and debate student would) how we can best live out a life of restorative grace and love through showing up, standing up, and doing our part. Melika will be kicking our weekend off with the question: how can you answer your call? And then we’ll be taking the time to give you the tools to potentially answer that call in this season of speech and debate.

We hope you join us June 28 at 4:00 pm CT for Lasting Impact’s first annual Summer Intensive so you can gain advice, inspiration, perspective and more. CLICK HERE to join us! But hurry, the registration link will close.

Melika McKinnis is the Special Assistant for Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback.

Prior to joining the State Department, Melika served as the Communications Director and Press Secretary for then Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a job she first tackled at 24 years old. Her duties included advising on message development, political strategy, and governance. She was responsible for speechwriting, media preparation, digital communications, grassroots engagement, and leading a multi-agency communications team.

Melika also served as Communications Director for Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, and Vice President for Communications and Strategic Development for Forge Leadership Network.

Melika was a 2016 Publius Fellow through the Claremont Institute: Recovering the American Idea. As an undergraduate, she earned the Edward Everett Prize in Oratory and was named a George Washington Fellow. She holds a B.A. in Politics from Hillsdale College.

Have You Signed Up For The Intensive?? IT’S TOMORROW,!! Questions You Might Be Asking…

Are you thinking about signing up for Lasting Impact!’s first annual Online Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive, but just haven’t had the time yet?! Well, now is the time to make the time! The Intensive starts TOMORROW!! This is like your very own Speech and Debate Camp in your own home! Perhaps you haven’t had enough of your questions answered? Here is the scoop…

  1. Who is the Intensive for? ANYONE who wants to grow in Speech and Debate! We have carefully picked each of these sessions to jump start your summer. There is no limit to the amount of “nuggets” of information you will receive. Therefore, we believe students, parents, coaches, and clubs will benefit from joining us.
  2. When is the Intensive? It starts TOMORROW, June 28, 4:00-9:00pm CT, and SATURDAY, June 29, 9:00am-4:00pm CT
  3. Do I have to be there the whole time? Nope. You can come in and out of sessions, as you please (please be sure the mute your microphone).
  4. Can my family join? Yes, the cost of the Intensive is for your entire family. Once you have the access code, members of your family are welcome to log on, as well. You do not need to be logged in to a computer, there will be a phone number, as well.
  5. Will it be recorded? YES! Those who register will have access to the links. We ask even if your can’t be there to sign up to ensure you get the recordings. We don’t know if we will post them for purchase after the event.
  6. How do I log in? You will be receiving an email with “what to expect”, as well as the link to Zoom- our online meeting forum. Each day will have their own link. You can expect that email by noon on Friday. Please contact us, if you don’t receive an email by noon on Friday.
  7. Why should I attend? This event is for YOU! You will be able to gather information, make a plan of action, or perhaps be energized in a new event. Our panel of guests are from around the country and have years of experience they are willing to share with you!
  8. Will there be giveaways? Oh yes!! In addition to free merchandise and coaching sessions, we will have hand outs for most of our sessions. You must be present in the session for most of the giveaways.
  9. What is the cost? The cost is only $25 (for members) for your entire family.
  10. What is the schedule?  CLICK HERE
  11. Can I use the recordings in club? YEP! Club leaders are always welcome to use our articles, videos, hand outs, etc. We do this for you!
  12. Will registration close? Sadly, yes. We will need to take down the registration link before we start the event. So sign up NOW!
  13. How do I sign up? CLICK HERE

Did I miss any questions you may have? Are you hoping we answer one of your questions during one of our sessions? Please feel free to contact us – lastingimpact2016@gmail.com

Online Intensive THIS Week!! Coaches Announced…

We’re so excited for the discussions that will be taking place during the Online Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive this coming weekend. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to check out the full schedule and register today! Now it’s time to introduce the awesome coaches that will be lecturing, leading sessions, and answering your questions this weekend. They are excited to help you start your season strong and share their experiences and advice…

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Dear Brand New Alumni…

Dear Brand New Alumni,

Nationals is over. The season is over. Your speech and debate career is over. No longer will you wander the halls of random college campuses anxiously waiting to give a speech. You won’t sit in breaks and hear your name ever again. You won’t have the opportunity to speak in front of judges about something you care about ever again.

These were all the thoughts swimming through my mind last year when I left the national championship. You see, brand new alumni, I was you last year. Coming off my speech and debate career with lifelong friends and memories, devastated it was coming to an end. I honestly don’t remember too much about the very last night of nationals last year, but I know a lot of crying was involved. I had poured my heart and soul into this league for three years and now a piece of paper saying I finished high school was taking it all away.

In short, it felt like my world was ending.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

Brand new alumni, rest assured, as amazing as this activity is, there is life after it. However, being the alumnus I am, I can’t tell you this without my handy dandy three points.

  1. Take Time
    Chances are this league was one of the largest parts of your life the past couple of years. You have poured blood, sweat, and tears into this league. You have grown and been shaped through speech and debate and you feel like the rug has been pulled out from beneath you.
    There is likely a lot of change going on in your life right now. It’s okay to be sad about the end of an era.
    Take a couple of days and allow yourself to sit in the emotion. Let yourself feel it. However, don’t stay there.
    Do something you love, hang out with some friends, even watch a movie. Your life is more than speech and debate, find something else you love and do that.
  2. Give Back
    One of the best things I did as a new alumnus was to help coach my club. Going to an occasional meeting and listening to people discuss debate and give feedback on speeches was like a breath of fresh air for me. Judging was even better. I went to speech and debate tournaments, as an alum this year and I think I had more fun as an alumnus than I did as a competitor!
    Now don’t get me wrong, I still really missed giving impromptu when I heard a topic I got excited about and I might have written down cx questions in a couple LD rounds. However, being a judge was a lot of fun for me and allowed me to see just how much effort it takes to rank a competitor. It allowed me to see my friends and feel the energy of the tournament while paying it forward for the next generation of speakers.
    Take my word for it, new alumni, giving back is one of the best parts of being alumni. Give your email to some rising competitors and let them ask you questions. If a friend asks for feedback on a speech, give it. They’re looking to you now; don’t take that lightly.
  3. Let Go.
    Perhaps the hardest of my three suggestions is to let speech and debate go.
    Not completely, mind you, (see step 2) but there must be a letting go process that happens. If you don’t allow yourself to move on then you will not be able to see the next steps God has for you on this big journey we call life.
    Some of you are ready to be done and have already kissed speech and debate goodbye, but for others, you weren’t quite ready to give all of this up yet.
    It will come.
    But you have to help it along a little bit.
    My suggestion to new alumni is to read your last set of ballots over once or twice then put them away. Your career as a competitor is over now, my friends, and as much as it stinks at times, we must move on to the new path we’ve been given.
    You’ll be okay, brand new alumni, you have been taught to speak well, you have been given wonderful opportunities and friends that will last a lifetime. God gave you the gift of speech and debate and now it’s finally time for it to come to a close. On to a new adventure new alumni!

Best wishes class of 2019
An alumnus of 2018

The SCHEDULE is Out!! Lasting Impact! Online Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive ~ June 28-29

We are putting this two-day Online Intensive for only $25 (membership price), for YOU- our parents, students, coaches, and clubs. And yes- it will be recorded!! The time to sign up is NOW! We have asked, and you have answered… How can we help you this summer to get you started on the right track with Speech and Debate?

  • To stay home – check!
  • To get a jump start on Resolutions – check!
  • Help with navigating students in Speech and Debate – check!
  • Club Help – check!
  • Summer Prep – check!
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A Challenge for those who attended Nationals…

During our Regional Championship tournament, I had a conversation with a student who said the most honest thing I’ve heard in a long while. I initiated the conversation because I work Communications at the tournaments and I could see the student was tense, frustrated, distressed even. When I asked about it, I got the usual response, “My speeches have gone so badly. I really wanted to do well so I could get to Nationals.” There is not a good response for this. I know all the correct things to say: Nationals isn’t the goal. You’ve grown so much. The trophies will fade. None of that matters in the moment of disappointment, so I said nothing and gave the student a hug. That was when it got real. Coming off that hug, the student said this:

“I want to be part of the friend group that goes to Nationals, and I’m not going to be… again.”

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