College Application Season – Tips for Mastering the Marathon by: Missy Fox

Applying to college ain’t what it used to be!

Your parents had it easy. When we were seniors, most took the SAT once, then applied to precisely three schools: a reach, a target, and a safety. Bing, bang, done. Scholarships? Plop down on the floor of the guidance counselor’s office and dig through a filing cabinet to find a Fraternal Order of Eagles application. (Internet? What internet?)

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Are You Ready for Debate Camp? (Online)

We are beyond excited to announce our partnership between Lasting Impact! and Skill Set Debate! Let me introduce you to Skill Set Debate-they are a small business created by young entrepreneurs in 2017 whose lives have been drastically changed by the power of public speaking. Each member of their team has a unique story and is passionate about helping others develop their personal communication style for the glory of God. I am excited about what the Lord has in store… even if it means online, because growth will continue, relationships will be made, and we will have fun!!

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Memorial Day Weekend – Membership Prices – ALL Summer Classes

Have you seen Lasting Impact’s summer line up of online classes? (Check them out here- ). We have a plethora of options for your students age 10-college bound to explore! All of our classes take place in the comfort of your home, by experienced coaches, teachers, and educators. For Memorial weekend only, we are offering membership prices on all Summer Classes. Just use the code – WORKSHOP1519 Members receive approximately $15 off per class, making class sessions as little as $10 a class period.

Classes include …

  • All about Parliamentary Debate
  • Advanced TP with Joel Erickson
  • FUN damentals of LD with Michael Tant
  • Debate Readiness with Amy Eichholz
  • All about Interp
  • Basics of Platform Speaking with Heather Neumann
  • Order in the Court – the law through Fairy Tales
  • College Application Prep
  • College Resume
  • Biblical Thematic with Heather Neumann
  • Biblical Worldview and Mars Hill Impromptu

And more!! Check out all the classes HERE


“My daughter loved the Biblical Thematic Class. I was pretty clueless going in and now I feel confident on how to help her do one next year. This class was so great!” – Christy, parent

“I can’t believe I gave my first Apologetics speech. Annie helped me break down all of the pieces and doing it with my class made me feel much more ready to tackle the season.” – Ben, student

“These online classes have been just what my students needed. Thank you for offering them. Not only are they growing, they are building their community.” – Alyson, parent

Remember, class size is limited. More classes and camps will be added through the summer! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest information. We will have our fall line up announcements in June! We hope you decide to explore the possibilities with Lasting Impact! Please be sure to comment if you have taken a class with us, and what your experience was. Or contact us, if you would like to see us offer a class –

Being Adaptable – Try New Things! Sign Up for Online Tournament

Four months ago if you were to tell me, I would be directing a play and a speech and debate tournament ONLINE, I thought you would have been crazy! Yes, that’s right, not only have we been working on a fully automated tournament system- I have been directing a play through Zoom. Ideal? No. Worth it? YES!

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Learn More About Parli Debate and Why It’s Awesome by: Luke Litz

If you have never done Parli before or in a league where Parli is not currently offered, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why would I want to Debate in Lasting Impact’s Online Trailblazers Tournament?” OR “Why would I want to get involved with Parli?” OR “Why would I take the Lasting Impact Introduction to Parli summer course?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Parli has a plethora of benefits to you, as a growing debater…

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Continue Growing Your Skills Over the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching. Do not let this quarantine thing stop your speech and debate progress! I know a lot of summer events have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit on the couch a binge the next season of whatever is trending. There are a ton of things that you can do to promote growth and build your speech and debate skills. I get that students feel the need for a break, and being on Zoom can be exhausting. But there are tons of ideas to explore! First let’s go over reasons why you should make the most of your summer, then we will give you options for growth….

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NEW!! Online Tournament Announcement!!!

Lasting Impact! is excited to announce we are going to run another Online Tournament… a Speech AND Debate Tournament!! For the first time (that we know of) speech will be offered online! We are calling it…

Parli and Platforms – Trailblazers Tournament

June 5-6, 2020

Blazing a trail of new experiences for Online Tournaments through Parliamentary Debate and Platform Speeches to leave a Lasting Impact! 😉 Come explore Parli – which will include 4 preliminary round resolutions centered around on the NEW 2020-21 Stoa/NCFCA resolutions!

Bring a Platform Speech (or possibly two)!! This could include – Persuasive, Original Oratory/Informative, Visual Presentation, Oratorical Examination, Biographical, and AFTER DINNER!!

Dust off a platform speech from the past, write a new one, give your favorite, or finish this year’s speech with a bang and experience your SPEECH in an online event!! Even if Platform Speeches aren’t your thing… give it a try! You might like it! In addition to being a great learning experience, this is a great way to connect. Kids all over the country come to compete, as well as connect, grow, and have fun! Remember, practicing to compete and communicate online is an excellent skill to add to your tool box! Besides, we fully plan on offering more tournaments… this is fantastic practice! It’s only a matter of time before we offer Limited Prep and Interp! It is our goal to create a tournament-like experience.

This event is not in associated with any particular league.

No Parli Partner?? No problem! Contact We will be putting together a spreadsheet.

No Parli Experience?? We will be offering a FREE 2 hr Parli Prep Workshop with registration. The Workshop will be May 16, and recorded.

Registration Begins Today at 4pm CT

Cost – $35 for Debate (includes Parli Prep Workshop), $10 per Speech

Tournament Schedule (tentative, pending registrations, all times are CENTRAL)

Friday, June 5
9:30 Announcements/Devo
10:00 Parli Round 1
12:00 Speech Round 1
2:00 Parli Round 2
4:00 Platform Round 2
6:00 Parli Round 3
7:30 Parli Round 4

Saturday, June 6
9:30 Announcements/Devo
10:00 Speech Round 3
12:00 Parli Semi’s
2:00 Speech Finals
4:00 Parli Finals
6:00 Awards

More about Parliamentary Debate at The Trailblazers Tournament…

Preliminary rounds will be based on the 2020-21 Stoa and NCFCA resolutions. These will be non-strike rounds. The Parli Prompts will not be just re-wordings of the resolutions, but centered around the general topic. Strike rounds will be in Semi’s and Finals.

More about Platforms at The Trailblazers Tournament…

  • A Platform Speech is 8-10 minute speech meant to inform, inspire, motivate, or instruct.
  • Speeches may have been previously performed by competitors, as long as it was not performed AT a National Championship.
  • Speeches must be your own, original work.
  • No minimum duration.
  • Maximum of 10 minutes (speaker will set timepiece to 10 min, if speaker reaches 10 min., timer will beep and continue to go off, until they finish)
  • Competitors did not have to compete earlier this season, nor do they need to be affiliated with a league.

Please go to the site to learn more about the tournament and review the rules.

We hope you will join us on this next excursion! Blaze the trail into new experiences!

Don’t forget, we will need judges. Even if you don’t have a competitor- we would love to have you join us! Create an account and let us know your availability. Volunteer for 1-2 hours, or more from the comfort of your own home. Tell your friends to giddy up! This will be a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! $5 OFF All Ebooks!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you Club Leaders for all you do to help mold and cultivate the future generations!! We understand, firsthand what an instrumental role you play! We are giving $5 OFF all Ebooks. Just use the coupon code 5MEMBER Click HERE to see all of the Lasting Impact! products, that we coach with every week. Want to learn more about what we have to offer read on…

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Online Tournament Success!

This last weekend over a hundred people from over twenty states met to participate in a debate tournament…. ONLINE. I know what you are thinking… Why? What for? What’s the point? The point was to be a pioneer! The point was to grow and participate in building communication skills in new ways. What Lasting Impact! created was something unique and different. Read on to hear all about this new type of speech and debate tournament…

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