Lasting Impact! Reflection on 2017… And Looking Ahead…

So many things to be thankful for this past year… 2017… Our first full year of Lasting Impact! We feel like we accomplished so much in just one little year!! Yet, we have so much more to do! We feel blessed and honored to come along side the many families, coaches, and clubs helping to make an impact in the Speech and Debate community. Here are just a few of the highlights from 2017… Continue reading “Lasting Impact! Reflection on 2017… And Looking Ahead…”

Thinking Before Speaking

I’ve said things I didn’t mean before.  I’ve spoken carelessly, or hastily, or hurtfully.  I’ve let exhaustion numb my mind before my mouth. I’ve used my words to be witty, or funny, or appealing, or in some way to what I perceived was ‘my’ crowd.  And…part of the embarrassment and blessing of that is that I’ve also always had people on hand to call me out and redirect that - or people who accepted my apologies - or people who taught me to do more thinking before I spoke.

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