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Ever caught yourself feeling unprepared for the upcoming season or generally in need of speech and debate resources? You’re in luck! From clubs, coaching, and mentoring to downloadable pdfs, Lasting Impact! has you covered! If you’ve ever wondered what the resources Lasting Impact! offers are, look no further! Lasting Impact! is available for all to enjoy, however membership does have privileges. Why do we offer a membership? Lasting Impact! is a community, think of it as a giant club! We have members all over the world. A few of the membership benefits are- receive discounts on coaching, clubs, and classes, as well as free access to our video gallery and the recorded workshops. Membership is ONLY $35 for the year!! As a Christmas and New Year’s BONUS you can use the code MEMBER5 for $5 off!!! If you don’t want to be a member but want to be up to date on what we offer, be sure you SUBSCRIBE to our website and give us your email on the right hand side of the HOME page.

In addition to the over 400 articles (and counting) posted at the Lasting Impact! site written for Speech and Debaters, in mind, as well as parents, coaches, and club leaders, here is an outline everything available in the SHOP (think Christmas gifts)…

The following are the clubs, both online and in person, that are offered through Lasting Impact. These clubs, taught by expert alumni or seasoned coaches, consistently offer opportunities for growth and experience for both novices and the experienced, those with a home club and those without. Unless otherwise noted, these clubs meet online over interactive video meetings. Examples of clubs offered this fall were…

Biblical Worldview Extemp Club
Fall 2020 Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy Debate Club with Eric Meinerding
Foundations of Lincoln Douglas Debate with Stacy Edmond
Fundamentals of Apologetics Club
Impromptu Club with Annie Rogers
Intermediate Lincoln Douglas Debate Club with Michael Tant
Lifetime Debate with Laurie Dawson – Foundations and Intermediate
Junior Speech Club with Ellen Neumann
Fall 2020 Online Speech Club
Fox Valley Talk Junior Speech Club (in person – Appleton, WI)
Fox Valley Talk Speech and Debate Club (in person – Appleton, WI)

Online Classes:
In addition to clubs, Lasting Impact offers engaging and educational classes. Classes have included-
Advanced TP Skills
Apologetics Boot Camp
College Application Prep with Anna Fox
Debate Readiness (Juniors and Novice) with Amy Eichholz
Mars Hill/Biblical Worldview/Impromptu Class with Isabelle Clausen
Order in the Court with Julie Romeo
Platform Skills with Heather Neumann
Public Speaking for Kids with Anna Fox
Simplifying Value Debate with Michael Tant

Recorded Workshops:
Don’t have time to attend a weekly class, or simply want recordings to watch at your convenience? No worries! Lasting impact offers the following recorded workshops as well (Recorded Workshops are FREE for members):

Digital Presentation Workshop with Isabelle Clausen
Extemp workshop with Hope Rawlson
Introduction to Moot Court and brief writing
After Dinner with Aj and Heather Neumann
All About IO/Expos with Anna Johansen
All About Illustrated Oratory/Expository with Heather, Kristi, and Guests
Anatomy of Interp/Finding the Right Piece/Literary Merit
Cutting Scenes Without Losing Story/Tips for Cutting
Defining Your Characters/Setting the Stage
Exploring Biblical Thematic with Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund
Limited Prep Workshop with Abbey Kish
Making the Most of TP Debate Prep with Eric Meinerding
Mars Hill 101 with Isabelle Clausen
Moot Court Online Workshop with Chris Baldacci
Storytelling with Abbey Lovett – Recorded Workshop
The Process of Developing a Platform Speech : Topics and Categories with Heather Neumann
The Top 5 Things to Focus on in an LD Debate Round with Isabelle Clausen
What’s Oratorical Interp with Kristi Eskelund and Heather Neumann

Next, the Lasting Impact! SHOP is proud to contain resources for both speech and debate, it contains numerous downloadable worksheets, guides, and books. The following are the document resources currently available in the store.

2020-2021 NCFCA LD Guidebook by Hope Rawlson (eBook)
In this 111 page PDF, you will find thorough explanations and illustrations of the resolution and each element of an LD case, multiple cases, and highly credible evidence for a jump-start and use throughout the LD season.

Lasting Impact! 2020-21 NCFCA Team Policy Sourcebook (eBook)
Consists of 400+ pages of thorough evidence, cases, briefs, strategies, and analysis. Perfect for a jump-start for the season, affirmative or negative assistance, or use all season long.

Lasting Impact! Grab and Go TP Guide (eBook)
Contains 85+ pages of succinct and thorough analysis of the basis for Team Policy Debate. Perfect for both competitors and coaches new to Team Policy, the guide covers basics such as stock issues, plans, harms, advantages, definitions, and more. The Guide also offers aff/neg strategies and research tips, laid out in a clear and accessible manner, complete with an example Stoa Aff case, NCFCA Neg brief (from the Lasting Impact TP Sourcebook), and NCFCA general brief.

2019-2020 Lasting Impact! Coaching Helps Handouts and Ideas for Clubs and Coaches (eBook)
Includes handouts & ideas for clubs and coaches covering: script
memorization, easy public speaking, goals & time management, hooks,
choosing a topic, ballot writing & analysis

Seek Him First (eBook)
26 Devotions for Speech and Debate (each containing application pages, and extra room for notes). There is even a separate Application Workbook for purchase. Perfect for at-home or club use. Dig into scripture and reflect how God can use you throughout Speech and Debate.

Character Analysis & Worksheets (eBook)
A downloadable 7 page PDF to help analyze important character traits in developing your interpretive presentation. Different prices available for bulk purchases.

Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 (2016-2017) (eBook)
Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 offers 208 pages of tips, advice, & encouragement
for your speech journey.

Speech Games and Ice Breakers (eBook)
80 pages of speech games, ice breakers, and creative activities to keep your students at the top of their game.

The Ultimate Duo Handbook (eBook)
The 49 page Ultimate Duo Handbook is an essential guide for Duo Interpretation.

Last but not least, under the store you can find the four different personalized services that Lasting Impact offers. In these sessions you will learn from experienced coaches who personalize their feedback to your unique situation or speeches. Offered are Club Coaching Sessions, Coaching Sessions, Mental Prep with a Mentor, and Script Assessment assistance.

Lasting Impact! offers various camps through out the year. We work with Club Leaders and various organizations to bring these opportunities to you. If you would like to see a camp in your area, contact

Tournament Opportunities: Lasting Impact! has been honored to offer a number of tournament opportunities through our tournament site – We have been blessed to explore virtual communication and competition in 2020! And although we can’t wait to be together again, we have great plans for 2021.

Something not in the SHOP, but Lasting Impact! has been offering throughout the 4.5 years we have been around is COMMUNITY. Thank you for joining us or bringing us along in your Speech and Debate journey! We are grateful! We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store next! You can be sure we will have a whole new line up of resources COMING SOON in 2021.