Being Adaptable – Try New Things! Sign Up for Online Tournament

Four months ago if you were to tell me, I would be directing a play and a speech and debate tournament ONLINE, I thought you would have been crazy! Yes, that’s right, not only have we been working on a fully automated tournament system- I have been directing a play through Zoom. Ideal? No. Worth it? YES!

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Club Leader/Coach Appreciation – 50% OFF

Whether or not the speech and debate season ended for your clubs, this is the time of year that a lot of Club Leaders and Coaches tend to feel a little burned out. Lasting Impact! appreciates you and wants to help in the rejuvenation towards next year… there will be a next year, right? 😉

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Coping with loneliness… a devotional from Speech Club

With the Speech and Debate Season ending abruptly, I felt the need to ask my students to reflect on what God has shown them this year (just like I did with the Senior Devotional Challenge). All of my online speech club students came up with amazing devotionals. I was blown away by what my students had learned, and how God spoke to them, encouraged them, and comforted them. The devo below stuck out to me, this too has been on my heart. My student allowed me to share it with you. Lasting Impact’s Spring Quarter starts next week. If you have a student that longs for connection, I encourage you to check out our class list. Each of these classes are community. Do not let finances hinder. Contact us, if aide is needed. Now more than ever our students need a sense of belonging. Classes are online, only 5 weeks long, and for ages 10-18. Click HERE for more info… to be encouraged keep reading…

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In Stillness

            I’m not good at stillness.  I’m a busybody.  I’ve always been that way.  And though I’ve certainly had periods of stillness in my life, they’ve nearly always been forced upon me:  a broken foot that stopped my summer, a snowstorm, hurricane, or power outage, a child in the ICU, orders to the middle of the desert for a son’s senior year…always an emergency or an interruption of some sort.  And here I am again….

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Dear Speech and Debaters by: Kaitlyn Butts

To the student whose season just ended,
I’m so sorry. When I saw the email announcements a few days ago, my heart broke for my younger siblings, the students I have coached, and the hundreds of families who build their spring semester around tournaments. As you grieve this difficult but necessary announcement and perhaps work through anxiety about many other uncertainties, I would like to encourage you with a few truths…

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Calling All Speech and Debate Seniors!! (Free Devo Included)

Last week both Stoa and NCFCA announced they are canceling their speech and debate seasons. I ache for all of the competitors who abruptly saw their season come to an end, especially the seniors. We know that these decisions were not taken lightly, and much prayer was put into this. The bottom line is there are no guarantees. We have always known this, but we don’t tend to believe it unless it’s staring us in the face. I know for some students, they feel like the rug has been pulled out from under them. However, you are not yet finished…

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Unpredictable Impact! By: Ellen Neumann

Below is one of our devotionals from the Lasting Impact! Devotional Book

Everything you say and do has an unpredictable impact! Speech and Debate is no different!

All too often I see students who are practicing and honing their public speaking skills for the competition, winning trophies, or recognition. I know it can be easy to lose focus on why the art of communication matters.


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What Now?? Hope for Speech and Debaters

As we walk in this life, uncertainty abounds. Each direction we look is full of hope and fear, often side by side. It is at times like this that I remind myself of the God we serve. We are not subject to the fears of our fellow men and women. We have a God who is close and who cares; Who’s mercies endure forever!

So as we experience the cancelations of tournaments for which we have excitedly prepared, as we ponder the work and the pieces of ourselves that we have put into our speeches in hopes of bringing joy, laughter, ideas, and deep thoughts to others, let us not consider this work to have been in vain.

First, we have gained individually from the effort we have put into these speeches. We have worked with others and have grown as a result of the research, the learning, the sharing with others, etc. We have built relationships which, in the end, are to be more cherished than the speeches themselves.

Second, we do not know what the future holds. We may very well be able to complete in Regionals or Nationals this year. For many this speech season is not over. I still think this is an opportunity to try an online tournament! And so, do not let your guard down. Do not give up the fight just yet.

Third, we can be an encouragement and a witness to those around us. With each fear, the opportunity to demonstrate the Love of Christ abounds! For the perfect Love of Christs cast out fear. We don’t walk by sight, we walk by the Spirit. We keep our mind stayed upon Him, from which we know peace. Let us share that peace with those around us, whether believers or not. Our lights can be seen the best when the darkness deepens around us.

Fourth, we are community! We do not have to be face to face to be in each other’s presence! Lasting Impact! has always been about connecting! We will continue to connect! We are thinking of ways to embrace change… include more people, learn, and grow!

So whether your season has come to an early end, or whether you have competition remaining this year, be of good cheer, it has not been a waste, growth has happened already, we did what we did for the Lord – not for ourselves – and so we cannot loose. Pray for those around you. Pray for their faith, their peace, their healing, and that they come to know the Loving Father that we serve. But also pray for this country and her leaders. Pray that we repent for the way we run from God. Pray your own repentance to God.

And remember – we can always start preparing for next season … for this is not the end – there will be a next season! You Got This!

Tournaments Are About You by Ethan Tong

Tournaments are about you.

That’s the plain and simple truth. Tournaments aren’t for your parents. Tournaments aren’t for your siblings. They’re for you. Parents may enjoy socializing, yes. But how many parents do you know who still come to tournaments once their children are graduated? Hardly any. Once you’re not in the league, Speech and Debate doesn’t mean much to your parents. Why? Because tournaments are for you.

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