Speech and Debate Coach/Mentor Information

About our speech and debate coaches/mentors and Team Members:

Our philosophy behind our coaching is a little unique. We want to come along side you or your student, or even as you a parent or coach! This more than a tour guide, this becomes a relationship. Our goals, are your goals…

Are you wanting to take your speech to the next level? Are you looking to brain storm? Need help coming up with ideas? We can help guide you in picking your piece or provide feedback on your platform. We can help work choreography or characterization in your Interp… we can do it all! But most importantly, we do it with you!

Check out our awesome group of coaches that would love to help! Most coaching sessions last approximately an hour. Due to Heather Neumann’s high demand, her sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

Please take the time to read our coaches bios. When you contact us for coaching, we will help you find the right fit…



Heather Neumann

Heather Neumann is the founder of Lasting Impact! She empowers her clients to find their inner voice through public speaking. Heather says, "There is a power your voice has. It has the ability to make a lasting impact. All you have to do is use it." In addition to coaching Speech and Debate students across the country, she is also a speaker coach for TedX. Heather has been blessed to have coached thousands of students, including National Championship speakers.

AJ Neumann

AJ competed in Speech and Debate for five years, qualifying to The NCFCA National Championship each year. In 2016, he became the National Champion in two events- Original and Biblical!! AJ prefers to coach Platform and Interps, he wants to help you to create complexity, as well as characterization into your Speeches.

Adrian King

Adrian King is a Stoa alumni who competed from 2017-2020. She competed in and qualified for NITOC in all three forms of debate: Parliamentary Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Team Policy Debate. She also competed in every speech event except for Expository. She earned the Founders Award three years in a row. At NITOC 2019, she was a silver medalist in Lincoln Douglas. In the 2019-2020 season, Adrian was eighth overall on Speech Ranks, fourth overall in Apologetics, and seventh overall in Extemp. She placed third at Fall Into Debate and fifth at Veritas Veterans Day Challenge in Lincoln Douglas, earning first and third in speaker awards respectively. That same season, Adrian and her Parli partner, Madelyn Fritz, placed in the top ten at every tournament they attended. In Team Policy debate, Adrian and her partner, Eugene Kong, placed first at Point Loma Classic. With another partner, Dylan Jacobs, Adrian placed second in Team Policy Debate at NIHD’s National Virtual Debate Championship. She is dedicated to mentoring the next group of debate competitors and hopes to assist them in growing and flourishing in their skills.

Emalyn Sharp

Emalyn competed in the NCFCA for four years from 2017-2020. During that time, she competed in 11 different speech categories (Biographical Narrative, Informative*, Persuasive*, Original Oratory, Digital Presentation, Illustrated Oratory**, Open Interpretation*, Duo Interpretation*, Apologetics*, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous*), with the privilege of qualifying for the National Championship each year and becoming an IO finalist in 2017. She qualified in seven categories overall, denoted above with an asterisk. She also Iron-manned to Regionals two years in a row. For the 2020 season, Emalyn was the Speech Sweepstakes Champion at one of her regional qualifiers, as well as the Anderson SC Mixer. She also competed in Lincoln Douglas for one year, and Team Policy for three. While she appreciates LD, Team Policy really felt like home for her, and she enjoyed getting to debate alongside her brother. She loves working on TP case structure and building sound policies. Subsequently, she also enjoys figuring out how to dismantle poorly built cases. She feels immensely blessed by all of the support, advice, and guidance provided to her from friends, parents, and coaches over the years, and is excited for this opportunity to pour back into others!

Lynda DePasacreta

Lynda comes to us with a BFA in Directing for the Theatre and completed her degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic art in London England. She has a passion for helping students find their voice as having lost her own for a while made her see that it doesn’t matter how talented you are, but how passionate you are for the subject you are speaking about. This is her 6th season with NCFCA and loves her role as lead speech coach for SNOW club in the great state of NH where she now resides with her husband and 4 children, the last of which, thankfully, has many years left to compete.

Joseph Sigwarth

Joseph Sigwarth is an NCFCA Alumni from Region VI. He competed in speech and debate for four years, during which time he began his own club and eventually went on to compete on the national level. During his college career, he served four terms in student government, lobbied at the statewide and national levels, and student taught policy debate. He currently coaches two debate clubs in Northern Virginia, where he lives and works. Coaching the next generation of communicators is a privilege and a challenge that he enjoys immensely. His greatest joy is seeing his students set and achieve their own challenging goals.

Caleb Sampson

Caleb Sampson competed in speech and debate for 6 years. He was the 2019 national champion in Sweepstakes, the 2018 national champion in Illustrated Oratory, and a two time national quarterfinalist in Lincoln Douglas debate. Caleb is currently studying politics and finance at Hillsdale College, where he serves as the Captain of Hillsdale College Mock Trial. Caleb has been coaching speech and debate for two years, and loves helping students hone their skills in LD debate, platform speaking, and limited prep!

Anna Hultink

Anna Hultink is an NCFCA alumni who competed for four years, two in Team Policy and two in Lincoln Douglas. Her first year of LD she placed fifth, third, and first at the three qualifiers her region held. Her second year, she competed in finals twice, placing first at a qualifier and second at Regionals, where she then qualified to the National Championship. Anna is a co-author of the 2021-2022 LD Guidebook and she has experience in coaching Lincoln Douglas, having led the MI club Excelsior her senior year. She strongly believes that Speech and Debate has been transformative in her life, and she is excited to encourage and instruct other students in this style of debate throughout the season!

Noah McKay

Noah McKay is a Speech and Debate alumnus currently pursuing graduate studies in philosophy through the University of Edinburgh. During his time in the NCFCA, Noah was a regional champion and national finalist in both Lincoln Douglas debate and apologetics. In 2017 (his senior year), Noah won first place in moot court and Best Advocate at two out of three national opens, and became one of only a dozen students to receive the “Iron Man Plus” award for simultaneously competing in five speech events, debate, and moot court at the National Championship. Since graduating high school, Noah has earned a B.A. in philosophy, presented original research at multiple academic conferences, and coached Lincoln Douglas debate for five years. Noah resides in the city of St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, Alexandra, who is pursuing her MA in marriage and family therapy at St. Louis University. He enjoys good coffee (especially with Alexandra), morning runs, and watching his students succeed.

Marc Davis

Marc co-runs New England Debate. He debated for 6 years in NCFCA team policy and for 3 years in various forms of collegiate parliamentary debate, where he won numerous tournaments at both the regional and national levels. In the years since, he has coached dozens of NCFCA debaters and speakers, including the 2019 National Champions as well as other nationally-ranked competitors. Outside of debate, he runs The Thoughtful Gamer, where he writes and podcasts about modern board games. He also enjoys cooking, movies, and golf of both the normal and disc varieties.

Team Members

Katie Kellam

Katie Kellam is an alumni of NCFCA who competed all four years of her high school career. During that time, Katie qualified at the regional level in a variety of limited preparation, platform, and interpretive categories, as well as Lincoln Douglas debate. She also competed at the national level in both After Dinner and Duo Interpretation. As these categories might suggest, she loves using humor to build connection and capture an audience. Currently, Katie is pursuing an undergraduate degree in both English and Linguistics at the University of Georgia. She is a passionate believer in the importance of teaching young people to communicate clearly, listen attentively, and defend their beliefs both persuasively and with grace.

Chloe Peters

Chloe has been affiliated with NCFCA for 10 years. She competed in junior speech for 3 years and senior speech for 7 years. During that time, Chloe competed in 11 different speech categories (After-Dinner Speaking, Biblical Presentation, Biblical Thematic, Digital Presentation, Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Illustrated Oratory, Impromptu, Informative, Open, Persuasive) as well as Lincoln-Douglas debate and Team Policy debate. Outside of NCFCA, she has competed in forensics through three other organizations (4-H, Coolidge Cup, and the American Association of Christian Schools.) Besides competing in speech and debate, Chloe enjoys participating in various dramatic arts programs, raising livestock, playing the violin, and working as a respite care attendant.