NEW PRODUCT – Grab and Go Lesson Plans

Whether you are a speech and debate club leader, or a parent, this is a resource you must have for your toolbox! We know you don’t have time to create plans or figure out what assignments will make the most out of your limited time. Why not go straight to the ultimate source and use her ideas? Heather Neumann teaches Public Speaking, Speech Clubs and Camps, and Coaches students all year round in the art of communication. This is what she does! Do you want to know how she does it? Heather is sharing the tips and tricks she has learned in this very simple guide to help provide you with the direction you need. The Lasting Impact! Team has created this simple Grab and Go Guide to help you and your students feel equipped for competition, and most importantly the art of communication.

Packet includes over 25 worksheets/handouts…

  • Making a Plan
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Picking an Interp
  • Citations
  • Introductions
  • Hooking Your Audience
  • Making Public Speaking EC (Easy)
  • Memorization
  • Character Analysis
  • And more!

Great for club leaders, parents, co-ops, and more! Purchase the set and then a license for how many students you have in club (families can make personal copies). Go to purchase this amazing product or check out the other awesome resources in the SHOP –

Summer Camps and Fall Registration COMING SOON!

We are coming for YOU! Our hearts and minds are full and we can’t wait to show and tell and practice what the Lord has been showing us! This is going to be the best year yet!! We have students, parents, coaches, and clubs joining us from all over the country, and last year we were coaching internationally! Are you ready for the sneak peak of the line up of where we are headed this summer, and what AMAZING clubs and classes you will see from Lasting Impact! Fall 2022!!

The Lasting Impact! Summer Tour (if you aren’t on this list, you better call us NOW)

  • Charleston, SC
  • Jacksonville, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • St. Paul, MN
  • And More!

Fall of 2022 (possibly MORE!)

  • Debate Readiness
  • Public Speaking 101/Speech Club
  • Public Speaking 102
  • Drama Club
  • Beginning and Intermediate LD Debate
  • Beginning and Intermediate TP Debate
  • Parli Debate
  • Apologetics Club
  • Extemp Round Table
  • Foundations of Platform Speaking

Descriptions and Registration COMING SOON! Be sure you subscribe to Lasting Impact! to see the latest updates! Do you have a place you want to see us go? Do you have a class you want to see offered? Contact

It’s February… It’s EARLY!

We all know Speech and Debate is a long road! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Or for those who know me, I love my football analogies… Speech and Debate is like a football season! If anyone would have told you it would be a Bengals vs Chiefs Super Bowl, they would think you are bonkers! The Chiefs this season were at 500 (won only half their games) multiple times this year. The two top seeded teams were taken out in the playoffs with home field advantage (sorry Titans and Packer fans). That’s why the term, “any given Sunday” is so relevant. Anything can happen!? The question is, what are you going to do with the time left?

Just because you won a tournament doesn’t mean you are on the top to stay. Or perhaps you haven’t advanced or broken in your favorite event. There are three months to continue to hone your skills… or call me crazy (which happens daily), start something NEW! Of course, you can start a new speech, or even debate in February! I have coached competitors, even National Champions that started a speech mid-season. Whatever you decide to do… DON’T GIVE UP! 

  1. Keep Growing. 
  2. Try New Things. 
  3. Seize Opportunities.

If you feel stuck- talk to a friend, parent, club leader, or even hire a coach! If you are bored, that’s on you… the possibilities are endless! If you hate your speech, find a new one! The opportunities for growth are sitting right in front of you! And remember, the art of communication is a life skill! What you put into it can last a lifetime, even if you don’t get a piece of metal or plaque that will eventually end up in a box or at the thrift store.

You Got This! 

Have You Taken The I-Test for Your Speech? by: Juliana Scheopner

Last week, we posted and wrote about how nonverbal communication skills can help elevate you, as a speaker. But the content in a speech is also important. Heather Neumann likes to share the I-Test with her students and Ted Talk clients. The I-Test is a series of questions she came up with, you can ask yourself to determine if your topic, as well as the content is a good choice for your speech. She believes these four things can make a huge impact on your judges or audience, whether they realize it or not. If you have already selected your topic or written your speech, you can still use the I-Test to see if there is anything you should add to improve your speech. 

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Observe, Think, Practice by: Juliana Scheopner

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Heather Neumann has been teaching a Public Speaking Class or Club for over a decade. Each year she prays about the lesson plan- the journey she is about to embark on with her students. At this point she has literally coached thousands of students, both nationally and internationally. I have been one of her students, I have sat in her Zoom Room watching apprehensive beginner students turn into writers, speakers, and more importantly confident human beings. Mrs. Neumann has given me permission to share her ideas with you this year. A first hand glance at what she is teaching. This year’s mantra for her classes and clubs - Observe, Think, Practice! Sounds easy. These three little words can really pack a punch if we put them to work and are being purposeful. Every year she has a new perspective or way to wrap our brains around God given gift and privilege we call the art of communication. Each week she offers us students a challenge on how we can implement her lessons, and how they can make an big IMPACT, not only in Public Speaking, but for life... Are you ready to observe, think, and practice? If so- be ready to GROW...

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Top Tips on How to Prep Debate Before a National Championship

The NCFCA Regional Tournaments are ending, and Stoa Tournaments wrapped up in April. That still leaves a good four to six weeks between people’s last tournament option and A National Championship. How are you going to prepare for the next level of competition? We, at Lasting Impact! and Ziggy Debate have a FANTASTIC idea! But also be sure to check out the tips from our awesome coaches…

Sure, you have your own clubs to practice with, but as we know, the incentive to practice can be a bit lower if you’re not attending Nationals yourself. And given how important Nationals is to so many, it would be a shame for students to miss out on the opportunity to keep honing their debate skills in the 4/6-week gap. 

That’s why the Ziggy + Lasting Impact! National Championship is such a great option: it provides a spaced out period of prelim and outround debates with prizes and national competition for students to keep their skills sharp and earn prizes, and it’s open to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve qualified for Nationals or not.

Ready to sign up? Head over to

What do coaches have to say… here is their insight for prepping for a National Championship…

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Lasting Impact! New Line Up- 2021 Fall Speech and Debate Clubs and Opportunities

I know it sounds crazy, but are you ready for fall!? There is something exciting about the planning process that I absolutely love! Therefore, I thought you might like a hint as to what is in store through Lasting Impact!

Online Speech Club –

Meet with students from across the country learning together the Art of Communication. Lead by Heather Neumann, the Ms Frizzle of the competitive speech world. This one semester club will meet weekly, and teach valuable lessons to implement into Speech and Debate. Each student will perform and have a speech ready by the end of the semester.

Interp Club – NEW

Grow your interpretive skills with this new innovative club. Students will grow through a variety of experiences- cold reading, monologues, play reading, prose, and much more. Students will also be preparing an interpretive piece used for competition. This club will meet weekly, first semester and is lead by Heather Neumann.

Apologetics Club –

Come and grow and figure your out how you would answer questions of your faith. Weekly meetings include elements of learning how to compete in Apologetics, but mostly diving into how one would answer such questions as explain the meaning and significance of the trinity, why does God allow evil, etc.

Limited Prep Club –

Who couldn’t benefit from learning to think on their feet better. This unique club will explore the elements of putting together your thought process. The main focus of this club will be Impromptu Speaking, but other Limited Prep events will be covered.

Debate Clubs –

As always, Lasting Impact! plans to offer both beginning and advanced Debate Clubs for both Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate.

The Debate Circuit –

Yes! The Circuit will be back! Weekly rounds via Zoom to help your cases get refined. There will also be an outrounds included. The Circuit starts late Sept and ends before Thanksgiving.

Junior Opportunities –

Speech and Debate doesn’t need to start in High School. Lasting Impact! will also be offering Order in the Court again with Julie Romeo, Beginner Speech – for students ages 9-12, and Debate Readiness with Amy Eichholz.

In addition to all of these fantastic clubs we have a plethora of information for families, club leaders, and coaches. We are putting together NEW worksheets and videos to help simplify the teaching process. We are excited for what the 2021-22 has in store! Whether you are online or in person, Lasting Impact! aims to have the resources you need to succeed! Registration will be opening up SOON! Space will be limited.

Don’t forget Summer Camps are right around the corner!! Contact us if your club wants to have the Lasting Impact! Team come your way!! Please contact us if your have any questions!!

Cyber Monday Sale – Buy 2 Coaching Sessions – Get 1 FREE!!!

This offer is only good today! Purchase 2 coaching sessions – get 1 FREE!! Mix and match coaches. Use the coaching for the ultimate tournament prep, or spread it out during the season. Our coaches are excited to help you better prepare- for whatever lies ahead!

Check out our Lasting Impact! Team and Coaches HERE.

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*Sessions must be used for the 2020-21 Season. Sorry, not valid for Club Coaching.

A New Speech and Debate Curriculum to Explore

This summer I was invited to be a part of something epic! I love collaborating with like-minded organizations. If you have never heard of DFW Speech and Debate, let me introduce you to James Russell, the director, and the vision for this new, awesome speech and debate curriculum…

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