The SCHEDULE is Out!! Lasting Impact! Online Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive ~ June 28-29

We are putting this two-day Online Intensive for only $25 (membership price), for YOU- our parents, students, coaches, and clubs. And yes- it will be recorded!! The time to sign up is NOW! We have asked, and you have answered… How can we help you this summer to get you started on the right track with Speech and Debate?

  • To stay home – check!
  • To get a jump start on Resolutions – check!
  • Help with navigating students in Speech and Debate – check!
  • Club Help – check!
  • Summer Prep – check!
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Using Your Summer for Growth in Speech and Debate

Are you ready to start thinking about how to prepare during the summer? As I always say… Speech and Debate is all year long!! You are probably thinking… are you kidding me? When do we get a break? Well, I’m not saying you have to have all your speeches or cases written in July, but this is the perfect time for growth and exploration! Here are three ways to make the most of your summer!

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Is IT (Speech and Debate) Over?

With two National Tournaments behind us. We tend to focus on the celebrations or possibly the end of the journey of Speech and Debate. How did you do?!

“I didn’t break….     It’s over…….    I’m done. It’s finished.”

Whoa- wait a minute! The awards, the trophies… they will all get boxed up, possibly thrown away. Everyone’s high school Speech and Debate career will come to an end. The next step in your journey is about to really begin!

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What will you (or did you) get out of the National Championship?

There’s no doubt making it to Nationals in Speech and Debate is a big deal! For some in might be the one and only time. I get asked a lot, “Is it worth the expense? Should I go? What are the benefits of competing at a National level?” Here is my answer…

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Approaching Nationals in a Manner that Glorifies God

Post-season play is always exciting on a whole different level, isn’t it? There is the thrill of just being part of that playoff season, and there is much more at stake every time you take the field. If your sport is speech and debate, the same is true as you approach regionals and especially a National Championship… and there is a proper way to approach your post-season if our mission is truly to glorify God.

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Adding An Outreach Program to Your Club

Elaine Dimoulas is a club leader. Her family has been a part of EverReady, a Chicago-based Speech and Debate Club for a number of years. I started noticing pictures this year on their Facebook page- their club was doing community outreach. Fun stuff! I caught up with Elaine to ask her about their Outreach Program…

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Speech and Debate Fall Classes and Clubs Are Posted!

We are thrilled to be adding MORE opportunities for students to engage in Speech and Debate! Classes/Clubs are posted in the link below. Space will be limited – so be sure to sign up early!

Are you located where there is no local Speech Club? Join Online Speech. Do you want to get started for the first time in Lincoln Douglas Debate? We have Online LD. Are you short of time and looking for support in Team Policy? Our TP group will be for you!

And this is just the start- we will have Online Apologetics and Extemporaneous again this year (links up soon)!

Lasting Impact! strives to give you the most opportunities in your journey with Speech and Debate. You want to take advantage of our Online Classes/Clubs! Our coaches are amazing! They have proven track records, making delving into Speech and Debate fun and engaging. Our Online Community allows students to get to know other kids from around the country. These classes/clubs are not a lecture type class, all students learn, grow, and participate… making connections for a lifetime!

Our classes are run on an online meeting forum called Zoom. It’s a quick download on to your computer. Classes are recorded, therefore, even if you can’t be there- you won’t miss a thing.

Want to be sure you are up to date on everything Lasting Impact! has to offer?! Make sure you are “subscribed” to our articles- so they go directly into your email in box. The subscribe box is on the right hand side of the home page.

Join an Online Class or Club TODAY… click below…

Remember, Lasting Impact! has the Online Summer Prep Summit – sign up for that today…

Speech and Debate Summer Prep Intensive… sign up NOW!

Lasting Impact! is excited to announce our first annual Speech and Debate Online Summer Prep Intensive especially geared for students, parents, and coaches!! Do you feel like you and your family could use some coaching when it comes to-

  • How to become more prepared for Speech and Debate?
  • How do we make Speech and Debate part of our curriculum?
  • Where do we get started if we want to learn more about Debate, or Speech events?
  • How do I pick an event?

Look no further! Lasting Impact! has put together a two-day ONLINE Workshop filled with information from our amazing, top notch coaches!

Come for one session or all! This is two full days packed for you to get the most out of your summer and upcoming season!

Sessions may include… final schedule will be announced soon!

Summer Apologetics Prep
Thinking about Extemp
Mars Hill with Isabelle Clausen
Speech and Debate from a Biblical Worldview
Is Interpretive or Platform Speaking For Me?
Starting a Club
Novice and Advanced Speaking
Debate Breakdown/Resolution Analysis
Parental Support
Where to Begin with Speech and Debate?
Making the most of the year
How to use your summer

We look forward to being a part of your Summer Speech and Debate prep!!!

Sign Up Now! ONLY $25 per family!!

Stoa TP Resolutions Analysis by: Sam Wooddell

Broad and Boring isn’t always Bad: An Analysis of Stoa’s Proposed Team Policy Resolutions…
It’s starting to feel like complaining about Stoa’s proposed resolutions every single year is a rite of passage for debaters. I’ll admit, I fell victim to the trend myself, annually condemning the new resolutions without a shred of empirical evidence to justify my hastily crafted opinions. Believe it or not, the same thing happened again this year. Now, the attacks have spread to Instagram, where accounts titled both “voteforres3” and “stop.res3” have followed me in the last two weeks. Enough is enough. Let’s take a balanced, realistic look at the resolutions we’ve been offered and see if they’re as appalling as advertised…

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NCFCA TP Resolutions Analysis by: Eric Meinerding

The new topic options have been presented for NCFCA team policy and there is incredible potential for an extremely engaging an competitive year of debate across all three topics. I’ll be going over the pros and cons of each option and then offering my opinion on which I believe is the best resolution. I’ll be rating each category in two topics. First will be educational and engagement potential. Here I’ll basically be judging each topic on their ability to prevent the year from going stale. Secondly, each topic will be graded on its ability to facilitate competitive debate rounds, basically which topic will generate the greatest quantity of fair, even debates. I’ll look at balance, breadth of aff and neg arguments, and the available research on the topic here. Each category will be rated on a scale of 1-3, with 1 being the best topic for that category and 3 being the worst…

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