Why Your Student Should Start with LD Debate by: Noah McKay

The perennial debate between LD- and TP-firsters is unlikely to come to and end any time soon. Probably, you’ve already heard several of the considerations I am about to offer in defense of the LD-first position. But I am willing to bet you haven’t heard them all. My hope is that these arguments will make the decision easier for those of you who are on the fence. (And, of course, I hope you choose LD.)

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Capturing the Conversational Style by: Katie Kellam

It’s April. The birds are singing, regionals are HERE, just around the corner, or you are at your “last chance to break” speech and debate tournament for the rest of the season. Ah- yes, it’s that special time of the year when people start thinking to themselves, “can I really keep giving this speech for the next three months without going insane?” You know what that means—it’s the perfect time for mid-season revisions! But this season, while you’re tweaking your conclusion or working on that one exampleyou just don’t like, I challenge you to spend a little bit of time thinking about style…

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Stoa and NCFCA Lincoln Douglas Debate Resolution Breakdown with Noah McKay

‘Tis the season to panic over the slate of new debate resolutions! Just kidding. If you are looking for an opinion… Noah McKay has got one, or a few!😉 Check out his comprehensive opinions on this years voting Lincoln Douglas resolutions for both Stoa and NCFCA…

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Students Aren’t The Only Ones Who Learn Things at a Speech and Debate Tournament by: Cassandra Hornby

We cannot teach our young people to communicate effectively unless we ourselves communicate. 

Not all of us judge 14 rounds at our first ever tournament like someone I know, but if you are an adult at a Speech and Debate Tournament, chances are you will be roped into at least one round to judge. Why? Who can say “no” to the unbelievably sweet staff who beg so politely? 🙂 Okay really, in all seriousness, the tournament will screech to a halt if there are not enough judges to rank and critique the speakers, so in the event that you find yourself staring at a ballot here is my two cents on the indispensable role of a judge…

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Summer Camps and Fall Registration COMING SOON!

We are coming for YOU! Our hearts and minds are full and we can’t wait to show and tell and practice what the Lord has been showing us! This is going to be the best year yet!! We have students, parents, coaches, and clubs joining us from all over the country, and last year we were coaching internationally! Are you ready for the sneak peak of the line up of where we are headed this summer, and what AMAZING clubs and classes you will see from Lasting Impact! Fall 2022!!

The Lasting Impact! Summer Tour (if you aren’t on this list, you better call us NOW)

  • Charleston, SC
  • Jacksonville, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • St. Paul, MN
  • And More!

Fall of 2022 (possibly MORE!)

  • Debate Readiness
  • Public Speaking 101/Speech Club
  • Public Speaking 102
  • Drama Club
  • Beginning and Intermediate LD Debate
  • Beginning and Intermediate TP Debate
  • Parli Debate
  • Apologetics Club
  • Extemp Round Table
  • Foundations of Platform Speaking

Descriptions and Registration COMING SOON! Be sure you subscribe to Lasting Impact! to see the latest updates! Do you have a place you want to see us go? Do you have a class you want to see offered? Contact heather@lastingimpact.info

It’s February… It’s EARLY!

We all know Speech and Debate is a long road! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Or for those who know me, I love my football analogies… Speech and Debate is like a football season! If anyone would have told you it would be a Bengals vs Chiefs Super Bowl, they would think you are bonkers! The Chiefs this season were at 500 (won only half their games) multiple times this year. The two top seeded teams were taken out in the playoffs with home field advantage (sorry Titans and Packer fans). That’s why the term, “any given Sunday” is so relevant. Anything can happen!? The question is, what are you going to do with the time left?

Just because you won a tournament doesn’t mean you are on the top to stay. Or perhaps you haven’t advanced or broken in your favorite event. There are three months to continue to hone your skills… or call me crazy (which happens daily), start something NEW! Of course, you can start a new speech, or even debate in February! I have coached competitors, even National Champions that started a speech mid-season. Whatever you decide to do… DON’T GIVE UP! 

  1. Keep Growing. 
  2. Try New Things. 
  3. Seize Opportunities.

If you feel stuck- talk to a friend, parent, club leader, or even hire a coach! If you are bored, that’s on you… the possibilities are endless! If you hate your speech, find a new one! The opportunities for growth are sitting right in front of you! And remember, the art of communication is a life skill! What you put into it can last a lifetime, even if you don’t get a piece of metal or plaque that will eventually end up in a box or at the thrift store.

You Got This! 

This Week – LD, Moot, Sourcebook SALE!

Second semester is well underway… looking for opportunities to grow this week?

LD CLUB – Starts TONIGHT! Lasting Impact! will be launching a 10-week, second-semester Lincoln Douglas debate club on Monday evenings (TONIGHT)! This online club, hosted by Noah McKay, will focus primarily on tournament preparation, case refinement, and competitive strategy. The format will be largely discussion-based, with short lectures planned for the beginning of each meeting and the remainder of the window reserved for students to discuss the content of the lecture, ask questions, practice their cross-examination and rebuttal technique, and – depending on the week – discuss trends in the tournament world and potential strategies for refuting common cases. Students will also help each other analyze both their winning and losing ballots in order to foster consistency in their competitive performance.

MOOT COURT WORKSHOPBOGO! Register – and your partner is FREE! This workshop will be focused on three things: (1) diving into this year’s NCFCA packet to improve argumentation; (2) improving case structures so that they are easily intelligible to judges, yet nuanced and complex enough to win rounds; and (3) improving speaking and delivery. This two-hour workshop, led by former Moot Court competitor and current coach Ethan Tong, is aimed towards those who already have experience with this year’s packet, but those who are looking to start Moot Court would greatly benefit as well. The workshop will be RECORDED.

NCFCA TP Sourcebook – only $20! https://lastingimpact.info/product/book9535/
NCFCA LD Guide – only $20! https://lastingimpact.info/product/book9588/