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Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 – 1st ed. SALE – $19.95 Reg. $34.95

All of Lasting Impact! articles, tips, advice, encouragement from 2016-2017 in one book. It’s categorized, ready to be held, and over 200 pages! Through out the year, members asked if they could have all our articles available, in one easy place- like on their book shelf! We compiled all our articles and put them in easy to find categories, so you can have them at your finger tips! Categories include- Speech and Debate, Interpretation, Platforms, Limited Prep, Delivery/Presentation, Tournaments, Inspiration and Encouragement, Judges, and Coaches.

There are over 75 articles for students, parents, coaches, and clubs to use and implement. Some articles included in Vol. 1 have never even been published! Click here to order.


The Ultimate Duo HandbookSALE – $9.95 Reg. $19.95

The Ultimate Duo Handbook has over 40 pages of instruction, examples, and fun! Kristi and Heather provide a very thorough approach to help students, coaches, and parents tackle the art of Duo Interpretation. Contents include… Why Duo, What’s Your Duo Style, The Duo Chopping Block, Teamwork, The Duo Partner Worksheet, The Distance Duo, Creating Characters, Duo Activities, and so much more!! Click here to order.

FREE shipping. While supplies last. Sale ends Monday 11/27/17.

Sample Speech Club Syllabus with Lasting Impact! Vol. 1

Starting and leading a Speech and Debate Club can take a lot of time and energy. Club leaders are amazing! However, many club leaders feel inadequate and unequipped. I have been asked numerous times to show what a sample syllabus of what a random speech club would/could look like. Challenge accepted! So naturally I thought I would use Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as my guide. Please note- Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 was not written as a curriculum, but because we follow your speech journey, you can see the path I chose to use. Whether you are a new club leader or a leader looking for a fresh new approach on how to combat club this year, here is a possible syllabus using Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as your main resource….

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