It’s almost ready… The Lasting Impact! Devotional

Every year before I head out on a summer whirlwind of camps and workshops, I dig into The Word to see what God is going to give me to say to these students, parents, club leaders, and coaches. Sure, I know how to pick an Interp or how to make learning about Platform or Limited Prep Speeches fun. But what is it that God really wants to say through me? That’s what really matters!! I’ll admit it, after a long competition season, I feel like I am going to the well parched and ready. In Speech and Debate, we spend so much time focusing our lives around the competition, club meetings, Debate briefs, research, practicing, tournaments, etc. I feel like the summer is for rejuvenation. Psalm 81:10, “For it was I, the Lord your God who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.” How better to get rejuvenated… through Him!! Yet, why did I wait until summer!?

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Coming Soon! NCFCA Lincoln Douglas Guidebook

Whether you’re a first-year debater or a 6-year debater wanting to dig deeper, this brand new sourcebook from Lasting Impact! is about to be your best friend!

We are putting together an NCFCA LD Guidebook–It’s like a typical sourcebook, yet with LD coaching tips and arguments all in one. This is not a curriculum. Hope Rawlson, 2019 NCFCA LD Champion is part of the project, “I am so excited to be involved in this! I LOVE LD, but felt typical source books, just didn’t offer enough. I’m thrilled Lasting Impact! will be offering more to help competitors, parents, and coaches and making a resource that will be really helpful for understanding the resolution and debating rounds.”

The guide will be split into sections, it is organized by the different elements of an LD case:

  • Definitions
  • Resolution Analysis
  • Applications

Plus, inside each section there will be an explanation on how to use it in LD. You will have a plethora of resources at your fingertips– including definition briefs, application briefs, in-depth arguments, and more! In addition, the sourcebook will include analysis of different arguments, how to debate this resolution, and how to successfully debate LD in general, all written by nationally ranked debaters with years of proven experience! Lasting Impact! is beyond excited to offer this incredible resource to share with all of you. Available by ebook only. Release date September 2019.

If you are as excited as we are… be sure to sign up for Hope’s Online LD Workshop – Aug. 28. Perhaps, you will get a sneak peek into the guide!

Thankful for YOU! Small Business Saturday SPECIALS

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NEW! Speech Games and Ice Breakers

A must have for any Club Leader or Coach. I know I hate reinventing the wheel when it comes to Speech Games or Icebreakers that I want to implement in class or a workshop. That’s why we created this book! No more scouring the internet for a game to play. In fact, our book is geared around “target skills” for you to be able to help your students hone in on! Does your club need help with limited prep, characterization, or delivery? We have you covered! Check out the over 40 different games, plus variations to get you and your club energized, engaged, and practicing the skills they need to succeed!

The Ultimate Duo Handbook


Those of you who know Kristi and I, know that Duos are near and dear to our hearts! Together, we have had a Duo Team in Finals at Nationals for almost the last decade. The Ultimate Duo Handbook was one of the first resources we created- lots of practical information including color pictures, character worksheets, a duo compatibility worksheet, picking a piece, tips from a pro, and more! If you are doing a Duo – you will want this book!

Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and 2 –

Our first two years worth of articles in a convenient place! The articles are all on the website, but now you have them organized in categories- Debate, Interps, Platform, Limited Prep, Delivery, Tournaments, and so much more! These articles are key to use throughout the season, whether or not you are a club leader. Although it is handy, as a club leader, to reprint an article here or there (yes- we give you permission to do that)! If you could use an extra pep talk, a burst of motivation, another way to analyze speech and debate- grab these guides!

Check out all of our products HERE. Remember, you can get $5 off each of the Ebooks. Thank you again for being being a part of Lasting Impact! Thankful for YOU!


Questions Answered in Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

As most of you know, we are thrilled to offer another product to add to your resource collection- Lasting Impact! Vol. 2! Of course, if you are a member, you already have access to all of our articles online. But having a book at your fingertips can really be nice. We do not think of these books as a curriculum, however some of our members use our articles as a supplement or a resource for their clubs. You are welcome to copy off our articles whether it be online or through the book. We encourage you to share what you have learned here, through us. If you are new to Lasting Impact!, you might be wondering what we have all covered in the last two years…

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A NEW must-have Resource- Speech Games!!

Every Speech and Debate Club needs ice breakers to get things started. Every coach needs creative ideas for getting kids outside of the inhibitions that box them in and stifle their performances. Our games book is an idea generator to help you accomplish both! Cross-referenced by the skills they enhance, these games are designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of speech events.

These games are broken up, to help you the user, identity with what “target skill” you want to focus on. There are games for each of the types of speech- interpretive, limited prep, and platform. Target skills include…




Limited Prep

Object Work



There are over 40 games… the variations to these games are endless!! Also included are lists and scenarios – ideas to keep your club or group on their toes for years to come! This is a must have resource for every Speech and Debate Club.

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IT’S HERE… well sort of – Lasting Impact! Vol. 2!!

Lasting Impact! Volume Two is all new! Every article we posted in our second year is chock full of advice, tips, encouragement, information, coach and student perspectives, and more- over 200 pages! We WANT you to have this at your fingertips when you are wondering what to cover in club, or how to help your own student go the extra mile. Read it cover to cover, or browse for what you need. This is a useable resource ready for YOU to put these ideas into action.

Through out the year, members asked if they could have all our articles available, in one easy place- like on their book shelf! We compiled all our articles and put them in easy to find categories, so you can have them at your finger tips! Categories include…

Speech and Debate



Limited Prep






There are over 75 articles for students, parents, coaches, and clubs to use and implement. There are awesome pictures to be inspired by! This book would not possible with out the love and support of so many people!

Kristi says, “We don’t propose to lay out a curriculum or a “how to” book. We propose to share the stepping stones Heather and I, along with the help of so many, found along the way. We hope these articles inform and inspire you as you learn and grow on your speech journey.”

This product is available for pre-sales only. Purchases made prior to 6/15/2018 will be delivered to purchaser at the NCFCA National Championship. For purchasers who are not attending the championship, the product will be shipped June 30, 2018.

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Black Friday Weekend Sales

Inventory Reduction Sale!!

Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 – 1st ed. SALE – $19.95 Reg. $34.95

All of Lasting Impact! articles, tips, advice, encouragement from 2016-2017 in one book. It’s categorized, ready to be held, and over 200 pages! Through out the year, members asked if they could have all our articles available, in one easy place- like on their book shelf! We compiled all our articles and put them in easy to find categories, so you can have them at your finger tips! Categories include- Speech and Debate, Interpretation, Platforms, Limited Prep, Delivery/Presentation, Tournaments, Inspiration and Encouragement, Judges, and Coaches.

There are over 75 articles for students, parents, coaches, and clubs to use and implement. Some articles included in Vol. 1 have never even been published! Click here to order.


The Ultimate Duo HandbookSALE – $9.95 Reg. $19.95

The Ultimate Duo Handbook has over 40 pages of instruction, examples, and fun! Kristi and Heather provide a very thorough approach to help students, coaches, and parents tackle the art of Duo Interpretation. Contents include… Why Duo, What’s Your Duo Style, The Duo Chopping Block, Teamwork, The Duo Partner Worksheet, The Distance Duo, Creating Characters, Duo Activities, and so much more!! Click here to order.

FREE shipping. While supplies last. Sale ends Monday 11/27/17.

Sample Speech Club Syllabus with Lasting Impact! Vol. 1

Starting and leading a Speech and Debate Club can take a lot of time and energy. Club leaders are amazing! However, many club leaders feel inadequate and unequipped. I have been asked numerous times to show what a sample syllabus of what a random speech club would/could look like. Challenge accepted! So naturally I thought I would use Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as my guide. Please note- Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 was not written as a curriculum, but because we follow your speech journey, you can see the path I chose to use. Whether you are a new club leader or a leader looking for a fresh new approach on how to combat club this year, here is a possible syllabus using Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as your main resource….

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