2021-2022 NCFCA LD Guidebook (eBook)


2021-2022 NCFCA LD Guidebook(eBook)
A downloadable PDF/eBook (111 pages).

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2021-2022 NCFCA LD Guidebook(eBook)
A downloadable PDF/eBook (111 pages).

We are excited to be part of your Lincoln Douglas Debate journey. You may be reading this for a multitude of purposes:

1. To learn how to do LD
2. To teach a club
3. To explore the LD resources
4. To get a head start on the season

No matter who you are or your level of experience, we hope this guide will be of tremendous benefit to you. This guide is different than most typical Sourcebooks. In addition to giving you LD cases, we wanted to help you understand the most important parts of Lincoln Douglas

Debate and go through cases section by section. Contained in this guide are the following sections:

● Definitions
● Resolutional Analysis
● Values
● Contentions
● Applications
● Philosophy
● Cases

For new debaters or those teaching at a club:

We hope this will be your how-to guide for LD! Each section includes an explanation of that part of LD, why it is important and how to use it in a debate round. For instance, in the first section, definitions, there is an explanation of why definitions are important and how to argue them in a debate round. Following this summary is a brief of the most credible definitions we could find on the most important terms for this resolution. The same structure is used for the other sections, a summary of the topic and then a brief.

For experienced debaters:

In this resource, we have compiled a multitude of credible research and arguments for this resolution. The definitions brief has the most credible definitions for this resolution that we could find, the contentions briefs have scholarly evidence justifying and condemning each principle, the applications section has seventeen examples, more than you’ll use all year. In short, we want this resource to be beneficial and worthwhile. In addition to the summaries and descriptions, LD theory is also included.


How you want to use this resource is up to you and your personal needs.
You can easily use this guide by reading through each section or focusing on one specific section.
It is designed so that you can take information from each section and piece together an LD case at the end. You may find a definition you like, maybe a point of resolutional analysis, a value, contention, and application that fits all together and bam you have a killer debate case! It’s essentially a build-your-own-LD-case guide. The exceptions to this scenario are the philosophy and the case sections which are not necessarily pieced together in the same way.

Case section:

Even our case section is unlike other sourcebooks. While others are typically composed of fully written cases, ours has much more. There are fully written cases, and there are some case outlines. You may read it and think that we awkwardly forgot to finish part of this section, however, the unfinished cases are intentional. They are purposefully incomplete to allow you to spark your ideas, practice your skills, and finish them on your own. Make your cases yours, not anybody else’s. When you own your arguments and own your cases, that’s when you’ll start loving debate and realizing the potential that you truly have!

You Got This!

The Lasting Impact! Team

About the authors:

The 2021-2022 NCFCA LD Guidebook was written by Jason Chahyadi and Anna Hultink.

Jason Chahyadi is a freshman at Patrick Henry College, intending to study American Politics and Policy. During his time in high school, Jason competed in Lincoln Douglas Debate for three seasons, winning numerous regional awards and speaker awards during his senior season. He is passionate about helping students navigate the world of debate and the details that come with the activity.

Anna Hultink competed in NCFCA for four seasons, shifting from Team Policy to Lincoln Douglas half way through. Her first year of LD she placed fifth, third, and first at the three qualifiers her region held. Her senior year, she competed in eight tournaments, placing second at Regionals and qualifying to Nationals. Anna truly believes this league was transformative in her life, and she is passionate about offering encouragement and instruction to competitors.

Please Note – One copy per family. Club leaders can teach from, but not make copies/hand outs.


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