Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Lasting Impact! TP Sourcebook

We are excited to announce the release of the 2021-2022 Lasting Impact! Team Policy Sourcebook! If you know you want it – purchase it HERE. But perhaps you have questions – Why this Sourcebook? What does it cover? Why Lasting Impact? In order to introduce it, the authors will answer questions about why it was written, and what we hope you can gain from it…

Why did you want to write this sourcebook? 

All of us on the Lasting Impact! Sourcebook Team LOVE Team Policy, and we’ll take any opportunity to research, write, and discuss debate. Some of us are still competing and would have done this work regardless, we know what judges wanted to hear last year and how to go about the thought process this year. Some of us are coaching and need a deep understanding of the resolution. All of us, though, had a great time learning about this year’s resolution and working together! Honestly, we hope the book brings together partners, even clubs, as they discuss ideas this resolution brings.

How did you write cases? 

We started by doing broad research, uncovering the largest issues with the Bureau of Prisons. Once these issues identified, we proceeded to distribute cases. We have two writers who will be debating this season, and because of this, they received the big picture assignments: resolutional analysis, general briefs, and one negative brief each. The other three writers were mainly given affirmative assignments so they could quickly dive into the specifics and deepen their understanding of a particular case and its issues. Our system was highly efficient, and it gave the competitors on our team the ability to learn a large amount of content before the season even began. Between us all, hundreds of hours were spent delving into the resolution, analysis, research, and writing!! The team effort meant huge collaboration on all sides. Plus we love talking about cases and debate, so even those who weren’t working on the actual day to day casework and bookwork were still contributing to our thought process.

Why Lasting Impact!? 

One of the main goals of the Sourcebook is to help other debaters, as well as their clubs. This lines up with Lasting Impact!’s values. Lasting Impact! comes alongside students, as well parents, coaches, and clubs. This philosophy, edifies the entire team! Meanwhile, just like last year, we know this Sourcebook will provide practical in-round assistance. Furthermore this Sourcebook will help develop and improve the student’s communication skills. It’s amazing how an overall knowledge of a subject can boost one’s confidence!

What do you hope people get out of it? 

A lot of fear surrounds Team Policy Debate simply because of the upfront workload placed on debaters. We do not want people shying away from Team Policy Debate simply because they’re intimidated by the initial research. Sourcebooks, especially this one, will help students by eliminating part of the initial load, providing a boost for new and seasoned debaters alike. Our Sourcebook not only eases the workload, but also strengthens understanding. A debate is always better if everyone involved has a good understanding of the resolution. By reading the resolutional analysis provided in the Sourcebook, debaters can greatly increase their understanding of the resolution by just reading one document. The general briefs and resolutional analysis alone have nearly 100 cards which can all be used to help debaters quickly become aware of the issues within the resolution. 

What have you learned? 

We have learned the power of teamwork – not only in bonding with one another, but also in how much can be accomplished by combining strengths. This resource would not be possible without every single person on the team truly caring about its quality and performance. 

When it comes to the work itself, we learned how truly disjointed and dysfunctional our federal government’s prison structure is, and formed ideas on how it can be repaired. Our writers who will be debating in the upcoming year have gained valuable knowledge in a relatively short period of time and are excited to share it with others!

Overall, this Sourcebook helped bring us together, and gave us vast swaths of information. We hope that Club Leaders will be able to wrap their brains around these concepts quickly, so that they too can delve into these conversations with their students. We are all incredibly thankful for this opportunity Lasting Impact! has given us, and truly hope competitors gain an edge this year using this resource.

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