Grab & Go Speech Lessons Plans (eBook)


Grab & Go Speech Lesson Plans (eBook)
A downloadable PDF/eBook set (154 pages).
Packet includes over 25 worksheets/handouts…

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Grab & Go Speech Lesson Plans(eBook)
A downloadable PDF/eBook set (154 pages).

Whether you are a speech and debate club leader, or a parent, this is a resource you must have for your toolbox! We know you don’t have time to create plans or figure out what assignments will make the most out of your limited time. Why not go straight to the ultimate source and use her ideas? Heather Neumann teaches Public Speaking, Speech Clubs and Camps, and Coaches students all year round in the art of communication. This is what she does! Do you want to know how she does it? Heather is sharing the tips and tricks she has learned in this very simple guide to help provide you with the direction you need. The Lasting Impact! Team has created this simple Grab and Go Guide to help you and your students feel equipped for competition, and most importantly the art of communication.

Packet includes over 25 worksheets/handouts…

  • Making a Plan
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Picking an Interp
  • Citations
  • Introductions
  • Hooking Your Audience
  • Making Public Speaking EC (Easy)
  • Memorization
  • Character Analysis
  • And more!

Great for club leaders, parents, co-ops, and more!

Please note, this product allows you to print one copy of the Lesson booklet and one copy of the Handouts and Worksheets booklet.

Family copies are allowed with this purchase.  To print student copies of the Handouts and Worksheets, please purchase printing licenses through this product:


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