Thank You for an AWESOME Summer!

This is my first full week at home in a long time! Lasting Impact! covered a lot of ground this summer! We reached well over 500 students and parents, traveled from coast to coast, went from way down south to the frozen tundra. And all in all – God was there… where ever we went! These were some of our take aways…

  1. We love what we do! We had the opportunity to connect with students and leaders all across the country- from different leagues, homeschool, private school, public school, students and parents. These people heard how God is going to use them… and how He uses us! And that with out Him… this effort would be nothing! We saw students transformed and go from, “I don’t want to be here,” to “I have an idea!” We are so very thankful for the opportunities God provided this summer!
  2. This is not a “me” thing… this is a “we” thing. My goal was never to see how successful Lasting Impact! could be. Speech and Debate is all about kingdom building for us, and we have certainly been doing that. Lasting Impact! is so blessed to come along side parents, students, coaches, and clubs. We are mightier together. Clubs and communities are to build each other up, and it was awesome to see the growth this summer! If you are needing support or feel like you are on your own- reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!
  3. We are not finished. When Lasting Impact! started just three years ago, we had no idea what to expect. God continues to orchestrate things I don’t feel equipped to do- but He keeps providing!! There are so many projects on the horizon and exciting new adventures to partake in. In fact, be on the look out for TWO amazing products coming out in September!

This summer was a blast for us! It was awesome to connect with our Lasting Impact! community around the nation. Honestly, we do this for YOU! If you would like to see something from us- let us know! We are praying for all the Speech and Debaters (and their families) out there! Summer is about the end and Speech and Debate Season is about to begin! Remember to take the time to reflect upon how God has used you thus far, and ask Him to continue to be a light unto your path. You Got This… cuz He’s Got You!