Wednesday Workshops THIS Week – Humor, TP, and LD

​This week we have a full line up waiting for you! Why workshops? I am always telling students in order to walk down a path the more you explore and understand what you are getting into the better! This is the same with Speech and Debate! You have the opportunity to get your feet wet before jumping in!! Each of the workshops provides a skilled coach prepared to equip you with the tools for your tool box. As always, workshops are only $5 for members. We use an online tool called Zoom to connect our students from across the country. Some workshops will turn into Recorded Workshops, but unless you purchase the workshop, there is no guarantee! Sign up NOW

NCFCA TP Workshop with Eric Meinerding – Many debaters may be familiar with Sun Tzu’s famous quote “Every battle is won or lost before its ever fought.” Policy rounds often appear as such. Through pages upon pages of statistics, studies, credible advocates, source indicts, and anecdotes, competitors control the pace of the debate control rounds with evidence. Experienced students in policy know the importance of proper research and newer debaters may be intimidated by it. Thus, mastering this skill is often the mark of championship debaters. And aside from simple competitive success, proper research mechanics are exportable to almost every facet of professional life.

The NCFCA energy topic provides an incredible space for students to hone or learn researching skills. Energy policy covers a wide range of governmental and academic fields, exposing debaters to a plethora of different kinds of source material to draw arguments from. Renewable subsidies and trade policies pose different information pools to research and process. To help debaters become better researchers overall, and specifically good at researching energy topics, Eric Meinerding will be hosting a workshop Wednesday, August 28th to tackle this topic. A part of the workshop will be researching and cutting energy evidence. Eric will also explain how to analyze simple news articles as well as more advanced journal entries to help debaters quickly discern what paragraphs contain critical data and quotations.

LD Workshop with Hope Rawlson – What are your thoughts on this resolution? Do you have thousands of questions? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start? I’ve spent the past 2 months researching the resolution and I’d love to be able to explain the ins and outs, answer all your questions, and give helpful tips and pointers as to where to go from here!! Come join me for some LD Resolutional discussion on Wednesday the 28th of August!!

Humorous Interp Workshop – Humor is crucial in Humorous Interpretation… it’s in the name!! But is also very important in Duo Interp and Open Interp (and don’t forget even Platforms, Limited Prep, and Debate)! In this workshop we will review different scripts and find different ways to cut that keeps the story intact but also brings out the humor.

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