Still Thankful for Speech and Debate

There’s nothing like Thanksgiving to put you in the spirit of feeling thankful! I know many of us are tired, overwhelmed, or even frustrated. But I believe we still have much to be thankful for…

I always say, Speech and Debate is a journey, and I find myself reflective during this time, and how thankful I am that this was the path we chose so many years ago. I am thankful for…

STUDENTS – I know the canceling of last season was hard to swallow. Thankfully, the season didn’t end for all. Many students continued. Whether they found alternative ways to compete or started weekly Zoom meetings for friends and still continued to find ways to connect. I am thankful for the students who continued on. And frankly, there are many, many more that are continuing on this fall. New students have joined the ranks, eager to learn about the art of communication. I am so excited for the students who are pressing on. God is continuing work in these students, beginning and returning.

PARENTS – Parents are often the backbone to clubs, tournaments, judging, as well as coaching. How thankful for the time and energy and encouragement we are for all of the parents who pour into Speech and Debate.

FRIENDS/FAMILY – Speech and Debate is more than just about the competition. Relationships are formed outside of the competition room. Over the years people come and go, yet connections through Speech and Debate have been made. I’ve seen people go to college together, room together, compete together after high school, form businesses together, and I have even seen competitors marry each other! How blessed we are when we realize we have made a community around Speech and Debate.

CLUBS – So many club leaders found themselves in the same place as the students this year… not quite sure how to adapt with the ever-changing elements. I found myself coaching my in-person club in a barn at the beginning of Sept. As the weather grew colder, we moved online, and ultimately found a new building to meet at. Many clubs found themself in the same place- leading in uncharted territory. We are thankful that you didn’t give up!

LEAGUES – How thankful we are to have leagues who have found ways to adapt. They have spent hours and hours ensuring ways for students to compete. They push our students for academic excellence and integrity, and in so many different ways achieve their missions. It is an honor to come alongside them.

RESOURCES – Despite an uncertain season, we are thankful to many different organizations that continue to put together resources for the speech and debate community. We too, at Lasting Impact! have worked hard to create resources that families can use for years to come.

LASTING IMPACT! – Little did I know how much a name could mean!! When Lasting Impact! was created, I was just coming up with a name. But over the years, it has become more than that – a mission. Just like speeches that have an impact, the people who have been a part of this community in some way shape or form (online or in-person) have meant so much to us! Whether it’s the students I have coached, the parents I have shared life with, the people I have prayed with, the organizations I have partnered with, the clubs I have come alongside, and lastly my family who has supported me and shared me. I am so thankful!!! So, if you are reading this, thanks for making an impact in my life! I encourage you to look around and find the reasons to be thankful this season of thanks (and you might even want to write it down).