Mars Hill Impromptu by: Isabelle Clausen

Some of you may or may not have ever heard of the Speech Event called Mars Hill Impromptu. What is it? Mars Hill Impromptu is offered in Stoa. The competitor uses books, movies, and other genre to discuss the appeal and impact of the theme(s) within the topic, holding them up in light of Christian truth found in the Bible. In other words- applying a Biblical Worldview to life around us. Join me on Friday evening for Mars Hill 101, an Online Workshop, as we explore this amazing speech category…

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While many people think that Mars Hill Impromptu is just a weird event in which you talk about movies and art all day, this event has a lasting impact not only in the judges’ hearts, but also in the competitor’s walk with Christ. This event creates a habit in the competitor to pick out themes and ideas from different aspects of culture, and correlate them directly and conversationally to God. I believe that this is a great skill to have because it trains students to not be afraid of standing up for God’s truth.

With that being said, I have three specific reasons why competitors should compete in Mars Hill:

1. It will help the competitor learn to speak conversationally.
While every other speech event focuses on rhetoric, persuasion, emotional impact, and professionalism, Mars Hill Impromptu focuses on how to have an everyday conversation with someone! This will help students gain the skill of sharing their faith in an open manner with whoever and whenever.

2. It will help the competitor learn about the classic and recent topics within society.
Mars Hill Impromptu is awesome because it combines older content and newer content together. I find that this is beneficial for a student because it helps them research a variety of topics. This will give the competitor a well-rounded knowledge of literature and art.

3. It gives students the opportunity to truly witness every time they walk into the competition room.
What I loved most about Mars Hill Impromptu was that every time I walked into that room, I knew I would share something that no one else thought of before. At least, that was the goal! It felt so fulfilling to be able to witness to judges about the love and grace of Jesus. I find that this is important to a student’s spiritual walk because it gives them an opportunity to use their gifts to glorify God every time they compete.
Those are just a few of many reasons why students should compete in Mars Hill Impromptu. This event is amazing and it truly did change my life!

So- how can you learn more about Mars Hill Impromptu whether or not you want to compete in this event?

Join Isabelle TOMORROW NIGHT!! Fri. Sept. 21 8:15 pm CT (Approx. 1 hr) – CLICK HERE

The following topics will be covered in the Mars Hill 101 Workshop with Isabelle Clausen…

– What and Why Mars Hill
– How to develop a theme and synopsis for each topic
– How to systematically build the bridge between culture and Christianity
– How to be conversational with rhetoric and body language
– How to share the Gospel in a conversational manner
– How to maximize the efficiency of your prep time

I hope you all can attend this workshop! It definitely will be very informative, yet fun and exciting as well!

Isabelle Clausen competed in STOA for 3 years and loved her time in competitive forensics! She thoroughly enjoyed LD, Mars Hill Impromptu, Original Oratory, Persuasive, and Duo Interpretation. She won many speech titles and was ranked top 10 in the nation overall for both speech and debate during most of her 2017 senior year. At the end of the 2017 season, she was ranked top five in 2 speech events. Currently, she is attending Grand Canyon University and plans to graduate in 2021 with a degree in Finance and Economics. She plans to pursue a career in Financial Advisory as well as become a Christian public speaker.