Lasting Impact! Recorded Workshops are Available

Not only is Lasting Impact trying to help with your fall prep, by hosting regular Online Workshops… we are also trying to capture these videos to have them available for you or your club!

Click HERE for Recordings…

Did you ever wish you could have a “master class” on Characterization, Storytelling, or a specific speech category that you are not sure you want to try? Or… you thought you could use a little extra coaching, without breaking the bank? Or… you are a club leader and you have students wanting to try Expository/Illlustrated Oratory and you aren’t quite sure how to lead a class on that, having never done one?!

Well, now you can! Simply purchase one of our video workshops. Each video is only $5!! These can be used for personal use or for your club. And they can also be used yearly! In other words, you can watch them over and over again.

So, if you weren’t available to take in one of our awesome Online Workshops because you had other commitments … no worries! It may be available now, as an easy download. New videos are being added each month! Although we try to capture all workshops… technology isn’t always our friend. So if you have the opportunity to attend, you better jump on it!

Check out the videos available now…

Some questions you may be asking…

1. Can I use these videos to help me teach my club?

Yes! Absolutely!

2. Why wouldn’t I always just purchase the video instead of attending live?

Those who attend the live video will be able to ask questions and get more out of the session. Remember, although we try to record our videos, it is not always a guarantee. You should be sure to attend a live video if you can.

3. Once I purchase a Workshop, and there’s is a video, will I be able to access it? 

Yes! There is no need to purchase the video. When you go to the video link, when you are logged in, you should see a code, that gives you access.

4. How many videos do you hope to do?

Our goal is to provide videos through the fall, during our prep season. Some of the determining factors are time and instructors.

5. I wish you would do a workshop on _______________.

Have and idea, or a request? Let us know! We would love to hear from you!