Mars Hill Impromptu by: Isabelle Clausen

Is Mars Hill Impromptu confusing to you?

Do you ever wonder how to effectively link books, songs, movies, art… to Jesus? I mean, who does that?! Mars Hill Impromptu is a great event that helps train us to implement Jesus into every aspect of our lives! It’s also a great way to practice witnessing to others about Christ in a creative way!

In Mars Hill is an event that requires you to speak about culturally popular books, songs, movies, plays, art, literature, etc. by drawing out themes that can connect the topic to Christianity! What themes in the movie, Avengers End Game can you connect to the victory of Jesus? How can you connect the main ideas of the song, “Don’t Stop Believin’” to the Gospel message?

Mars Hill, students are expected to know how to pull a theme out of a book or song and then somehow relate it to culture and Jesus… all in 6 minutes! But this is waaaayyy easier said than done! On top of all of this, Mars Hill is meant to be a conversational speech between the speaker and the audience. This can be so hard for competitors to do when they are taught from day one to speak with a polished and professional speaking style.

Many people struggle with Mars Hill, but that’s why I created 2 workbooks to help you connect culture to Christianity in an exciting way! If you are a student who has either struggled with trying to do Mars Hill, or if you are too overwhelmed to try this event, I have created resources to help you. Or, if you are a parent or coach of a student who needs extra guidance in Mars Hill, these resources will help you, too!

What is Mars Hill Impromptu?

The first resource I created is called, “What is Mars Hill Impromptu?” This workbook is COMPLETELY FREE and can easily be downloaded to your computer where you can print it out and study it like a normal workbook. This workbook gives an overview of the purpose of Mars Hill Impromptu, shares the best ways to connect culture to Christianity, gives tips on the power of a compelling personal story, offers theme ideas and a theme card template, and offers a summary template for your binder notes. If you need basic guidance on Mars Hill and want to up your game in this event, this book is for you! Check out this link if you want more info! 🙂

Mars Hill Theme Card Workbook

My second resource is called “Mars Hill Theme Cards Workbook.” Yes, I know that was a long title… but it has a purpose! When it comes to Mars Hill, your entire speech should revolve around a theme. This theme is the bridge that connects culture and Christianity together. However, bringing a solid theme to light in a Mars Hill speech takes much effort and time. Because of this, I have created a system for my Mars Hill students. This system consists of theme cards. Here’s how it works:
1. Students choose 4-5 main themes they want to work on for the year.
2. After they figure out which themes they want, they analyze the topic list and figure out which theme applies to each topic. Many students think that each topic needs to have its own theme, but this is not necessarily the case! Choosing only 4-5 themes to use each year saves time and helps the student create quality content to deliver to the judges.
3. Construct theme cards! These theme cards should include quotes, statistics, personal stories, and Bible verses to help create a well-rounded collection of material for the speech. Print out the 4-5 theme cards and put them at the front of the Mars Hill binder. That way, after students choose their topic, they can flip to their theme cards and start writing the information onto their index card in prep time!

I know that it can be hard to find specific statistics and Bible verses that truly adhere to the theme of your choice. It can take much time and energy to create an in-depth them card. Because of this, I have created 4 theme cards that you can download and print out to put in your binder! The themes are Love, Satisfaction, Perseverance, and Forgiveness.

My theme card workbook is only $10! If you want to save time and take your Mars Hill speeches to the next level, check out my website to learn more!

Remember that you were created to speak for a reason!

Isabelle has a passion for Mars Hill Impromptu. Schedule a coaching session with her, or check out her Mars Hill Recorded Workshop.