Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles

Sun. Oct. 21, 6:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members

After having competed in Extemporaneous for three years, Catherine Alles has gone through stages of failure and success- including winning tournaments and making it to Nationals. In this workshop, she will be going over some basic tips on organization, how to spend your prep time, how to incorporate humor, how to prepare for tournaments, and how to make your speech stand out. If you are thinking about competing in Extemp or looking for ways to improve, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss!

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  1. mahathimangipudi@gmail.com says:

    Hi, we found this website recently and missed the opportunity to join the classes. Is there a possibility to sign up now for the same classes and get the video recording of the session. Please let me know. Thanks for your time.

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