Extemp Excel Class (6 weeks)

Nov. 12 – Dec. 17, 8:00pm CT
$40 members/$60 non members

Extemporaneous is often considered a nuanced and nebulus event in competitive forensics. This idea stops here. During Extemp Bootcamp, you will learn the ins-and-outs of extemporaneous speaking — speech writing, research methods, and tips/tricks developed from years of experience. My goal for each student is simple: to be able to approach each extemp speech with confidence and courage. Extemp is not the scary monster overconfident competitors like to make it out to be. It is a fun and rewarding experience once you learn the ropes

Join this Extemp Class to jump start your season! Whether or not you are new to Extemp, this class will cover everything you need to push you to be a better Extemporaneous Speaker!

  • Card Writing
  • Research
  • Sources
  • Resources
  • Building Credibility
  • Practice
  • And More!

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