A NEW must-have Resource- Speech Games!!

Every Speech and Debate Club needs ice breakers to get things started. Every coach needs creative ideas for getting kids outside of the inhibitions that box them in and stifle their performances. Our games book is an idea generator to help you accomplish both! Cross-referenced by the skills they enhance, these games are designed specifically to enhance performance in a variety of speech events.

These games are broken up, to help you the user, identity with what “target skill” you want to focus on. There are games for each of the types of speech- interpretive, limited prep, and platform. Target skills include…




Limited Prep

Object Work



There are over 40 games… the variations to these games are endless!! Also included are lists and scenarios – ideas to keep your club or group on their toes for years to come! This is a must have resource for every Speech and Debate Club.

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Sign Up for Online Speech Club – Fall 2018

We are so excited to meet the needs of families who are not in an area that offers a speech club! Through the power of technology our online club will meet weekly in the comfort of your own home… or wherever you happen to be!

Speech Coach, Heather Neumann, will lead students/families through a fun-filled 14 week journey on the basics of Speech- about different speech events, how to choose a topic, as well as delivery. Students will be held accountable, stretched, and encouraged. They will be prepared to compete for the 2018-2019 speech season. There will be assignments using Lasting Impact! articles. Hard copies of Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and 2 will be available at a discount for club members, if you choose.  We are excited to have guest speakers, and there will be expectations, presentations, and feedback.  Parents will be able to give your student credit for the course.

Be sure to sign up now to start the speech season off with a bang! Space will be limited.

  • Fall Semester- Sept. 11 – Dec. 11
  • Tuesday mornings 9:30 am CT
  • $75 for members (sibling discount)
  • Non-members would need to become members before enrolling in Lasting Impact Online Club.  You may become members by going here

Tips on Evaluating Speeches During Club Time

A majority of Speech and Debate Clubs use part of their club time to evaluate or give feedback to their speech students. New students and parents often don't feel qualified to give feedback. However club time is the perfect time to give speeches and have them evaluated. This is an excellent teaching opportunity for students - on what speeches should look like, and parents, how to be better judges.

Below is a list/form, club leader, Amy Willson, of Fox Valley Talk in Appleton, WI created to help the process of giving and receiving feedback. The club created a laminated copy/sheet for the room leader to have. The goals for the feedback session may vary from club to club- some include: helping younger students or new parents to give an assessment of speeches, for the speaker to receive quality feedback, keeping the room moving to get through the allotted speeches in any given day.

We are in the process of creating this information in our new resources page for club leaders, as well as families, to use. Be sure to check out the Lasting Impact! Library Coming Soon! We will offer a variety documents for club leaders, students, coaches, etc. FREE for members of Lasting Impact! If you are a club leader that would like to share your documents with other members- let us know! We would love to include your resources in The Lasting Impact! Library. We hope to have the library up and running by the end of the year!

Tips For Evaluating Speech Students During Club Time...

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Sample Speech Club Syllabus with Lasting Impact! Vol. 1

Starting and leading a Speech and Debate Club can take a lot of time and energy. Club leaders are amazing! However, many club leaders feel inadequate and unequipped. I have been asked numerous times to show what a sample syllabus of what a random speech club would/could look like. Challenge accepted! So naturally I thought I would use Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as my guide. Please note- Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 was not written as a curriculum, but because we follow your speech journey, you can see the path I chose to use. Whether you are a new club leader or a leader looking for a fresh new approach on how to combat club this year, here is a possible syllabus using Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 as your main resource….

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Speech and Debate Club- Time and Commitment to both Advanced and Novice Members

One of the great challenges in Speech and Debate clubs - especially well-established and growing clubs - is how to make the club time valuable for both ends of the experience spectrum- advanced and beginner students.  A new family in the club knows nothing and is feeling overwhelmed and uniformed.  They need to know what the events are.  They need practice and instruction in basic skills.  They need to know what they are aiming for.  They want to grow so they can do this speech thing.   And let's face it, those kids who have competed a couple of seasons don't want to learn basic skills again.  They don't want to have the events explained to them.  They don't even want to demonstrate last year's speeches!  They want to grow themselves.    How do we find the balance here?

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Starting a Club

At Lasting Impact! we support kids, parents, coaches, AND clubs! We often have people ask us- how do you start a club, then what?! Over the summer we hope to inspire some of you thinking about starting a club in your area. No two clubs are alike… Think about what impact a club could have on your family or your area!

Kristi Eskelund has started multiple clubs. Her husband is in the military and they move every couple of years. So when she wanted her kids to get involved in Speech and Debate, and there was no Club near by she started one herself!

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Starting a Club

By: Heather Neumann


Christina Oser is a homeschool mom and mother of 5, as well as a mid-wife, from Madison, WI. If you would have told her, she would start a Speech and Debate Club in 2015, when her oldest was starting high school, she would have said, “I’ve learned better than to say, “No way!” So maybe, “Only if absolutely necessary!” Or, “There are any number of people who would be a better fit for that job description.” Although she didn’t anticipate starting a club, she feels by starting a club it increased confidence, stronger communication skills, and friendships for her high schooler, as well as herself!

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