It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! $5 OFF All Ebooks!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you Club Leaders for all you do to help mold and cultivate the future generations!! We understand, firsthand what an instrumental role you play! We are giving $5 OFF all Ebooks. Just use the coupon code 5MEMBER Click HERE to see all of the Lasting Impact! products, that we coach with every week. Want to learn more about what we have to offer read on…

Everyone loves their vault or secret stash of candy. And the minute it’s discovered, you need to find a new hiding place. That is NOT what we want with our products!! These products are part of our hearts! They were created with YOU in mind!! Anything to support our friends who each week are trying to figure out what to do (another article on this coming soon). Here are the products we have to offer…

Syllabus – Ok- this isn’t even a purchase! Our syllabus is FREE. It was created with all of our articles in mind. The even give you the article to teach from. We actually have 2 syllabus’ – one using Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and one using both Vol. 1 and 2. We specifically are coming up with a new lesson plan for fall 2020 – so be on the lookout for that (and the easiest way to stay up to date on the latest is to SUBSCRIBE). Also, remember this is a syllabus I created… each club is different. There is no formula. Use part of this or follow it to a T, the choice is yours!

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – Our first two years of articles put into a handy grab and go format. No need to go online to our search engine (that does work pretty well, we must say), but the convenience of pulling it off the shelf. Again, all of these article are online, but I personally, like looking through a book, even making a copy on what to teach, and I give you permission to make copies for your students.

Speech Games and Icebreakers – A must! You must include the fun in any club! The kids won’t know they are actually gaining target skills! Applications are key in the world of speech and debate! There are over 40 games included in this book, some perfect to break up into small groups, others for the whole club. I have even said families have played them together! Target skills include – limited prep, improvisation, object work, and so much more.

Devotional – This is probably one of my favorites!! These are real life, speech and scenios to reflect upon and ponder. They also have applications questions that you and your students can answer, growing your community in Him.

Ultimate Duo Handbook – Yea! We created a specific book all about duos! This is where our products began. Kristi and I both LOVE duos, and there is something about them that makes them very unique, which is why clearly we needed to make it into its own book! Included in this, ias the characterization worksheets and partnership questionnaire.

Coaching Helps/Handouts Packet – This is a game changer as far as teaching!! This was rolled out summer 2019, and I used it all season long!! Whether I am teaching from one or using them as a handout, they are gold. Again, these were created from some of our essential articles. Twelve worksheets, beautifully designed.

Thank you again, club leaders, for all you do! Remember, you are not in this alone! Lasting Impact! is here to help! We love coming along side you whether it’s through our articles, products, or coaching. We love connecting with you! Here is the link to see all of our amazing products!