Lasting Impact! Syllabus 2.0 (Extended Version)

It’s the beginning of a new speech and debate year! Why not have a new syllabus, right? Each year club leaders go above and beyond creating their syllabus for their club. This is our second year creating one. Lasting Impact Syllabus 1.0 using Vol. 1 is still available. In fact, we had a lot of clubs that chose to use it! So why did we create another one? And what makes this one better?

I created another syllabus because like I say “speech is a journey”. Your clubs change and so do the needs. What might work for one, won’t for someone else. Lasting Impact Syllabus 1.0 using Vol. 1 is perfect for a beginner club! It’s just the basics. Syllabus 2.0 has a lot more options, including games and videos. If options overwhelm you. You might want to stick to 1.0. Neither one is better over the other.

Starting and leading a Speech and Debate club can take a lot of time and energy. Club leaders are amazing! However, so many club leaders feel inadequate and unequipped. I have been asked numerous times to show what a sample syllabus would look like. So naturally I thought I would use Lasting Impact! as my guide. Whether you are a new club leader or a leader looking for a fresh new approach on how to combat club this year or you are a parent who wants to bring their student on the “Speech Journey”, this is a possible syllabus using Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, The Speech Games and Ice Breakers, as well as the website, as your main resource. Keep in mind, Speech is real, living, and breathing.

Remember, these are just options. You will know your club the best. Pull in, leave out… the information is there to do as you wish!

Week 1 – Welcome and Introductions

Find out more about your students and their desires for the season
An overview of the three types of speech – Platform, Limited Prep, Interp
Why participate in Speech and Debate? (Vol. 1 pg. 9)
Speech and Debate go hand in hand (Vol. 1 pg. 11)
The Lie We Tell Students (Vol. 1 pg. 202)
Novices – Where to start in Speech and Debate (Vol. 2 pg.15)

Ice Breaker – Who Am I? (Games pg. 14)

Have students find an article about the importance of public speaking.
Research Interpretive Speeches and Rules

Week 2 – Interps

Have students tell what they learned through their research
Interps- Go over different types of Interp Speeches
Find your Interp Style (Vol. 1 pg. 41)
Picking your perfect Interp piece (Vol. 1 pg. 44)
Heather’s Top Places to Find an Interp (Vol. 1 pg. 48)

Ice Breaker – Line Up- Names, Birthdays (Games pg. 10)

Game – Greetings (Games pg. 36)

Video Workshop – Anatomy of Interp/Finding the Right Piece/Literary Merit

Anatomy of Interp/Finding the Right Piece/Literary Merit

Find a piece.
Read Cutting a Piece (Vol. 1 pg. 51-56)
Start researching ideas, if doing a Platform
Research Platform Speeches and Rules

Week 3 – Platforms

Have students talk about what rules stood out to them
Go over different types of Platform Speeches
Platform Speeches- Picking your Topic (Vol. 1 pg. 101)
Ethos, Pathos, Logos in Speech and Debate (Vol. 2 pg. 20)
Do You Have an Ah-ha Moment in Your Speech? (Vol. 1 pg. 32)

Game – Commercial (Games pg. 25)

Research for Platform
Rough cut of Interp
Digging Deeper in Interp Rules (Vol. 1 pg. 63)

Week 4 – Characterization

Creating Unforgettable Characters (Vol. 1 pg. 56)
Stereotypes v. Stock Characters in Interpretive Speech (Vol. 2 pg. 72)
Character worksheets
Grappling with Grendel – Seeking Growth Above Trophies (Vol. 2 pg. 179)

Game – Mirror Mirror (Games pg. 40) or Scarves (Games pg. 52)

Video Workshop – Defining Your Characters/Setting the Stage

Defining Your Characters/Setting the Stage

Create a thesis statement and “road map” for Platform Speech
Work on characters
Character Worksheet

Week 5 – Piranha Pack Speeches

Constructive Comments for Judges (Vol. 2 pg. 186)
Experiencing the Art of Communication (Vol. 2 pg. 42)

Present Speech Platform Road Map – Piranha Pack
(Students should come to club ready to give their road map for their Platform Speech. Peers and coaches will help brainstorm and give feedback on their initial road map.)

Keep working on speech
Read Rules, Rules, Rules (Vol. 1 pg. 30)
The Power of an Introduction (Vol. 2 pg. 74)

Week 6 – Goals/Limited Prep Speeches

Creating Goals and Goal Setting (Vol. 1 pg. 28)
Prepared and Invested in Speech and Debate (Vol. 2 pg. 11)

Have students fill out goals on an index card. Goals can include for club, tournaments, speeches, etc.

Limited Prep
Go over different types of Limited Prep Speeches
Preparing for Impromptu or Any Written Speech (Vol. 1 pg. 142)

Game – Connect the Words (Games pg. 27)

Video Workshop – Storytelling with Abbey Lovett

Storytelling with Abbey Lovett – Recorded Workshop

Work on your speech
Research the different Limited Prep Rules
Start an Impromptu Binder (if participating in Impromptu)
Work on Apol. cards

Week 7 – Memorization

Sure-Tested Ways to Memorizing Speeches (Vol. 2 pg. 63)
Don’t Forget your Funny Bone (Vol. 1 pg. 91)
YouTube Video by Rebecca Frazer on Memorization

Game – Movie Trailer (Games pg. 43)

Work on your speech
Start memorizing your speech
Practice your speech

Week 8 – Speech Delivery

Extra! Extra! Speech Delivery (Vol. 1 pg. 152)
Making Public Speaking “E-C” (Vol.1 pg. 154)
Comedic Timing… The Hammer of The Humorist (Vol. 2 pg. 23)
Practical Tips for Becoming a More Expressive Speaker (Vol. 2 pg. 133)
YouTube Video by Rebecca Frazer on Pauses

Game – Exaggeration Circle (Games pg. 33) or Replay (Games pg. 51)

Practicing Your Speeches… Ideas For Purposeful Practice (Vol. 2 pg. 49)
Practice your speech in a mirror

Week 9 – Tournament Prep

Speech and Debate Tournament Series (Vol. 2 pg. 144)
Stand Tall – When Exiting a Competition Room (Vol. 2 pg. 28)
Thinking Before Speaking… Especially at Competition (Vol. 2 pg. 162)

Game – Newsflash (Games pg. 45) or Whatcha Doing? (Games pg. 63)

Homework –
Work on speech
Practice entering a speech room

Week 10 – Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback (Vol. 1 pg. 196)
Coaching vs Mentoring (Vol. 1 pg. 205)
Tips on Evaluating Speeches During Club Time (Vol. 2 pg. 197)
Good Ballots, Bad Ballots, and What We Make of Them (Vol. 2 pg. 204)

Have an advanced student or two give their speech, have different parents act as judges and discuss how to give feedback. Print out ballots. Analyze.

Game – Tea Party (Games pg. 62)

Work on speeches

Week 11 – Script Work

Oh, Those Verbal Citations (Vol. 1 pg. 104)
Script Tips (Vol. 1 pg. 38)
Tips on Verbal and Written Communication (Vol. 2 pg. 136)

Game – Without Words (Games pg. 64)

Read Rules on Script Submission
Work on speeches
Do Script Submission

Week 12 – Show and Tell

Have students perform their speeches for club and potential guests.

More About The Syllabus…
My outline syllabus would change a little depending on what my students were going to do during the speech season. My goal would be to expose them to all the different categories of speech, yet tailor the class time to what the students are going to do.

For example if your whole club is planning on doing Apol., you may want to tailor the class each week to cover an Apol. card. If most your students are doing Interps, you may want to spend more time on characterization or cutting. Also, there are articles covering more of the individual speech events that I would have students read, but I don’t know how much time would be spent on the individual events for class time. They might just be for homework.

Your goal, as a club leader or parent, is to expose your students to the different opportunities Speech has. And what better way than through games! I decided to add potential games to this class syllabus. The Lasting Impact! Speech Games and Ice Breakers book has “target skills” that the game will be intending to attain. The actual book has over 40 games and ice breakers, again, you will know the needs of your club, these are interchangeable, but I have given you examples of the ones I may use.

More About Show and Tell…
Depending on how large your club is, you may want to start “show and tell” around week 8-10. The goal here is for club members to give their speeches (keeping them accountable), yet also to learn how to give quality feedback. Each student should put effort into giving feedback. Although you may not have time to have everyone go through their critiques, they should write them down and give them to the presenter.

There are many different approaches to “show and tell”. I prefer to coach one type of speech all at once. Therefore if I had three Humorous Interps, I would have them all present in a room for me, and other potential viewers. When I coach, I tend to give general instructions for specific kinds of speeches.

Another thing I would do is “assign” when students will be presenting. This will hopefully eliminate students coming to club unprepared. If students do come unprepared, they will have to do a limited prep speech.

Using Lasting Impact!…
Lasting Impact! now has over 400 articles that you are welcome to use when you are leading your club (yes, that is right- we don’t mind you sharing)! One of our goals is to support club leaders and coaches, as well as parents and students. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to lead club. And oftentimes leaders find themselves overwhelmed. Which is why Lasting Impact! is starting to offer a partnership with speech and debate clubs.

We are offering clubs a discounted rate when they sign up their club, as a whole. This actually takes a load off the club leader. It now gives your students and families direct access to over 400 articles, the online classes, workshops, video gallery, discounts, and more. They don’t just have a book or curriculum, they have a resource- the living, breathing reality of the journey of Speech and Debate.

If you would like to learn more about our club partnership program- contact us,

Thank you…
Thank you, club leaders, for giving of yourself- both in time and energy. Be patient as each year will present new challenges, however you are going to learn a ton in the process. Be sure you give yourself some slack! Perhaps, create a leadership team, so you do not feel alone. And remember, if you don’t have a support system- Lasting Impact! has your back! We welcome questions, suggestions, and comments.

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