Last Week to Register – Online Clubs, Classes, and Tournament Circuit

It’s been a fantastic summer!! Yet, we are ready to see what God has in store for us NEXT! The question is, are you?!? This fall Lasting Impact! is bigger than ever – online clubs, classes, and tournaments! Classes and Clubs start the week of or after Labor Day. The Online Tournament Circuit starts the end of the September. Be sure you register today! Want to learn more information about these online opportunities – read on…

Online Tournament Circuit – Join Lasting Impact! and DFW Speech and Debate in a weekly tournament. Grow your debate cases, learn how to navigate an online system, receive fantastic feedback, and don’t forget a chance to receive awesome prizes! We are only leaving registration open for 6 more days, however we are leaving it at the early bird price- $49.99. Check out for all the details.

Online Clubs – Join the largest online speech and debate community. Are you looking for a club? Are you looking to hone particular skills? Are you looking to meet and connect with friends from around the country? Check out the SHOP for dates, times, and details. We would love to have you and your family become a member of one of our online clubs…

  • Online Debate – Parli, TP, LD
  • Online Juniors
  • Online Apologetics
  • Online Extemp
  • Online Impromptu

Online Classes – Did you know Lasting Impact! offers online classes to complement the world of Speech and Debate? Check out the SHOP for all the details on these awesome classes…

  • Creativity For English and Beyond
  • Debate Readiness
  • Public Speaking for Kids
  • Order in the Court

As you can see, Lasting Impact! aims to assist you in your journey with Speech and Debate. We are excited for how the Lord is going to use you (and us) – online or in person. We believe there are still numerous skills to learn and grow through. Remember, You Got This… cuz He’s Got You!