Workshop Wednesday – Making the Most of TP Debate Prep by: Eric Meinerding

Eric Meinerding saw much success in High School Speech and Debate, and now he has been a college debater for the last two tears. He has gleaned many pivotal lessons from his professional collegiate coaches. He can’t wait to share what he has learned this Wednesday night! Join us  in his live online workshop (only $5 for members) titled, “Making the Most Out of TP Prep”, for more info click HERE.

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Sign Up NOW for September Online Workshops

If you can’t make it to physical camp or workshop, let Lasting Impact! come to YOU! We are so excited to be offering more online workshops this fall.

Signing up for an Online Workshop is easy!! All workshops are through an online forum called Zoom. It’s a quick and easy download that your instructor will send to you, as part of their introduction email (usually within 24 hours of your workshop). Check out what September has to offer…

Limited Prep Workshop with Abbey (Lovett) Kish – CLICK HERE
Sat. Sept. 8, 8:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members

Limited prep events were by far the most valuable and exciting events I ever competed in. Years after competition, I’m still using the skills I learned in limited prep speeches in interviews, meetings, casual conversations, and more! I competed in limited prep events for seven years, and I won both a team policy speaking national championship title and an Impromptu national championship title.

In this workshop, we’re going to over tactics to help you succeed as a limited prep speaker both in competition and in life! Learn how to create confidence, use prep time well, tell powerful stories, and bring your personality alive!

If you have any interest in limited prep speaking, or even just becoming a better speaker in general, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Specific Categories
– Apol., Impromptu, Extemp.
Prep time (How to best use your prep time)
– Using your time well
– Organizing
– Planning for the full speech time
– Storytelling
– Eye contact
– Personality
Commanding the room
– Walking in the room (commanding the audience from the beginning)
– Closing
– Ending your speech
– Exiting the room

Making the Most of TP Debate Prep with Eric Meinerding – CLICK HERE
Wed. Sept. 19, 8:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members

As the tournament season approaches you may be starting to panic at the thought of all the research you’re going to have to do between now and your first tournament. How, you may ask, will I prepare to debate cases I don’t even know of yet?

Eric will be going over a different argument and research method that will not only help you make the most of your preparation time before the tournaments start, but also give you a strategic edge against your opponents in round. While debating for Liberty University’s varsity debate team, their seasoned professional coaches taught Eric this approach to debate that has literally decades of proven success. Whether you’ve been debating for four years or this is you first season, Eric will be able to teach you how to research arguments that can apply well to every case and interact with one another to secure rounds against squirrel cases where you may not have the first idea what they are talking about.

The Process of Developing a Platform Speech: Topics and Categories with Kaitlyn Butts – CLICK HERE
Fri. Sept. 21, 7:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members

Which do you pick first? A platform speech category or a platform speech topic? Do you decide to write a persuasive and then look for the perfect persuasive topic or become passionate about a speech on baking long before you decide it’d make the perfect after dinner on household mishaps and learning to laugh at yourself?

Maybe you haven’t ever thought about this question, but it is an important step in the process of crafting an excellent platform speech. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, so how you choose to answer the question will shape the rhetoric of your speech, its momentum, and your own growth as a speaker. If you’ve decided that you want to invest in a platform speech this year, whether you have brainstormed ideas or not, this is the workshop that will help you take the next steps. We’ll review the basic categories of platform speeches and look at their goals. We’ll examine the motivations and reasoning behind choosing topics and choosing platform categories, giving special attention to the relationship between these two approaches. We’ll also spend time working through potential topics ideas you may have. This workshop will be an energizing and interactive experience that deepens your understanding of how to craft excellent platform speeches.

Mars Hill 101 with Isabelle Clausen – CLICK HERE
Fri. Sept. 21, 8:15pm CT
$5 members/$20 non member

Mars Hill Impromptu is an event that can be applied to any aspect of life, regardless of where you are or who you hang out with. I think that MHI is one of the most beneficial events for competitors because it helps train them in how to connect culture and Christianity outside the speech and debate world. Throughout my time at college, I have been able to share the Gospel with numerous people by just talking about a popular song or movie. It truly is such an amazing event, and I think that every competitor should take part in it!

The following topics will be covered in my MHI workshop:
How to write an effect synopsis
How to develop a theme for each topic
How to systematically build the bridge between culture and Christianity
How to be conversational with rhetoric and body language
How to share the Gospel in a conversational manner
How to maximize the efficiency of your prep time
I hope you all can attend this workshop! It definitely will be very informative, yet fun and exciting as well!

What’s Oratorical Interp with Kristi Eskelund and Heather Neumann – CLICK HERE
Thur. Sept. 27, 8:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members

Have you heard about Oratorical Interp but are wondering where to go with that?
Do you have questions about how to start?
Would you like a little inspiration on what it could be?

Join us Sept. 27 for an hour long workshop while we explore some of the aspects of this event and the great potential it has as an interpretive event.

Big Picture Argumentation with Luke McConnel – CLICK HERE
Sat. Oct. 6, 11:00am CT
$5 members/$20 non members

Luke is excited to share his argumentative strategy that allows you to prep better for rounds, know all the vital details of your case, unlock the lost art of conversation, and overall appear more professional and persuasive to your audiences. Nothing makes Luke more excited than young and talented individuals that have a message and a powerful empowering voice through which that message can be heard and received.

Another August Online Workshop – Apol. 101 with Chiara Baldacci

Over 100 possible questions. 4 minutes prep. Apologetics can be daunting. Lasting Impact! and Chiara Baldacci invites you to jump start your season on Aug. 23, with a new Online Workshop- Apol. 101. Here is what Chiara has to say…

Without the help of upperclassmen and alumni, I would have never gained the confidence to try apologetics. In the end, apologetics was the most fruitful and the most enjoyable thing I competed in during my time in Speech and Debate. The preparation grew me spiritually. The competition grew me communicatively.

When I first decided to compete in apologetics I had numerous technical questions:

  1. How do I organize a box?
  2. Are there specific ways to format a card?
  3. Do people handwrite cards or print them?
  4. Where do I begin finding information?

Once I was able to develop systems of organization and find resources for information, apologetics lost its intimidation factor. At that point, I was able to grow and delve into the depth of the Christian faith.

Through this workshop, I desire to share the tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help you enter the realm of apologetics—to help you get past your fear and begin wading through the rich truth and doctrine.

“For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” (Romans 15:4)

This Online Apologetics 101 Workshop, will cover the following:

· How Rounds Work

· How to Organize a Box

· How to Format Cards

· Recourses

· How to Write Cards

· Preparation Strategies

· Your questions 😉

If you are thinking of starting Apologetics this season, join Chiara in Apol. 101. Thursday August 23, 8:00-9:00 CT. Members pay just $5!!! Our workshops are not only for students, parents and coaches are welcome! We even invite clubs to use our videos to help teach! To sign up click HERE.

For a complete list of Lasting Impact! Workshops click HERE.

Lasting Impact! Speech and Debate Summer Camps and Workshop Schedule

We are so excited about reaching out to so many communities this summer (and fall)! Each speech and debate camp/workshop that Lasting Impact! is a part of, is unique! More information and registration links will be coming in the next week or so. Also, Lasting Impact! Is excited to announce we will be hosting a variety of Online Workshops this Fall!! That schedule will be out by mid- August. Remember, if you are lacking motivation this summer, you can read The Value of Speech and Debate Camps. 

We hope to see you soon! Here is our schedule so far…

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Online Impromptu Workshop- April 13

Come join Lasting Impact! and our very own 2016 Impromptu Champion, Abbey Lovett for an must do impromptu workshop! Whether you need some fine tuning before Regionals or you want to get a jump start on next year, this is something you do not want to miss! This online workshop is for beginning and advanced students, as well as coaches.

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