What Makes Apologetics Club So Wonderful? by Sarah Fox and Jonathan Marsalis

New to Apologetics? No problem. No Apol. Club? We have you covered! Do you belong to a Club, but you want to grow with believers from around the country? Lasting Impact! is where both Stoa and NCFCA students will be at Monday evenings. This will be a time of growing and encouraging one another in Him. Check out the details HERE or read on what makes Apologetics Club so wonderful…

If an unbeliever asks you, “Was Jesus a socialist?” how well could you answer? If an atheist makes you question your faith, could you give a logical defense? If a Muslim asks you to compare and contrast their religion with your own then defend it, could you? 

When you share your faith with a sinful world, you will certainly receive questions that catch you off guard. But this does not mean you have to be unprepared for situations like the ones mentioned. Studying apologetics equips Christians with the knowledge necessary to answer difficult questions regarding a plethora of convictions, worldviews, and doctrines. 

As 1 Peter 3:15 states, “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.”(ESV)

Equips You with Knowledge 

I knew from Scripture that I was called as a Christian to be prepared to defend the truth to the lost world around me. But how was I to go about doing that? I found that Apologetics clubs are powerful tools to prepare us to defend our faith to others. Being in a club is not simply about turning in homework or giving speeches. Instead, it is about diving into the Scriptures, sifting through the evidence, all the while wrestling with these topics alongside other believers. 

Discussing these difficult issues with others in club takes our knowledge from just that, knowledge of facts and verses, to true understanding and heartfelt conviction. Not everyone will always agree on what the best answer is, but that is what makes the discussion so necessary and enriching. Ultimately, while it is important to study the issues on your own, doing so in a group further motivates and develops understanding of the solutions to some of our culture’s most difficult questions. 

Strengthens Your Faith

Studying apologetics, and doing so in a club, isn’t simply a means of acquiring more knowledge. The discussions students have lay the foundation for many of the convictions they will make on a variety of topics. When you dive deep into the Scriptures and answer some of these questions, students are given an opportunity to discover what they truly believe in, even if they are not able to discern or completely answer these questions right away. In fact, many students might begin researching a question with a preconceived opinion on what they believe. However, as they begin to read Scripture they come to realize their initial conviction was false and so their relationship with Christ strengthens because they understand him more. As Proverb 8:17 states, “Those who seek diligently find me.” As Christians it is critical that we diligently seek the Lord and what better way to do that than equipping our Biblical arsenal with the knowledge necessary to give a ready defense for anyone who asks it? 

When I first joined an Apol club at the beginning of my time in speech and debate, I was reluctant. In fact, you could say I was forced to join the club. I didn’t really see the need for it. After all, how many times would I find myself in line next to an atheist who would question me about the validity of Christ’s resurrection? But I was missing the truth that we never know when those very opportunities will arise, and even more, Apologetics is not just about converting unbelievers. 

When I talk with a struggling friend late at night, it’s my time in apologetics club that has prepared me with the words to encourage them and point them to Christ. When I face trials in my own life, I remember the long discussions in club of God’s sovereignty and immanence. Apologetics pushes us to wrestle with not just what we believe, but how those truths impact how we live in our daily lives, how we share the gospel to others, and how we encourage or confront our Christian friends. Whatever the issue we are studying, apologetics helps us marvel at who God is and transform our knowledge to action.


As believers we don’t have to be intimidated by the questions we are asked. Instead we can use them to deepen our understanding and love for God’s truth. So wherever you live, whatever league you compete in, consider taking part in the wonderful activity of apologetics. Gather with fellow believers and marvel at the beauty, holiness, mercy, and mystery of who God is. It really will leave a lasting impact.

Sarah Fox and Jonathan Marsalis are both in their freshman year of Patrick Henry College. They competed in Apologetics for numerous years and finished in the top ten multiple times, even at a National level. But more importantly, they have a heart for Apologetics and want to help students grow in the Word, their faith, and in Him. Please join them in Apologetics Club Monday evenings. For more information go – https://lastingimpact.info/product/club9514/