Thankful for Members! Why Membership? Small Business Saturday SPECIAL DEAL!

Now is the time to tell your friends and become part of the Lasting Impact! Community! We are offering $5 off our Lasting Impact! yearly Membership. That’s right! ONLY $30 for a full year of Lasting Impact!

Annual Membership Subscription and Q/A


Simply use the Code – 5MEMBER

Why should you become a member to Lasting Impact?

1. Discounted Coaching Sessions. Coaching sessions are $10 off a session for members (only $30 a session). We have amazing coaches ready to make you a priority and help you in your speech and debate journey. Our coaching prices have been streamlined to fit all your needs, whether it be for private coaching, club coaching, speech or debate. Our membership prices are actually below other coaching firms, nor do we require you to pay for bulk sessions or per Debate/Duo partner.

2. Discounted Workshops. This fall we hosted over a dozen live workshops that were only $5 for members. If you weren’t able to make one of the sessions, we now have them archived in our Recorded Workshops. 

3. Discounted Classes/Clubs. We had over 75 students/members enrolled in our Fall Online Classes. People from all over the country learning, gleaning, sharing…

3. Access to ALL articles. Did you know we have almost 250 articles?! Sure, just a little more than half of our articles are just part of our regular blog, however there are so many articles specifically geared for the membership. In fact, anyone can be sure to “subscribe” (on the right hand side of the home page) to get our emails directly into your email inbox.

4. Access to Video Gallery. There are over 50 amazing speech videos, most you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to look in the comment section for coaching tips.

5. Access to Lasting Impact! Library. NEW this year! A place for clubs to share their resources. Remember, clubs and coaches are welcome to use our resources, whether it be articles or videos to share with their club.

6. Community. This is where our heart is! We created Lasting Impact! for students, parents, coaches, and clubs! We wanted a place for YOU to feel encouraged and inspired. It is a place for stories to be shared, as well as lessons to be learned. We feel so grateful, as well as blessed to be a part of so many lives! During this time of Thanksgiving, we thank you for making Lasting Impact! part of your Speech and Debate journey. Remember, $5 off a yearly membership is our gift to you and your friends! Feel free to help our community grow.