Thankful for YOU! Small Business Saturday SPECIALS

How cool is it that we have products that you can get your hands on TODAY! We are giving all of our fantastic customers, of whom we are so thankful for, $5 OFF OUR LASTING IMPACT! EBOOKS!!

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NEW! Speech Games and Ice Breakers

A must have for any Club Leader or Coach. I know I hate reinventing the wheel when it comes to Speech Games or Icebreakers that I want to implement in class or a workshop. That’s why we created this book! No more scouring the internet for a game to play. In fact, our book is geared around “target skills” for you to be able to help your students hone in on! Does your club need help with limited prep, characterization, or delivery? We have you covered! Check out the over 40 different games, plus variations to get you and your club energized, engaged, and practicing the skills they need to succeed!

The Ultimate Duo Handbook


Those of you who know Kristi and I, know that Duos are near and dear to our hearts! Together, we have had a Duo Team in Finals at Nationals for almost the last decade. The Ultimate Duo Handbook was one of the first resources we created- lots of practical information including color pictures, character worksheets, a duo compatibility worksheet, picking a piece, tips from a pro, and more! If you are doing a Duo – you will want this book!

Lasting Impact! Vol. 1 and 2 –

Our first two years worth of articles in a convenient place! The articles are all on the website, but now you have them organized in categories- Debate, Interps, Platform, Limited Prep, Delivery, Tournaments, and so much more! These articles are key to use throughout the season, whether or not you are a club leader. Although it is handy, as a club leader, to reprint an article here or there (yes- we give you permission to do that)! If you could use an extra pep talk, a burst of motivation, another way to analyze speech and debate- grab these guides!

Check out all of our products HERE. Remember, you can get $5 off each of the Ebooks. Thank you again for being being a part of Lasting Impact! Thankful for YOU!