Lasting Impact! October and November Online Workshops and Classes

Can you believe it’s October, already?! It’s prime time to start digging deeper into Speech and Debate. If you haven’t had the opportunity to partake in one of our past Workshops, sign up NOW and don’t miss out on all the ideas, tips, and valuable information!

Signing up for an Online Workshop is easy!! All workshops are through an online forum called Zoom. It’s a quick and easy download that your instructor will send to you, as part of their introduction email (usually within 24 hours of your workshop). We do try to record all our workshops, but can’t guarantee how quickly they will be up and ready on our site. Click HERE to see available recorded videos.

Check out the list of the fantastic line up of Online Workshops and Classes coming directly to you, in the comfort of your own home…


Sat. Oct. 6, 11:00am – Big Picture Argumentation with Luke McConnell
$5 members/$20 non members

“Big Picture Argumentation” is an argumentative strategy that allows you to prep better for rounds, know all the vital details of your case, unlock the lost art of conversation, and overall appear more professional and persuasive to your audiences. This is for ALL types of debate!!

More students and coaches need to learn “Big Picture Argumentation.” It is a very simple argumentative strategy that will allow students to connect better with their judges. One of the aspects of the strategy includes pre round and pre tourney prep. If students want to win debate rounds, they have to earn it. Furthermore however, if they are not able to clearly communicate to the judge why the judge should vote for them, aka how they won the round, all their hard work means nothing. This strategy gives them the ability to break the barrier that prevents judges from really capturing the meaning of their arguments.

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Sun. Oct. 14 7:00pm CT – The Power of Persuasion with Isabelle Clausen
$5 members/$20 non members

Speaking persuasively is a skill that is extremely powerful in every area of life: speech and debate, college, the workforce, conflict resolution, and ministry. However, as powerful as this skill is, it takes much practice to perfect. That is why I created this workshop, so you can learn how to speak persuasively not only in Speech and Debate, but also in your daily life! Once you learn and practice these techniques to develop this skill, you can impact the world for Christ in a whole new way!

This online workshop will be covering the following topics:
– The purpose for the persuasive speaking event
– How to develop a persuasive argument by finding the “crux”
– How to look at a topic from both sides
– How to develop and strong and strategic thesis statement
– How to format your points in your speech
– How to use personal stories to create a connection with the judge
– How to add lasting impact to your speech (see what I did there 😉)
– How to apply these skills to your daily life

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Fri. Oct. 19, 6:00pm CT – Exploring Biblical Thematic with Heather Neumann and Kristi Eskelund
$5 members/$20 non members

Join Heather and Kristi as they explore the new NCFCA Interpretive Speech Category- Biblical Thematic. We will break down all the possibilities!!
– Encouragement and excitement for Biblical Thematic.
– How to incorporate Platform and Interpretive speech types well.
– Learn ideas of how to use your binder as a prop.
– Help with how to choose a theme.
– Tips on how to embrace BT.

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Fri. Oct. 19, 7:30pm CT – All About Illustrated Oratory/Expository with Heather, Kristi, and Guests
$5 members/$20 non members

Come learn all about one of our favorite speech categories! Almost every platform speech can be enhanced by visual aides! So why not turn your platform speech into something so much more!? Join us, and an amazing panel of IO/Expo experts! We will dispel the myths that only rich (the boards and supplies are too expensive), artistic (I’m not creative enough) type people can do this event.

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Sun. Oct. 21, 6:00pm CT – Extemp Basics with Catherine Alles
$5 members/$20 non members

After having competed in Extemporaneous for three years, Catherine Alles has gone through stages of failure and success- including winning tournaments and making it to Nationals. In this workshop, she will be going over some basic tips on organization, how to spend your prep time, how to incorporate humor, how to prepare for tournaments, and how to make your speech stand out. If you are thinking about competing in Extemp or looking for ways to improve, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss!

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Wed. Oct. 23, 8:00pm CT – Finishing Strong in Debate with Eric Meinerding
$5 members/$20 non members

Finishing Strong: How to Give Winning Rebuttals (LD and TP). This will be another strategy/theory workshop. Eric will be going over time efficiency, reading the room, identifying strong/weak arguments, and some rhetorical tips as well.

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Nov. 3, 10:00am CT- How to Judge LD Debate with Joel Erickson
$5 members/$20 non members

Back by popular demand… Have you ever stared blankly at your LD ballot in judge hospitality, stymied by the complete incoherence of the debaters? In this workshop, veteran LD coach Joel Erickson shares some practical pointers for judging LD. You’ll learn an intuitive way for evaluating LD rounds, what to do when debaters don’t refute each other, what to say (and not to say) in your judging philosophy to prompt the debaters to debate well, and how to write a ballot that debaters will want to read. Joel will talk for about 25 minutes, then devote the rest of the time to answering your questions. Hope to see you there!

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Nov. 5, 7:00-8:30pm CT – Writing Winning Speeches with Rebecca Frazer
$10 members/$25 non members

Join Rebecca Frazer for a dynamic speechwriting workshop aimed to help you take your platform speeches to the next level. From thesis formation, to writing hacks, to persuasion techniques grounded in social science, Rebecca’s workshop is sure to bring new insight to speakers of all levels.

Rebecca is the 2012 NCFCA National TP and Persuasive Champion. She has a B.A. in communication and is currently earning a PhD in Communications.

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Nov. 12- Dec. 17, 8:00pm CT – Extemp Excel Class (6 weeks)
$40 members/$60 non members

Extemporaneous is often considered a nuanced and nebulus event in competitive forensics. This idea stops here. During Extemp Bootcamp, you will learn the ins-and-outs of extemporaneous speaking — speech writing, research methods, and tips/tricks developed from years of experience. My goal for each student is simple: to be able to approach each extemp speech with confidence and courage. Extemp is not the scary monster overconfident competitors like to make it out to be. It is a fun and rewarding experience once you learn the ropes.

Join this Extemp Class to jump start your season! Whether or not you are new to Extemp, this class will cover everything you need to push you to be a better Extemporaneous Speaker!
– Card Writing
– Research
– Sources
– Resources
– Building Credibility
– Practice
– And More!

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We hope to see you soon! Thanks for making Lasting Impact! part of your Speech and Debate journey!