Big Picture Argumentation with Luke McConnell and Steve Kish

Date: Sat. Oct. 6
Time: 11:00 am CT (Approx. 1 hr)

Luke and Steve are excited to share “Big Picture Argumentation” – an argumentative strategy that allows you to prep better for rounds, know all the vital details of your case, unlock the lost art of conversation, and overall appear more professional and persuasive to your audiences. This is for ALL types of debate!!

More students and coaches need to learn “Big Picture Argumentation.” It is a very simple argumentative strategy that will allow students to connect better with their judges. One of the aspects of the strategy includes pre round and pre tourney prep. If students want to win debate rounds, they have to earn it. Furthermore however, if they are not able to clearly communicate to the judge why the judge should vote for them, aka how they won the round, all their hard work means nothing. This strategy gives them the ability to break the barrier that prevents judges from really capturing the meaning of their arguments.

Nothing makes Luke and Steve more excited than young and talented individuals that have a message and a powerful empowering voice through which that message can be heard and received.

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