The Power of Persuasion with Isabelle Clausen

Sun. Oct. 14 7:00pm CT
$5 members/$20 non members
Speaking persuasively is a skill that is extremely powerful in every area of life: speech and debate, college, the workforce, conflict resolution, and ministry. However, as powerful as this skill is, it takes much practice to perfect. That is why I created this workshop, so you can learn how to speak persuasively not only in Speech and Debate, but also in your daily life! Once you learn and practice these techniques to develop this skill, you can impact the world for Christ in a whole new way!
This online workshop will be covering the following topics:
  • The purpose for the persuasive speaking event
  • How to develop a persuasive argument by finding the “crux”
  • How to look at a topic from both sides
  • How to develop and strong and strategic thesis statement
  • How to format your points in your speech
  • How to use personal stories to create a connection with the judge
  • How to add lasting impact to your speech (see what I did there 😉)
  • How to apply these skills to your daily life

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