Why Oratorical Might Be a Great Place to Start (Workshop TONIGHT)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to think about Oratorical when NCFCA announced this new speech categories. But I did what I usually do, and waited to pass too much judgement until I could fully explore the event. Now, after months of coaching it at camps and workshops, Kristi and I think it might be the perfect place to start! If you aren’t sure, read on, or attend our Online Workshop tonight… CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP 

Or read on…

Any time a new category gets released, my heart goes all a flutter – I know I am your typical speech geek! But it’s true- I get so excited about how we can get creative to ultimately express ourselves in an event. And Oratorical is no different!

You see, you have the opportunity to be a pioneer in an event that hasn’t been done for a while or seen by most of your judges. So why not be like Ms Frizzle and get messy, take chances, and explore the world of Oratorical.

Here are my main reasons why I think this event can be right for the beginner…

1. You are memorizing another person’s words. A majority of this speech is going to be another persons words. That means, as a young person you will have to do very little writing. You, as the presenter, have the option to do one or two published speeches. ONE or two… You can start small and present an idea, maybe later in the season you want to add a second speech to contrast the two. But for starters, you can just present one!

2. 300 words of “student narrative”. This is where your “very little writing” will take place. This could be as simple as a intro and a conclusion. Regardless, it won’t be much, because you can only have 300 words.

3. Interp skills. Yes, this event is in the “Interp” category, but I don’t believe this means you need to interp each and every word. “Interp” in this form can mean, “bring life to the meaning of words”. For instance, the way something is spoken. I don’t think we want everyone acting like Abraham Lincoln, but you can provide us with his emotions or feelings behind his words. Having said all that, this type of speech could be a gentle approach to Interps, instead of going crazy, as a beginner, in a Humorous Interpretation of going cuckoo in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest!”

Here are just three reasons for a beginning speech student to at least consider participating in this event. Remember, Kristi Eskelund and I will be going over thoroughly Oratorical TONIGHT. You don’t want to miss being a pioneer in this event!


photo by: julianne photography