Interview- Why Apologetics? By: Elizabeth Tomaszewski

We only have a few more Online Apol. sessions this season… But believe me we are getting excited to start promoting Online Apol. 2017-2018! In the mean time, be blessed with Elizabeth’s interview on why you should do Apologetics!

Elizabeth Tomaszewski, has blessed Online Apol. a number of times year. So far she  has taught on the topics, “What is the purpose of the church?” and a survey of the Category 4 definitions. On April 4 (tomorrow), Elizabeth is planning to speak on the statement analysis question “Heaven is only a state of mind.”

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Online Apol. TONIGHT! Interview- Daniel Brown

Tonight, Online Apol will be welcoming Daniel Brown. Daniel competed in Apologetics his senior year, and is excited to give back and share from his experiences. Tonight he will be delving into Category 5. “Through my presentation, I hope to bring something historical, practical, thoughtful, helpful, and Biblical to the table. We will be covering all of Category 5–Definitions, General Questions, and Statement Analysis. I hope it will be an encouraging and equipping evening.” To learn more about Online Apol click here.

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Why do Extemp?

imageRikki Eskelund tried Extemporaneous Speaking her Senior year. Although she tried every single event in her NCFCA career, she wishes that she had done Extemp before her last year, as it has been a huge benefit to her in post-NCFCA life! Currently, Rikki is pursuing a degree in professional communication dealing with managing and marketing.

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Apologetics with Joel Erickson



Tonight we’re excited to be meeting for our second week of Online Apologetics! As usual, 8:15-9:15 CST. This evening, we will have the privilege of learning from Joel Erickson. Joel is an NCFCA Alum currently studying Philosophy and English at Wheaton College. Joel will be sharing his perspective on “why apol?” and digging into the first definition card of the first apologetics category – the meaning and significance of the Trinity.

Joel Erickson was the apologetics instructor at his local speech club for two years, and he advanced to Apologetics Quarterfinals at the 2016 NCFCA National Championship.

It’s not too late to sign up for this awesome opportunity to learn and grow through Apologetics as an online group! Here is Joel’s perspective on Apologetics….

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Reflection and Farewell


By: Heather Neumann

Joel Erickson began competing at age 15. Unaware of the competitive aspect of speech and debate (and also uninterested—as his family was heavily involved in swimming and piano). Their family joined the Chicago-area EverReady Speech and Debate Club to gain exposure to public speaking. After the entire club relentlessly encouraged them to compete, they decided to attend the IL tournament.

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Starting a Club

By: Heather Neumann


Christina Oser is a homeschool mom and mother of 5, as well as a mid-wife, from Madison, WI. If you would have told her, she would start a Speech and Debate Club in 2015, when her oldest was starting high school, she would have said, “I’ve learned better than to say, “No way!” So maybe, “Only if absolutely necessary!” Or, “There are any number of people who would be a better fit for that job description.” Although she didn’t anticipate starting a club, she feels by starting a club it increased confidence, stronger communication skills, and friendships for her high schooler, as well as herself!

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Why do Extemp?

imageBy: Heather Neumann

Ben Rolsma is from Milton, Wisconsin. He competed in the NCFCA for seven years—the first four speech only, debate and speech the last three. The highlight of his time in the league was a successful run in team-policy debate his senior year- 2016, followed closely by competing in Extemporaneous Speaking.

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