Interview- Why Apologetics? By: Elizabeth Tomaszewski

We only have a few more Online Apol. sessions this season… But believe me we are getting excited to start promoting Online Apol. 2017-2018! In the mean time, be blessed with Elizabeth’s interview on why you should do Apologetics!

Elizabeth Tomaszewski, has blessed Online Apol. a number of times year. So far she  has taught on the topics, “What is the purpose of the church?” and a survey of the Category 4 definitions. On April 4 (tomorrow), Elizabeth is planning to speak on the statement analysis question “Heaven is only a state of mind.”

1. When did you begin competing in Apologetics? And how long did you compete?
I began competing in Apologetics my first year in NCFCA, 2009. I loved doing the research for the cards and was glad that we had some idea of what the topics were so I had a foundation to practice. My first year, I remember coming out of a competition room so excited that my speech was two minutes long. It was the longest I had ever given an impromptu speech. I competed in Apologetics for four years, my entire NCFCA career.

2. Why did you chose to do Apologetics?
I chose apologetics because I love to learn about God, and because Apologetics asks the questions I never thought could be asked. I also wanted to prepare to defend my faith – but now I know that doing Apologetics changed me as a person and that is the greatest defense I can give. Spending that much time learning about who God is makes you understand Him so much more.

3. Have you found Apologetics valuable?
I still use quotes and concepts I learned in Apologetics. Even more, I now know how to go deeper into God’s Word. I have been studying Greek and biblical exegesis because learning about the God of the universe is exciting and encouraging. I would not be in this place today if I didn’t participate in the discipline of Apologetics.

4. What is your favorite Apologetics card?
I loved the card, “if God is invisible how can anybody see or touch Him.” and “What is the purpose of man?” I also loved most of Category 2 because there was so much interesting detail throughout that category.

5. What are you up to now?
I am self-directed in my studies and taking CLEP tests. I am studying for an International Studies degree and hoping to be involved in the global environment, most likely a non-profit or missions setting. I also work as a Team Leader at my local Chick-fil-a. This summer and for the last four summers I have been involved with an organization called Summit Ministries. It is a two week long worldview conference for students ages 16-22. I attended as a student for two years and now work on staff every summer. If you are interested in attending a conference feel free to contact me and I can give you more information.

6. How has the Lord used Apologetics to influence you?
The Lord has used Apologetics to show me profoundly that the faith I have is one of intellect and is not blind. He has revealed Himself to us in the magnificence of creation, the Truth of His Word, Christ incarnate, and the depths of our hearts. History revolves around Him and all human beings have a desire to worship something. If we don’t worship the True King we will worship an idol, even if that is ourselves. He wants us to know Him more because he already knows everything about us. He makes us a part of His story because He loves us. “When you seek Me, you will find Me when you seek Me with all of your heart.” In Apologetics I sought out the nature of Christ and found Christ Himself in the center of it all.