Picking YOUR Perfect Interp Piece


Kristi and I both agree that we don’t know what those 5-7 random judges will want to hear or see in the final round in the middle of June (at The National Championship). Some competitors stew and anguish over picking their piece or topic. Some cut and recut, some choose new pieces all together… Mid-season!

Here is some advice when picking your perfect Interp piece…First of all, there is no perfect piece. What you need to pick is the right piece for YOU. What message do you want to give? What character do you want to be attached to for the next 6-8 months. Pray about it- what does God want from you? I do believe after many years of analyzing speeches that judges do tend to like certain kinds of speeches…

1. Things you are attached to typically will do better. I can usually tell just by when a competitor is walking in the room, if they like/LOVE their speech. Competitors who believe what they are saying, have passion, and are more emotionally attached to their piece- typically they have a better outcome. So pick a favorite story or topic!

2. Historical Fiction- most of the judges are homeschool parents in NCFCA. That means most like learning! By performing a historical fiction piece, or a piece based on true events, you appeal to your judge. Now you just have to make sure your audience doesn’t get lost! Also, be sure to let them know if you are performing a true story.

3. Classic Literature- most judges like this because they don’t have to follow it as closely. Classic Literature has been around a while, your judge may be familiar with it, and may even have read it. This allows your audience to be able to sit back and enjoy the show. But be careful- some judges don’t like something too familiar. Remember, even if you pick a familiar classic- MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

4. What are your strengths? When you are looking at pieces- imagine yourself as the characters. Will you be able to tell the story? Are you willing to act like the opposite gender? Can you fill all the roles? If it doesn’t suit you perfectly- does it have adaptability? Most stories weren’t written just for you (unless you write your own Original- hint, hint), so be ready to be creative and think out of the box!

5. Time Limit- does the book, story, play, or script have the ability to be cut into a less than 10 minute speech? Does the piece have a beginning, middle, and end? Will your plot be able to be told? A lot of stories have multiple story-lines… You probably won’t be able to fit them all in, but you might be able to follow one or two.

6. Message- I cannot stress this enough! This can give your speech heart and soul! Finding a piece that has meaning or giving your speech a message that will impact your audience will leave a lasting impression!